Face Creams for Glowing Skin

Best Face Creams for Glowing Skin in India

Face creams help in prolonging the glow of facial skin. The impact of harsh sun, pollution, stress, change in sleep and diet patterns primarily reflect on the face. Fine lines, tan marks, sagging skin, etc. start developing due to all these stress triggers.

Here is a list of the best face creams for glowing skin in India. While the list is not exhaustive, we are bringing the best of the options based on their features and customer reviews.

Mamaearth Retinol Night Cream For Women with Retinol & Bakuchi for Anti-Aging, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles

Mama Earth products are known for their freeness from harsh chemicals such as parabens. They also do not contain artificial colors and preservatives. This is one such chemical-free night cream that helps fight aging and its symptoms on facial skin.

  • User reviews: Easy to apply, fast absorption, plump in the skin, reduction in fine lines, and high levels of satisfaction.
  • MRP: Rs.699
  • Suits: Women
  • Type: Anti-aging/ night cream

Himalayan Organics Coconut Milk Brightening & Anti-Fine Lines Face Cream

If you love organic products for skincare, add this to your wish list. Made with coconut water extracts, this face cream is antioxidant rich and aids collagen production. 

  • User reviews: Long-lasting, need sunscreen for day usage, pleasant coconut smell, dry-skin friendly, and improvement in skin texture.
  • MRP: Rs. 955
  • Suits: Men and women
  • Type: Skin hydrating day cream

BLUSSHING Anti-Aging Night Cream 

For all those worried about aging, this is the cream stuffed with vitamins C, E, and B5. Also loaded with Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Retinol, this is one face cream that you should try to find its amazing benefits. Besides this is a chemical-free, and cruelty-free product.

  • User reviews: Long-lasting hydration for around 72 hours, natural product for skincare, lightweight, easy absorption into the skin.
  • MRP: Rs. 799
  • Suits: Men and women
  • Type: Face Cream For Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Whitening, Dark Spot Reduction, Brightening & Skin Pigmentation

The Moms Co. Face Cream

Made with love from The Moms Co., this is another trending product in the chemical-free skincare product range. Contains plum extracts in addition to Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Chia Seed Oil, and Green Tea extracts. Chemical-free and paraben-free.

  • User reviews: Suits all skin types, nourishes, slightly overpriced.
  • MRP: Rs. 699
  • Suits: Women
  • Type: Day cream/ anti-pollution cream

The Face Shop Calendula Essential Soothing and Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin

Here we have a premium cream specially catering to the needs of sensitive skin. Formulated with calendula and six herbs that your skin will love, this is a trusted Korean product. 

  • User reviews: Mild, anti-inflammatory, perfect to soothe sensitive skin.
  • MRP: Rs.1320
  • Suits: Men and women
  • Type: Hydrating Day and Night Cream

The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

Face Shop’s products are known for their care towards the skin. If you are an ardent skin care lover, you would have heard of the effects of rice water in skincare. This cream is loaded with the benefits of rice extracts and ceramide, which will make your skin younger.

  • User reviews: Best soothing cream with the power of rice water, light and easy on the skin, offers the best hydration, and fits dry skin.
  • Suits: Men and women
  • MRP: Rs.920
  • Type: Suits dry skin/ intensely hydrating day cream.

The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream

Here comes one intensely hydrating skin, specially formulated for men. You can use this as an alternative to your winter cream too. Shea butter and vitamin E in this skin protect, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin with regular usage.

  • User reviews: Soft and bright skin with regular use, lives up to the expectation.
  • Suits: Men 
  • MRP: Rs.349
  • Type: Intensely hydrating day cream/ winter cream.

Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream

For all those who cannot skip traveling in pollution, here is an organic pollution protection cream from Mama Earth. With its base in turmeric extracts, this cream’s pollution formula promises ultimate protection from the harsh effects of pollution.

  • User reviews: Lightweight, non-greasy, fragrance-free.
  • Suits: Men and women
  • MRP: Rs.349
  • Type: Anti-pollution cream for glowing skin

WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Face Cream

WOW’s products have their proven love levels from users. They are one of the premier and trusted brands in the chemical-free range of skincare products. The cream is free from silicones, parabens, mineral oil, and artificial colors. Choose this cream for glowing skin that gives a dash of vitamin C to your skin and helps restore its youth.

  • User reviews: Oil-free, quick absorption, go-to product in the chemical-free range and budget range.
  • Suits: Men and women
  • MRP: Rs.599
  • Type: Complexion care and skin radiance day cream 

Spruce Shave Club Vitamin C Face Cream for Men

A complete skin care product for men – with anti-aging, wrinkle removing, and dark spot protection benefits. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this cream is free from parabens, silicones, and other harsh chemicals. 

  • User reviews: Best for oily skin, doesn’t cause breakouts, suits as under makeup cream, visible shine, and glow in facial skin.
  • Suits: Men
  • MRP: Rs.549
  • Type: Complexion care, dark spot removal, skin brightening day cream.

Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Treatment Cream

Biotique products are renowned for being free from parabens, silicones, and other harsh chemicals. If you are looking for a trusted skincare product in your budget, you should not miss checking this. 

  • User reviews: Non-sticky, suits sensitive skin, fits for summer use as well.
  • Suits: Men and women
  • MRP: Rs.115
  • Type: Complexion care day cream.

Lotus Organics+ Divine Nutritive Face crème

Ever heard of moss – superfood range? Now you can nourish your skin with this nutritive cream that is super enriched with Certified Organic Irish Moss extracts. Completely free from chemicals and parabens, this face cream for glowing skin imparts protection from sun rays too with its SPF 20 feature. 

  • User reviews: Non-sticky, suits dry skin, excellent moisturization.
  • Suits: Women
  • MRP: Rs.725
  • Type: Natural face cream for women.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydro Cream

Looking at giving ultra-premium protection for your skin? Here’s one solution exactly for you. This premium gel cream from Face Shop provides your skin the secret ingredient its needs – pink vitamin (B12). Does not contain 7-chemicals: parabens, phenoxyethanol, tar colorant, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, BHT, and benzophenone-3.

  • User reviews: Non-sticky, light-weight, excellent moisturization.
  • Suits: Women
  • MRP: Rs.2410
  • Type: Hydrating gel cream for women.

Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

Here’s another night cream from the Biotique brand. Give the protection of wheat germ to your face through this cream throughout the night to wake up for supple and soft facial skin.

  • User reviews: Hydration, makes skin soft and supple, suits dry and sensitive skin as well.
  • Suits: Men and women
  • MRP: Rs.230
  • Type: Night cream for normal to dry skin.

Honest Choice Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

People suffering from hyperpigmentation can choose this cream without a second thought. The makers specially formulated this face glow cream to combat the pigmentation problem. Suits all skin types, and sensitivity. 

  • User reviews: Visible results, effective on acne, clear skin with regular usage.
  • Suits: Men and Women
  • MRP: Rs.799
  • Type: Night cream only/to cut down acne.

Good Vibes Green Tea Revitalising Face Cream

Give the benefits of green tea to your skin with this revitalizing cream. This cream is fully cruelty-free and paraben-free. Light on pocket and suits every skin type.

  • User reviews: Effective on acne, soothing.
  • Suits: Men and Women
  • MRP: Rs.225
  • Type: Night cream only/to cut down acne.

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Targeted at bringing down blemishes, this is another trending face cream from Mama Earth. The product is completely made from natural substances. The formula suits pigmented skin of any skin type and the product is certified toxin-free. 

  • User reviews: Need to add sunscreen while using the day cream, huge positive difference in skin glow with regular usage.
  • Suits: Women
  • MRP: Rs.225
  • Type: Pigmentation cream/ night cream.

Avene PhysioLift DAY Smoothing Emulsion

From the trusted and proven brand Avene, here comes emulsion for females with any skin type. It is useful for various skin issues – wrinkle lift, skin tightening, skin plumping. The base of this emulsion is spring water; hence this formula is non-greasy, lightweight, and easily absorbable.

  • User reviews: Reduces the appearance of fine lines, fast absorption, adds nice hue even without makeup.
  • Suits: Women
  • MRP: Rs.2489
  • Type: Skin lift/ Anti-aging

Lakme 9 To 5 Naturale Aloe Aqua Gel

Loaded with the benefits of aloe vera, this is an anti-pollution cream from Lakme. Suits best as the base for makeup or in daily skincare routine for women of any skin type. Contains glycerine, vitamin B3, and aloe vera extracts. Doubles up as either a day cream or a night cream. 

  • User reviews: Good for sensitive skin, helps a primer.
  • Suits: Women
  • MRP: Rs.200
  • Type: Anti-pollution, skincare cream

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Serum

Handmade by dermatologists. Smoothens skin and moisturizes perfectly. Those who have sensitive skin or are looking at anti-aging can choose Kaya Clinic Intense Hydra Boost Night Serum. Both these are our personal picks!

  • User reviews: Non-oily, light and no breakouts.
  • Suits: Women
  • Type: Night/ Day cream

Jiva Anti-pimple cream and anti-aging cream

Jiva products are so good that users wished they had started them earlier! Suggested by Ayurvedic doctors and formulated with no chemicals, Jiva has varied range of creams for your skin care.

  • User reviews: Light, shows difference in a week.
  • Suits: Women
  • Type: Night/ Day cream