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10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

The recent Coronavirus pandemic and nationwide lockdown made travelling impossible. Watching travel videos was the only option left to us to satisfy our wanderlust. The travel videos available online are so spectacular that they inspire us to create our own. But how do you make a fantastic trip video? 

Here we will discuss various video editing methods and crack some tips for making a great travel video. 

Preparation is the key to making a travel video. Here are the things we need before getting started with making travel videos.

Getting started with travel videos

  • Nowadays, we can create different types of travel videos. We must first decide which kind of travel videos we want to get started before we know how to make travel video.
  • While some people prefer travel videos with less talk and more action, others prefer those where they walk and talk.
  • Knowing what our travel videos look like, we must now look for a camera. Even though we can use your smartphone for recording, a DSLR camera is one of the wonderful travel gadgets and the best option for shooting travel videos.
  • We will now identify a program to edit a video online. We can utilise many programs to add a professional touch to our travel videos.
  • Programs of this kind run on computers. For example, those with Macbooks can use iMovie.

Now without further ado, let’s get cracking on some tips how to make travel video. Below are ten tips to consider before creating a travel video:
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Learn from other travel videos

The author who writes the best book has read many books and can now combine the good parts of these books to make a new book. We use the same concept while creating travel videos. You have to watch other videos and learn from them. 

You can make your comparison and decide on what you would like to incorporate in your travel video.

Adjust your camera settings 

Before embarking on a journey, we must ensure that our camera settings are in place and ready for shooting the trip to make travel video.

It becomes very disappointing when we find something nice to include in our video but cannot record it.

Also, we must carry a fully charged camera. It is also advisable to have a backup battery.

Take smarter photos

If we fail to capture enough photos at the correct angle, we might regret it when we return home for video editing. It is advisable to record videos during the day with enough lighting to enhance the video quality. This tip comes handy when you are covering adventurous places like wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites like Brihadeeswara temple, cities and temples.

Develop an engaging story

A travel video must have a compelling story. However, making an engaging story calls for a lot of hard work. 

Most travel video makers face difficulty creating an exciting story for their travel video. Many juicy stories may emerge along the way; thus, we must always keep your camera ready; thus, we must keep your camera ready at all times. A good example is visiting a wildlife sanctuary and seeing a lion attacking an antelope.

Recording the actual footage can help create a juicy story for those watching our travel videos. This is why cutting edge video recording equipment is one of the essentials on your travel checklist.

Focus on the travel

When making a travel movie, we should focus on the surroundings rather than ourselves. For instance, if we visit the hills, our viewers will be interested to see the jaw-dropping landscape. Likewise, if we visit another country, we must focus our videos on the culture of the people there rather than on ourselves.

Also, we must remember that viewers might get bored with our travel video if we keep making the video about ourselves.

Our viewers probably watch our videos because they might also be planning to travel to the same place. So, it would be best to guide them on what they expect.

Broaden the shots

It may be difficult to capture every facet of our trip, but it is necessary to try. We can try changing the angles at which we take videos to produce an appealing video.

Shooting a video as we move around to show our audience what is happening in our vicinity is the best way to keep them engaged. It also makes the video more interesting as our viewers will be watching it trying to imagine what they would do if they were there.

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Add motion to pictures.

Viewers cannot easily perceive or feel the energy we have experienced while visiting certain places with videos. But with a photo, we can easily capture the moment where the sun is correct, and the beautiful architecture of the landscape is visible.

We can do this through a moving time-lapse where we can take pictures of kids playing or animals running.

After photography, we can compile them together when we start video editing. The images will become very interesting to observe.

Try taking YouTube lessons to have a better understanding.

Take pictures in a close position

When taking pictures, consider zooming to have a great view of items or people. These are good for creating emotion in our travel videos.

Adding the element of emotion can entice our viewers to watch our travel video till the end. 

During a trip to remote places like Assam in India, it is essential to know the locals of that area. We must make an effort to learn about their history and language. Our viewers could be curious to know how they might communicate with the locals if they visit the exact location.

Organize your shots

Organising shots can be very time-consuming, but it helps ensure we get everything right. It is advisable to go through all the captured photos and videos and arrange them for maximum impact.

If we do not get this part right, we will end up with random photos and videos. Consequently, it will therefore drive our viewers away.

Carefully export your work

If we are not careful, all the hard work we put into making the film could go in vain. Thus, we must be cautious when transferring our hard work from one device to another.

We can accomplish this by ensuring that all of our camera settings are perfectly set so that we can transfer high-resolution videos. YouTube has countless videos that teach us how to do it effectively. 

It is also advisable to back up all the videos and photos to the cloud, so we don’t lose our captured clips. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they can’t save themselves if they accidentally delete images and videos from their camera. 

Wrapping Up

Making travel movies will be a breeze with the guidance provided above.

Before making travel videos, we must invest in the right equipment. Having a user-friendly camera for taking photos and videos is a must for shooting travel videos. In addition, watching travel videos is essential for learning how to make travel videos.

Last but not least, when creating a travel video, we must also capture plenty of photos and videos to choose from, so we can include iconic shots and stunning scenes that entice our viewers.