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17 Weird Places in India – Strange Places in India

India is a place of many unexplored and unanswered mysteries. There are many weird places in India owning their own strange and interesting stories. Some strange places have many mysterious facts while some of them have some weird rules and regulations. 

The list of strange places in India is very long. In this article, we will take you on a tour of 17 weird places in India.

Bhangarh fort: Ghost bastion

Weird Places

Bhangarh Fort is situated in the Alwar district, Rajasthan. This fort comprises  many temples in it. The walls of all the temples are adorned with beautiful carvings. Interestingly, this is one of the weird places in India. Yes, this cultural heritage is full of strange activities as recorded by many tourists. 

What makes this place weird?

There is a story behind this fort which makes people afraid of it. It is believed that Bhangarh’s princess ‘Ratnawati’ was a very beautiful lady. Ancient Indian princesses rarely come out into public. Once, she visited the market with her friends to buy perfume.

A man named ‘Sindhu Sewra’ saw her and fell in love with her. He did some kind of black magic on the perfume bottle to tame her but somehow Ratnawati came to know about it. She threw the perfume bottle and it broke on a stone.

Legend says that the same stone killed the Sindu Sewra. People say from that day the ghost of Sindhu Sewra visits there every evening after the sunset and troubles the people. 

At present, this fort comes under the supervision of Indian Government. Visiting this fort after the sunset is restricted because people are afraid that the ghost of Sindhu Sevra will harm them.

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh: Magnet Power 

Weird Places

Leh Ladakh is one of the beautiful places in India that attracts millions of tourists every summer vacation. However, there is also an interesting aspect about this place that not many people know.

What makes this place weird?

The mystery of this place is attributed to a very mysterious hill in Leh. This hill is a centre of attraction because of its strange magnetic properties. According to scientists, this hill possesses very strong magnetic power. If you stop your car near this hill, your car will move on its own because this hill will attract the car and it will start to run with the speed of 20km/hr. 

The power of this magnetic hill is so much that this strange place is a matter of concern for airplanes also. Pilots increase the speed of aeroplanes while flying above this hill. Many pilots have said that the plane feels jerks while flying over this hill. 

This is one of the strange places in India visited by a huge number of tourists every year. 

Lepakshi Temple: Mystery of the Hanging Pillars

Weird Places

Lepakshi temple is situated in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. This temple comes under the list of the strange places of India and is a topic of discussion for the travel enthusiasts across the world too. This place holds a significance in connection to the epic Ramayana of Hinduism. 

What makes this place weird?

The Lepakshi temple is known for its marvelous pillars. There are a total of 70 pillars in this temple. 69 of them are normal pillars but one of them is standing without any support means it is hanging in the air. Thousands of Tourists visit this temple every year to see this hanging pillar. 

This unique pillar is attached to the roof of the temple but ends a few centimetres before touching the ground. Many scientists tried to understand the mystery behind this hanging pillar but found nothing. 

However, devotees who visit this temple strongly believe that this pillar brings happiness and fortune in their lives. 

This strange place is still a mystery for the world. A huge number of devotees visit this strange place in India with the hope of getting happiness and good fortune. 

Latoo Temple: Mystery in Uttarakhand

India is a land of temples but Latoo temple is different. Latoo temple is one of the strange places in India, situated in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. The main idol of Nagraj (The snake God) in this temple is locked inside. No one is allowed to enter this temple to pray or see the idol. 

What makes this place weird?

You will be surprised to know that even the priest of this temple does not see the idol. The priest conducts his prayers with a blindfold on his eyes. The unseen God is named ‘Laat’ and that is why this temple is known as ‘Laato’ Temple. 

The gates of this temple open only once in a year during the full moon for conducting the prayers. Thousands of devotees come there during this time to pray to God but no one gets any chance to see him. The enshrined Nagaraj and his amazing Gem is a matter of discussion among the people. 

The Divak Goddess temple 

A goddess temple situated in Prataphgarh is one of the weird places in India. There is a 200 years old trident in the temple where devotees place their handcuffs offerings. This weird temple is visited by many devotees throughout the year. 

What makes this place weird?

In usual temples, devotees offer flowers and fruits to God to please him but in this temple, devotees offer Handcuffs and fetters to please the Goddess. This is believed that in ancient times robbers used to visit this temple and ask Goddess to keep them safe from police and offer handcuffs and fetters. 

Following this ritual, relatives of the people behind the bars come here and ask Goddess to help them. Devotees come with Handcuffs and Fetters to please Goddess here. 

Kottankulangara Temple: Come with makeup

This weird place is situated in Kerala and is one of the weird places in India. This temple does not have any roof over it. It is believed that in ancient times few men in female dress offered the holy offerings to stone and suddenly some supernatural Godly powers started coming from this stone. This temple was established here. 

What makes this place weird?

If you are a male and want to visit this temple, you need to do makeup. Men visit this temple wearing saree, ornaments, and makeup. They even put flowers in their hair. 

Every year during the Chamayavilakku festival in March, devotees visit this temple in huge numbers. One can witness the large number of ladies holding the lamps in this temple but with a closer look, you will get to know they are men. 

Transgenders also visit this temple for prayers. Its strange rules and regulations make this temple one of the weird places. 

Parvati Mata temple: No entry for young girls

Parvati Mata temple

There is a Parwati Temple in Madhya Pradesh where the entry of young girls is not allowed. Only men are allowed in this temple. Females are a form of the goddess in India but this temple does not allow them to enter. 

What makes this place weird?

Young girls can only pray to God from a distance with a lit diya. They can only reach to the 17th step of this temple and on the 18th step, it is written in bold red words that females are not allowed to proceed. 

It is believed that if females enter the temples, Goddess Parvati will be angry. This temple is 300 years old and the white stall is offered to Goddess instead of Red. Priest of this temple believes that people follow this rule from day 1 of the temple. 

They believe that the girls during their menstrual days are impure. That is why their entry is restricted. This strange rule makes this temple one of the strange places in India.

Kurseong hill station: Haunted hill station

Weird Places

Kurseong hill station is an extremely beautiful place in India situated around 30 km away from Darjeeling. This beautiful hill station is one of India’s weird places. 

What makes this place weird?

It is believed that this attractive hill station is haunted. People have encountered many unusual experiences at this place. There is a road in this hills station which is called the road of death. Many people have seen a head-cut man roaming around this hill station. The beauty of this hill station still manages to attract a huge number of tourists every year.

Brijraj Bhawan Palace: Haunted hotel

Brijraj Bhawan Palace is a hotel in Kota, Rajasthan. This hotel is nearly 180 years old. People say that while entering this temple, they can experience the presence of a foreigner spirit. 

What makes this place weird?

The story began in 1857 when two foreigners were killed along with their children here. That was the time of war against foreigners in India. 

Workers have reported that they have seen someone walking around the hotel and they have also heard some strange voices in the garden. It is said that if you visit this hotel in the dark, you can experience the mysterious slap from the ghost.

Dumas Beach: Home of Spirits

Dumas beach is a famous place in Gujarat which is known as the home of Spirits. There is a cemetery adjacent to this beach. It is said that the spirits of those people whose souls do not get peace, roam here. 

What makes this place weird?

This place is one of the strange places in India. Thousands of Tourists visit this place every year but its haunted story can make anyone sweat. 

It is said that spirits have this place into their hub that is why the sand of this beach is black instead of white. People say that they hear someone laughing and playing after the sunset on this beach. 

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Delhi cantonment: White saree lady

This place is situated in Delhi, capital of India. This is one of India’s weird places. It is also known as Delhi cannot and is fully covered with greenery and forest. The road in this area is very scary. 

What makes this place weird?

It is said that this road is owned by a female ghost in white saree. People have seen a female lady in white saree roaming around the road and asking for the lift. If you don’t stop the car, she will follow your vehicles at the same speed as yours. These incidences have been reported many times but no one is harmed in any way. 

Shaniwaar Wada fort : Suspense of its own

Shaniwarwada is a famous fort situated in Pune. A cruel incident of history makes this place one of the weird places in India. 

What makes this place weird?

It is said that in ancient times when there was Peshwa’s rule, a child named Rajkumar Narayan was murdered in the fort. The child ran around the house for help but no one helped him. People say that screams of that child can be heard today also.

Feroz Shah Kotla fort: Ghostly Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla fort is one of the strange places in India which is a haunted place. This fort is very famous and the centre of attraction for many tourists. 

What makes this place weird?

This fort is also called a ghostly fort by the local peoples. It turned into a ghostly place where burning lamps and candles can be seen during the evening. 

People residing near the fort have reported that they have seen these lights and on the next day a bowl containing uncooked cereals and Grains can be seen. The fort is closed in the evening. No one knows who does all these activities at night. This is still a mystery. 

G.P block, Meerut: Haunted Building

Weird Places

G.P block in Meerut has a haunted building where 4 boys can be seen with candles sitting on the terrace. This 2 story building is one of the strange places in India. 

What makes this place weird?

Some people have also reported that they have seen a lady red attire in this building. That is why this is called a haunted building.

Bloody river: Deadly river

This bloody river is a famous place in Rohini, Delhi. This area is haunted and no one goes near this river.

What makes this place weird?

Because every second-day death-bodies can be seen there. Only the police visit this place regularly. No commoner dear to visit this area due to its haunted aura. 

Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh Shrine: The magic rock

This shrine is situated in Shivpur, known for its levitation stone. There is a 70 kg rock which can be lifted by 11 people just by using their forefingers while chanting the name of the saint who put this rock here. 

What makes this place weird?

The story of India’s most weird place is very interesting. Over 800 years ago, this place was a gymnasium. A Sufi saint, Hazrat Qamar Ali was insulted by a wrestler. 

Hazrat Qamar cursed the rock used by the wrestler to kill him. The rock is magically hanging in the air. No manly power can lift it. It can only be lifted with special 11 men on their forefingers.

New lucky restaurant: Dine with the dead

This is a very famous restaurant in Ahmedabad. The restaurant comes under the list of the weird places in India. 

What makes this place weird?

If you visit this restaurant, you have to dine with the dead people. This restaurant is built on a Muslim cemetery. Coffins are lying between the tables. Every morning new flowers are offered to the graves by the staff people. Although staff people make sure to keep this place clean can you imagine eating beside the dead bodies? Isn’t it strange? 

The land of India is known as Devbhoomi. Its rich cultural heritage and breath-taking diversity attracts millions of global tourists every year. India is a home for beautiful architecture, site seeing spots, ancient temples, forts, and numerous cultural heritage sites. India’s famous monuments in North India and innumerous magnificent and glorious temples of South India grab global respect. However, these weird places with their strange and interesting stories create interest in people from all over the globe to visit them and try to find out the truth behind these things.