How to sell home fast

Home Selling Tips: Maximize Your Home’s Potential with Expert Advice on How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling a house can be an exciting yet stressful endeavour. With the right preparation and guidance, you can maximize your home’s value and attract buyers more quickly. Follow these expert home selling tips to learn how to sell your house fast.

Craft an Appealing Introduction to Hook Prospective Buyers

First impressions count, particularly if you’re trying to sell your house. An attractive, well-maintained exterior signals that the interior is likely just as nice. A couple of quick DIY tasks can instantly boost curb appeal:

  • Give the entry a mini makeover. Paint or stain the front door, install new house numbers, add decorative planters, and tidy up landscaping.
  • Power wash siding, decks, fencing, and the driveway. A freshly cleaned exterior looks crisp and new.
  • Add pops of colour. Potted plants or flowers by the entry welcome buyers inside.

Now consider how your home looks online, specifically in the real estate listing photos. Hire a professional real estate photographer to capture your property’s best attributes. Avoid taking photos yourself—professional equipment and an artistic eye make a big difference.

How to Sell Your House: Focus on High-ROI Improvements

Certain renovations offer a better return on investment (ROI) than others when you want to sell your house fast. Prioritize updates that will appeal to buyers and be achievable within your timeline and budget.

The renovations with the highest ROI include:

  • Minor kitchen upgrades, like painting cabinets, replacing hardware, and installing new countertops and backsplash. Kitchens sell homes, so help buyers envision cooking in an updated space.
  • Bathroom remodels, especially replacing worn finishes like outdated tiles and dingy grout. Shoppers prefer homes with fresh, neutral bathrooms.
  • Replacing older flooring with new carpeting, wood, tile, or vinyl plank floors throughout the home. Scuffed hardwood floors and outdated carpeting can cheapen the look.
  • Exterior paint refreshes faded, chipped siding and boost curb appeal. Colour consultants suggest neutral shades like green or grey for wide appeal.
  • Replacing an old garage door with a modern style adds functionality and aesthetic appeal. This relatively simple project offers one of the highest ROIs for home improvements.

Staging: Present Each Room at Its Maximum Potential

Home staging presents the property in the best possible light to appeal to buyers. Thoroughly declutter, then arrange furnishings and accessories to maximize space and create a welcoming vibe. Staging home selling tips for key rooms:

  • Kitchen: Clear countertops except for a couple of high-end appliances. Store small appliances to open up counters.
  • Living and Dining Rooms: Remove extra furniture to make rooms appear larger. Style with neutral colours and declutter.
  • Bedrooms: Reduce bedroom sets to a bed, nightstand, and dresser. Remove personal photos and décor.
  • Bathrooms: Clear countertops except for guest soaps and towels. Ensure bathrooms feel clean, bright, and spacious.
  • Outdoor Areas: Style patios and decks with potted plants and outdoor furniture. Highlight exterior gathering areas.

Hire a professional stager if you feel overwhelmed. Their services typically range from $900-$2500.

Set a Competitive List Price Based on Comparable Sales

Pricing your home correctly from the start brings in more buyers. When determining your asking price, take into account the following:

  • Recent sales of similar homes – Your real estate agent will analyze sales of comparable properties, or “comps,” to gauge home values in your neighbourhood. Comps should be as similar as possible in location, size, age, and features.
  • Home improvements – Factor in the value you added through any renovations and updates. However, make sure to allocate for minor DIY projects. Not all costs directly correlate to increased property value.
  • Market conditions – In a hot seller’s market, you may price on the higher side, while a buyer’s market calls for more conservative pricing to generate interest. Ask your agent for guidance based on local supply and demand.
  • The urgency to sell – If you need to close quickly, consider pricing on the lower end of your range to attract buyers in your timeframe. Highly-priced homes often sit longer.

Going a few thousand under market value tells buyers you’re serious about selling quickly. You can then leverage multiple offers in a bidding war.

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Add the Finishing Touches to Prepare Your Property

As you get closer to sell your house, address these final items:

  • Inspection – Pay for a professional pre-listing inspection to identify and repair issues in advance. Don’t let surprises derail a sale later.
  • Cleaning – Hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean throughout the home before photography and showings. The home should sparkle.
  • Paint – Fix scuffs and touch up paint inside and out to freshen the look. Neutral colours have the widest appeal.
  • Yardwork – Keep the lawn mower, bushes trimmed, and leaves raked so the property always looks photo-ready.
  • Decluttering – Pack away personal items like family photos that may distract buyers from viewing your house objectively.
  • Repairs – Fix minor issues like dripping faucets, cracked tiles, and sticking doors. Little flaws signal that larger problems may lurk.

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Market Your Property with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

A seasoned listing agent who knows your local housing market can help to sell your house fast and more profitable. Here’s how an agent markets your home to sell quickly:

  • Lists the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so all agents see it.
  • Holds open houses to showcase your home.
  • Connects you with their network of qualified buyers.
  • Handles negotiations to get you the optimal price and terms.
  • Manages paperwork and closing details from offer to keys.

If you are thinking how to sell your home fast, look for an agent with deep knowledge of your area and a track record of sales success. In order to find a match, interview multiple individuals. Commission rates are typically 5-6% split between the buyers’ and sellers’ agents.

Expect to Make Some Concessions During Negotiations

As eager as you are to sell, buyers will still make requests to improve the deal in their favour. Brace for some back and forth. Common concessions include:

  • Repairs – Buyers often ask sellers to fix issues found during a home inspection. Consider paying for minor repairs up to a few thousand dollars.
  • Credits – Offering credit for closing costs or repairs shows you’re serious about the sale. A difference of a few thousand dollars is reasonable.
  • Inclusions – You may agree to include the refrigerator, washer and dryer, or other items to seal the deal.
  • Rent-back – If you need time to move, offer to rent back the home from the new owners for a short period after closing.

Weigh each request objectively and see the buyer’s perspective. Minor concessions are often worthwhile to prevent losing the sale.

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Close and Move on Your Timeline with a Contingency-Free Offer

Closing timelines and contingencies vary greatly between buyers. Weigh each carefully, as they impact when and if the sale goes through.

  • Cash offers close quickly since no mortgage approval is required. Accepting a cash offer means a guaranteed sale.
  • Financed offers require the buyer to get approved for a mortgage, adding weeks or months to the timeline. Lenders scrutinize the property’s appraisal and condition.
  • Buyer contingencies such as needing to sell their current home first introduce uncertainty. Opt for buyers who are ready to move forward.
  • If you’re buying another home, make your offer contingent on finding suitable new housing so you aren’t left homeless.

How to Sell Your House Fast: Cash in on Today’s Hot Market

In today’s competitive housing market, homes are selling incredibly fast. Take advantage of intense buyer demand with these tips tailored to sell your house fast:

  • Price aggressively – Shave 3-5% off your top estimated value. A slightly lower list price attracts more buyers.
  • Prepare for traffic – Ensure your home is a photo and showing ready at all times for prospective buyers.
  • Consider an iBuyer – Sell directly to an institutional cash buyer like Opendoor or Offerpad for a quick close.
  • Be flexible – Express willingness to close quickly and reasonably meet buyer requests.
  • Don’t lose a deal over small concessions.
  • Act urgently – Respond to buyer inquiries and offers same-day. Dragging your feet risks losing impatient buyers.
  • Broaden exposure – Utilize social media and ask your agent about broker events to spread the word widely.

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Moving Forward After the Sale

After all your preparation and effort, a closing day will be here before you know it. Soon, you’ll hand over the keys, collect your profits from the sale, and embark on your next chapter.

Here are a few final home selling tips as you transition to sell your house:

  • Change your home address at the post office, bank, and elsewhere.
  • Forward your mail to the USPS temporarily or permanently. Take advantage of important documents.
  • Keep tabs on the mortgage payoff process. Follow up until you receive the official lien release.
  • Save your closing disclosure documents for tax purposes. May need for capital gains calculations.

The profits gained from selling your house smartly in today’s market can be life-changing. We wish you the best of luck with your sale and happiness in your next home.