Coldest Places

25 Coldest Places in India During Summer Season

India being a tropical country experiences harsh summers. Fortunately, the country is home to many coldest places and hill stations that act as a respite for travelers to plan their summer vacation.

In this article, we have curated the list of the top 23 coldest places in India to visit during the summer season.

1. Araku

Located in Andhra Pradesh near Vishakapatnam, Araku is a tribal place. Temperatures here drop to minuses in winter. In summer too, the place provides respite from scorching South Indian heatwaves. Araku is a home for scenic beauty as well as offers various trekking and forest exploration vacation ideas to enthusiasts. This hill station sure makes it to the list of the coldest places in India.

Coldest Places in India: Araku - Andhra Pradesh

2. Munnar

Enriched with tea estates and naturally captivating scenic views, Munnar is one of the coldest places in India. Temperatures here vary between 5- 15 degrees centigrade in winter. This place makes it one of the best choices to spend with dear ones to have a memorable vacation.

Coldest Places in India: Munnar

3. Dras

Coldest Places in India: Dras

This small town is cocooned up the mountains of Kargil. And yes, Dras is the coldest place in India. The temperature is alarmingly low during the winter. 

Dras is a white snow town in the winters but a cozy little hub for the summers. There’s no better place to escape the humidity than this calm and cold place. Try exploring these great mountains, the more you see, the lesser you know about them. Even the first national highway of India starts from here.

4. Spiti

Coldest Places in India: Spiti

This is a less talked about cold place in India. Among the picturesque and quiet valleys of Himachal Pradesh lies the lonely Spiti. 

Seeing as many tourist spots in the state, we do not hear much about this spot. As mesmerizing as Shimla, Kulu, and Manali, Spiti is a scenic and cultural ride. 

It is the coldest place in India with scintillating mirror-like lakes and monasteries preserving the teachings of Buddhists.

5. Leh

Coldest Places in India: Leh

This is the cold place most people will point to if you ask them the coldest place in India. The tourism aspect of this big town has been thoroughly explored in the past. 

Just catch the next plane to Leh to escape the monotony of concrete buildings and traffic lights. Pollution, noise, and even your boss cannot reach you here! 

Breathe the crisp, unadulterated air and stare at the endless sky. Rejuvenate the youngster inside you by going on fast bike rides. And lastly, sleep under the starry sky away from the hustle-bustle.

6. Gulmarg

Coldest Places in India: Gulmarg

Among the foothills of Kashmir, this place is another coldest place in India known for skiing. This cold place is also a dessert for the eyes in heated months. 

The winter snow is first felt at the hill highs of Gulmarg. It is undoubtedly another coldest place in India. The comfy low weather in hot summer months attracts many tourists. 

You should surely visit Gulmarg with your friends and family if you cannot bear the summer heat.

7. Rohtang Pass

Coldest Places in India: Rohtang Pass

A two-hour ride among the revolving mountains from Manali rests the alluring Rohtang Pass. You can hit this cold place in June-July to calm your nerves. 

The serene beauty of this place will spellbind you without any doubt. Various schools and colleges conduct summer trips to Rohtang Pass to relax their students. 

You can enjoy the cotton candy-like soft snow in this coldest place in India. With knee-deep boots covered with white foam, you can have snow fights with your loved ones.

8. Matayen

Coldest Places in India: : Matayen

Yet another cold place in Kargil known for its incredibly low temperature, Matayen is a small town. The irregularity in the mountains makes it stand out among all the scenic locations in the country. 

Matayen is quiet and peaceful and makes the best spot for all those who are struggling to find peace inside them. It is not densely populated and is aloof from all the major towns. It is freezing in winters and is not quite far from the coldest place in India i.e. Dras.

9. Hemkund

Coldest Places in India: Hemkund

Home to tourists and pilgrims searching for god, Hemkund is a spiritual and devoted place to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

Thousands of tourists visit this coldest place in India to find solace and comfort in god. It is the coldest place in India dedicated to the Sikh Guru. This place is renowned for the breathtaking views that are heavenly.

10. Sonamarg

Coldest Places in India: Sonamarg

There are many places hidden in the pocket of snow in the mysterious state of Kashmir. Far away from the summer capital of the State, Sonamarg is a small hill station valued for the unmatchable clicks you can get there. You can also go trekking and hiking in the mountains of Sonamarg. You get to witness vast lands and hear your echo in the stillness of the high peaks and low valleys.

11. Srinagar

Coldest Places in India: Srinagar

Words simply cannot describe the beauty of Srinagar. Coming to Srinagar is like entering a scenic landscape. With the smoky mountains far away and the azure lakes on the side, you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride here. 

The Dal Lake is home to millions of fishes and has lotuses popping up the surface for you to enjoy. Srinagar can indeed be an amazing cold place to help you escape the heat in big cities.

12. Amarnath

Coldest Places in India: Amarnath

Amarnath is yet another place in the crown of India. This coldest place in India is the abode of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims visit Amarant from all over India every year. The snow-capped mountains of Amaranth only melt in the summers and hence this is the period when tourists are welcomed. 

This is the coldest place in India that is counted as an important pilgrimage in India too. This place is free from noise, junk, and radiates with spirituality in every inch. The air and water are so pure and clean and hold immense therapeutic value.

13. Munsiyari

Coldest Places in India: Munsiyari

This awesome hill station in Uttarakhand is a delight to visit for anyone from the plains. The mesmerizing air of Munsiyari in the picture-perfect district of Uttarakhand has many scenic locations to savor. 

Munsiyari can give you the delights of trekking in the bed of greenery. It is also the coldest place in India where you can see a countless number of peaks. Embrace the stillness in the subtle breeze in the early mornings and evenings. All that you get here are no horns but only the cow mourns.

14. Kufri

Coldest Places in India: Kufri

Mountains and snow make up everyone’s favorite summer vacation spot. Though they can make it nothing less than the coldest place in India, the summers can be cozy warm nights in the blanket of Kufri near Shimla. 

No less than Kashmir, Kufri has some beautiful dense valleys and mountain sights. Exploring the hilly regions of this town will make you fall in love with the vivid colors of this place. There are some pretty cool inns and lodges to make your stay forever etched in your heart.

15. Siachen Glacier

Coldest Places in India: Siachen Glacier

Major border forces constantly guard this glacier in the Karakoram Range. It is the coldest place in India that is buckled up with security. Not far from this glacier is the margin where on one side lies India and on the other side, Pakistan. 

This cold place has not long ago been open to tourists and locals to click pictures and capture the blanket wrapped all over the place. Snow is melted and used as the water here.

16. Western Sikkim

Coldest Places in India: Western Sikkim

This cold place in the northeast is a pleasant summer retreat due to its height. Sikkim is lesser-known compared to the great Himalayas

It gets quite chilly in the winter but can be a delight to visit in the peak summer months of June and July. There are many spots to visit for hikers who love heights.

17. Northern Sikkim

Coldest Places in India: Northern Sikkim

All of Sikkim is a present bestowed upon by the almighty. There are white concoctions of clouds moving along the land, the snow valleys, and the steel blue lakes. The waters freeze during winters. 

There are never-ending waterfalls and springs in Sikkim. The enrapturing beauty of the Gurudongmar Lake, the Yumthang valley, and the intriguing location of Lachung is a heaven on earth experience.

18. Yumthang Valley

Coldest Places in India: Yumthang Valley

Apart from being a cold place to come to in the summer season, Yumthang Valley is a colorful, happy place in north Sikkim. 

Enthralling flowers with hues of aureate, peach, and rose-red captivate the eyes. Yaks can be seen wandering in the valley enjoying the view. There are beautiful grasslands and picturesque meadows to admire along with a hot cup of local tea. 

The beauty of this place will cheer up your heart and reignite the life inside of you.

19. Kaza

Coldest Places in India: Kaza

This place lies on the way to the most beautiful lake in the small town of Spiti. Not often heard of because of other tourist sites in Himachal Pradesh, Kaza has the most breathtaking views and Buddhist monasteries. This cold place is ideal to visit in summer because the temperature is more welcoming.

20. Kunzum Pass

Coldest Places in India: Kumzum Pass

This pretty trekking destination in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh is another enchanting location due to its beauty and charm. Trekking from here can lead you to the most crystal pure waters of Moon Lake. 

Apart from that, this cold place has numerous scenic locations with the most die heart scenes. Straight from your living room enter this scenic painting that come to life just on the outside of the door of your hotel room. Witness the most rejoicing feeling hitting straight inside your adventurous heart.

21. Tawang

Coldest Places in India: Tawang

The Eastern undiscovered paradise in India includes Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the coolest places in the northeast region. With the calm, tall trees and the silent mountain peaks, it is a peaceful place to visit. Not much tourism has been explored in the north-eastern region. 

They are no less beautiful than the northern mountains. The steep slopes and reckless heights make it all together an amazing summer destination to find your lost soul.

22. Mechuka

Coldest Places in India: Mechuka

One more summer retreat located in the light green, spotless hills of Mechuka is a must-visit. This town in Arunachal Pradesh is also developing its tourist aspect and promoting the less known place to the tourists. 

The cold, slow stream river Siyom is a source of water for the town. The water is so clean that you can see the bed on top of the soil covered in pebbles. You can also see the fishes flowing swiftly with their beautiful colors right from the top of the water surface. 

The Buddhist monastery here is an informative and enriching visit for people of different places.

23. Dawki

Coldest Places in India: Dawki

This is yet another unexplored town in India and is located in Meghalaya. Away from street lights, you can go camping beside the river Umngot which has the clearest and clean water. 

There’s no electricity in most places here. A bonfire is lit up at night to make the cold more bearable. You will have to carry jackets and boots in this place even in the mid-summer months. 

The India-Bangladesh border is also a site of interest in the tourists of both the countries.

24. Nainital

Coldest Places in India: Nanital

This tourist hub is mostly visited on the weekends as many people from Delhi, UP, and Punjab come to Nainital for a refreshing weekend. It has one of the most beautiful lakes as its attraction. Locals use the water of this lake for cooking and drinking purposes. Hence, there are no motorboats allowed in the river. 

You can feed the big fishes during your boat ride and shop from the mall road. You will get a mind-blowing variety of candles in all shapes imaginable and quality clothes from the Tibetan market.

25. Kulu

Coldest Places in India: Kulu

This is a popular summer destination away from the heat as it is a really cold place. There are some cozy resorts and lodges to stay in with scrumptious food. It is the easily reachable from many major cities in India.