Pregnancy Books to Read

12 Best Spiritual Books to Read During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of emotional upheaval. The mood swings, the physical limitations and the fear of baby birth and parenting can stress the pregnant women. One of the easy ways to divert mind and strengthen oneself from inside out is by losing into spiritual books to read during pregnancy. As it is said, books give you wings and take you places with your feet where you lie.

Why should pregnant mothers read spiritual books?

The mother and the baby are not just connected physically but emotionally too. The thoughts a mother experiences impacts the psychological development of the embryo.

A safe, cheerful and healthy mother leads to a happy child. It assumes importance why mothers must stay happy and safe all time, even more when they are pregnant.

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Here is the compilation of best spiritual books to read during pregnancy to enjoy the journey.

Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

Uplift your happiness quotient through this globally acclaimed book on peace and happiness. This book changes the way you look at your life and guides how you can make it more cheerful and contented without spending a dime!

The Mindful Mother: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness

As a new mother, mindfulness is what you exactly need. It’s easy to crave being a super mother and get tired at the end of the day.

Being mindful helps deal with the super mother syndrome while also keeps the postpartum depression away. This pregnancy book offers excellent tips for new mothers how to handle everything without getting stressed.

Pregnancy Diary, by Bakul Raut

Pregnancy is a journey that demands intense care in terms of diet, exercise, lifestyle, thoughts and habits. The Pregnancy Diary is a guide for mothers that explains the dos and donts for  carrying women.

Then, why did we include this on the list of spiritual books to read during pregnancy online? Because, having a patient ear to vent the discomforts and who can guide with the dos and don’ts is therapeutic during pregnancy more so than in any other stage. This pregnancy book just does that!

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New Borns and New Moms: An Urban Indian Mother’s Guide to Life after Childbirth, by Farah Dr Farah Adam Mukadam

Okay, this may not be one of the spiritual books to read during pregnancy, but we assure it is one of the best books expectant mothers must read. Filled with advices from real-time experts and moms, New Borns and New Moms is a must read for every carrying woman.

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Spiritual Pregnancy: Discovering Your Purpose Kindle Edition by Kenneth Antoine

Every living being has its purpose. The journey to fulfilling life begins from the mother’s womb. This enlightening book decodes the spiritual side of pregnancy in a simple and captivating manner.

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PREGNANCY: The Complete Childbirth Book Kindle Edition by Nutan Pandit

Pregnant mothers face many doubts about weight gain, breast tenderness, foods to eat and avoid, and many more. This is one of the go-to spiritual books to read during pregnancy online. It answers all doubts and ensures peace of mind to mothers about the best practices to implement and those to avoid.

The Book of Woman by Osho: Osho Book about Religion & Spirituality and Feminity |Perfect Book to Gift to Women, Penguin Books, Osho

Every stage of womanhood is spiritually inclined. This is one of the best spiritual books to read during pregnancy. The book also talks about how women are distinct and their potential in making the mankind possible.

The Art of Happiness, by The Dalai Lama

Peacemaker His Holiness the Dalai Lama describes how Tibetans principles guide one towards spiritual enlightenment. This book portrays the Dalai Lama’s life and his principles making it an inspiring and peaceful read for pregnant women.

Wisdom from The Ramayana: On Life and Relationships, by Chaitanya Charan

One of the ancient mythologies of the humanity, Ramayana holds many secrets that guide us towards better life. This book reveals all such hidden secrets of Ramayana that direct us for a peaceful and happy everyday life. Must pick book for expectant mothers.

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Happiness Unlimited : Awakening with the Brahma Kumaris by Suresh Oberoi Sister BK Shivani

Where should we seek happiness? This book gives you the answer. Pregnant women worry about child bearing, family responsibilities and other issues which stress them. This book shares how one can stay happy without depending on others but learning lessons from the Mother Nature.

How To Use The Power Of Prayer: A motivational guide to transform your life, by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Prayer knows no religion nor language. Every mother prays for her baby’s well-being more than for herself. This best seller book among the best spiritual books to read during pregnancy explains the power of prayer and how to receive the blessings from the divine power through prayer.

Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam, by M A.Helwa

Unlock your spiritual potential with the secrets explained in this enlightening book. It simplifies the secrets of spiritual masters in such a way that everyone can implement them in their lives. Grab this book to benefit from the guided meditations and practical exercises this book offers in ample.


Book reading is one of the easiest ways a pregnant woman can redirect herself from the stress and fear of delivery. This book list for pregnant women that includes Indian spiritual books to read during pregnancy is a comprehensive collection expectant mothers can start with right away.

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