Relationship Between Mother and Baby

Relationship Between Mother and Baby

The language of a mother and baby is universal – it is pure love. The relationship between mother and baby begins not with the baby’s birth but with the thought of the woman becoming a mother. Women who want to conceive take care of their health and take advice from doctors, well-wishers, family, and friends. They eat whatever is suggested to be good for the baby irrespective of their liking. She even changes her lifestyle for the safety and health of the baby.

Psychologically, the thoughts of a pregnant woman always surround her baby. She keeps thinking of her baby’s little smiles, the happiness and love the baby is about to bring into her life. Such lovely anticipation prepares her for the toughest task of humankind – delivering a baby.

Every moment of the baby inside the womb, every kick, and every act fills a mother with incomparable joy and happiness. She treasures every such moment by sharing happiness with her husband, and family and most times alone – all for herself.


Soon after the baby comes into the world, doctors bring the baby to the mother. The sight of the little one removes the pain and tiredness the mother has experienced delivering the baby. No wonder, the warm hug and the tough between the mother and baby are filled with the purest love and joy!

However, it is universally known that being a mother is not an easy task. Motherhood can wear down a woman as much as it brings joy. It takes immense patience, courage, and care to succeed as a mother. Specifically, in the initial days of birth, mothers can be susceptible to post-partum depression.

With all eyes on the baby, everyone talking and cheering the little one, and the hormones playing havoc, a new mother feels left alone with tiredness and depression.


In such cases, it is the beautiful relationship between mother and baby that helps her recover. Amidst the tiredness of the sleepless nights, the love between mother and baby keeps her going strong. She comforts herself that the future is all about her baby and gathers all her courage and strength.

The birth of a baby and raising children can wear down many mothers. However, if mothers can handle it with care, the relationship between mother and baby blooms. Here are some tips new mothers can use to prevent themselves from burning out:

  • Do not try not the be a super mother. Seek help, delegate every other task, and focus only on caring for yourself and your baby.
  • Take time for self-care and sleep as and when the baby sleeps, irrespective of the time of the day.
  • Eat nourishing foods that support your recovery and strength.
  • Spend time with the baby and activities that uplift you.

When it is said, motherhood completes a woman, it is not wrong. As motherhood unleashes the strength and courage hidden in a woman, being a mother is the ultimate powerful version of a woman.

As the baby grows every day, the relationship between mother and baby just keeps getting stronger. It is also the mother with whom the baby spends more time together than any other family member. Hence, mothers are inspirations and role models for children in many ways.

Children observe mothers and imitate them. The way she cooks, dresses, smiles, laughs, behaves, talks, works, and everything – children observe and retain in their young minds for their lifetime. This is why the relationship between mother and baby goes beyond everything.

In Indian tradition, a mother is the reflection of patience, knowledge, and power of a home. Though the system is patriarchal, it is the mother that runs the home, irrespective of whether she is the breadwinner or not. Indian culture and literature give immense reverence to a woman being a mother.

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The Ramayana and Mahabharata, the two greatest epics in Indian culture, give many instances of the relationship between mother and baby. In Ramayana, Lord Rama is termed the Kausalya Supraja Rama, which means he is the loved son of his mother Kausalya, and stepmother Supraja.

Similarly, Lord Krishna is the most-loved son of his mother Yashoda. The instances where she tries to stand up for her son for his naughty, playful stealing acts in the neighborhood explain the relationship between mother and baby.


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A mother is the first partner in crime for every child. She tries to protect her baby from the wrath of her father, friends, or society. She always stands up for her child, irrespective of the situation. Such is the love a mother showers on her baby.

Most mothers often stress over if they are being the right mothers. The secret here is: every mother tries to be right and there is no way to be a perfect mother. As long as a mother does the right and guides her child to be right, every mother is a good mother.

The driving factor for the mother-child relationship is the love they share. This in turn becomes an adorable relationship as the child grows and blossoms throughout their lives, and impacts the next generations too.

 Happy parenting and happy motherhood!

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