Tips to toilet train a dog

11 Tips How to Toilet Train a Dog & Puppy

Bringing home a puppy or a dog is an excitement of its own. Would be dog parents get ready with many dog essentials like toys and food and make their home pet-friendly. At the same time, many questions arise in their minds: How to toilet train a dog? Is toilet training puppy easy? At what age should I start toilet training for dogs?

While the confusion is justifiable, it is important to be aware of the necessity to toilet train a puppy and the best practices for potty training for dogs. As we move below, we will see simple tips about toilet training for dogs.

At what age does your dog need toilet training?

Puppies below one year cannot hold urine and toilet for longer. They need to relieve themselves as many times as possible due to their limited bladder capacity.

If you are bringing home a puppy of age 8-9 weeks, it’s the right time to introduce toilet training puppy. In case, the dog is older, you need to start potty training for dogs immediately.

How long will my dog take to learn toilet training?

There is no fixed duration that dogs learn toilet training. It varies from dog to dog. While some dogs learn in 3-4 months, others may take more time. It depends on the training your dog receives, the environment you offer for dog potty training, and the dog’s ability to learn.

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How to tell if my puppy needs to go toilet?

Dogs give several hints when it’s time to relieve. Some dogs behave in an irritated fashion, while some signal with their gestures. Dogs would also fidget, move in circles, try to squat, go to a corner and start sniffing in their attempt to relieve themselves. 

At latter stages in toilet training puppy, you would notice that elder dogs would signal their masters by catching their hands with their mouths or licking their faces. All such gestures indicate that your dog wants to go to the toilet and is asking you to take him/her outside.

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Dog toilet training steps

  • Step 1: As your dog gives you signals that it’s time for the toilet, here is what you can do to potty train your dog:
  • Step 2: Take your dog outside to a fixed place as soon as your dog hints at you. Take to the same place every day, every time.
  • Step 3: Teach your puppy a verbal cue like the simple word “toilet” or “potty” as soon as your dog begins to circle or squat.
  • Step 4: When your dog finishes the toilet, take him for a walk or play outside without getting back home immediately. This way your dog will understand that the toilet outside will be rewarding and refreshing too.
  • Step 5: If you are away from your regular place and you notice that your dog tries to toilet at a new place, call him aloud (do not shout). Distract him and take him to a suitable place for him to relieve.
  • Step 6: Each time your dog goes to the toilet as you train them, reward them with praises and treats. Positive reinforcement works wonders in toilet training for dogs.

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How to  potty Train Your Puppy

Toilet training for dogs tips

  • Always take your dog or puppy to a designated area for the toilet. Dogs identify anything with sniffing and this applies to their toilet area too. A familiar place will make them feel comfortable going to the toilet.
  • In your journey with toilet training puppy, accidents can happen during toilet training dogs. It takes time for your dog to get accustomed to going to the toilet as you intend. Be patient during toilet training puppy and remember to reward and appreciate every effort of your dog in learning toilet training.
  • Teach a cue for your dog to toilet-train him. Choose a word or a sound to train him that it is time for the toilet.
  • In the initial days of toilet training puppy, take them outside as many times as possible. Be consistent in your schedule and make the experience a comfortable one for your furry mate.
  • If your dog makes an accident inside the home, do not fret. Instead, clean the area immediately with a puppy toilet scooper and rinse with pet-friendly floor cleaner and ample water.
  • The longer you leave the potty or urine uncleaned, the higher will the stink stick to the floor. Your dog will sniff this faster and will repeat the toilet at that same place. Hence, clean as soon as your puppy makes an accident inside the home.
  • If you lack an outdoor space for dog potty training, arrange a designated space indoor. Choose a ventilated area like a balcony or back door and arrange a litter tray or potty pads ready. Take your dog to that area as a part of potty training for dogs.

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How to toilet train a puppy for night time?

 The good news about potty training dogs is they never sleep in a soiled area. Your dog will wake up, do the toilet at a distant place and sleep again at its place.

This means, if you are confused about how to toilet train a puppy at night time, here are some helpful tips:

  • Give easily digestible food as dinner for your dog. It ensures that the dog is not having any issues with sleeping or the toilet at night time.
  • Let your dog walk slowly after his dinner. It provides a chance for him to pass urine or potty and sleep with a comfortable stomach.
  • Do not reduce the amount of water you at night to your dog in an attempt to stop him from urinating at midnight. It can induce constipation. Instead, let him drink water as he wishes and before going to bed, take him to the toilet outside.
  • Some dogs sleep tight, while some wake up frequently at night. Observe how your dog behaves and go according to his schedule.

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Toilet training puppy can be daunting in the initial days. As your dog gains a hold on the schedule, you and your dog will enjoy the together time outside. After all, the effort you invest in toilet training puppy is worth it for the love he brings into your life!