What are the Best Hill Stations in South India?

Visiting a hill station for a vacation is the childhood memory of many. Whether it is to avoid the scorching heat of summer or enjoy the chilly winter breeze, nothing beats a hill station trip. The beautiful views and soothing atmosphere the ill stations offer are evergreen. When you want to destress, a hill station in South India is the perfect getaway.

The beautiful culture and greenery of South India steal the hearts of people across the globe. They are something that must be experienced by everyone. Hence, it comes as no surprise that hill stations in South India are a popular vacation spot. 

Nature seemed to have taken its sweet time with South India, making any hill station in South India a sight to behold. But there is a lot more to do in hill stations of South India apart from admiring its beauty. Want to find out? Take a look!

Hill stations in Tamil Nadu 

Ever imagined what the view would be like if you lived among the clouds? Tamilnadu is a home for many hill stations.

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Visit Kodaikanal to expereince it for yourself. This beautiful hill station in south India will leave you mesmerized, and you will never see a prettier view. 

Often referred to as the “Princess of Hill Stations,” you must visit this hill station if you like trekking, enjoy coffee and chocolates. Kodaikanal is situated among the slopes of Palani Hill. If you are planning a short vacation, this hill station is the ideal spot. 

Experience nature at its best and enjoy this beautiful hill station’s serene atmosphere. Kodaikanal is also one of the most developed hill stations in South India.


A popular destination for tourists, and there is a good reason for it. People flock to this getaway spot when they want a break from their city life and want to explore this hill station’s leisurely pace. 

Kotagiri is home to exotic birds and animals. This place is also close to the Elk Falls, a popular tourist spot in Tamil Nadu. The old European architecture, tea plantations, and lush forests are a sight to behold. 

The hiking trails here lets you explore nature’s beauty up close and at your own pace. When you want city life to take a pause, this is the perfect destination to visit.


Located in the Shevaroy Hills, this hill station in South India is mainly known for its orange groves, spices, and coffee plantation. The Yercaud Lake is surrounded by trees on all sides, which is how it gets the name Yercaud which means Jewel of the Forest

Anna Park located on the Eastern shore is home to local plants and Japanese bonsai. Every view of Yercaud is picturesque. This hill station is worth the visit if you want to enjoy the beautiful shimmering water of the Lake, as well as experience the beauty of nature.


Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris hills. This beautiful destination is a haven for those who want to enjoy leisure time amidst scenic beauty. 

If you are one of those who like to explore places and discover their beauty but does not like crowds or too much activity, this is ideal for you. Most people prefer Ooty to Coonoor, making this hill station somewhat of an undiscovered gem. 



Want to have a quick getaway from cities? Located just 3 hours from Bangalore, Yelagiri is a popular getaway spot for those who do not want to get entrenched in the city life’s hustle and bustle. 

Yelagiri is a lesser known and quaint hill station in South India. As a result, it is free of overcrowded tourist spots and has a quieter atmosphere. This spot gained popularity as it was used as a summer getaway destination by the British rulers. 


This God’s own country has endless hill stations as much it has number of beaches.


Idukki is world popular for its forests and waterfalls. Trees and mountains cover 97% of this hill station in South India. Hence, for those who love to experience fresh air and look at luscious trees, this is the place that you must visit. 

Idukki is home to the Idukki Arch Dam, the biggest Arch Dam in Asia. This beautiful hill station has three rivers flowing through it. This place is famous for Neelakurinji flowers. They blossom only once in twelve years. 

This hill station is also located close to another popular hill station of South India, the Munnar Hill Station. So, you can visit both the hill stations comfortably.


This hill station in South India is popularly known for the Devi Lake. This is the lake where, according to legends, Goddess Sita had bathed. Apart from the Lake which has immense religious importance, this hill station is also popular for its waterfalls, tea plantations as well as greenery. Located 1800 meters above sea level, this place is a must-visit for everyone who wants to relax.

In Yelagiri, sweeping orchards, rose gardens, and beautiful waterfalls are common sights. Here, you can also taste the sweet honey, which is locally available and considered the purest variety. The surrounding forests are also home to some rare species of flora and fauna.


A place that you can visit throughout the year and have an amazing experience, this an offbeat travel destination that is slowly gaining popularity. However, it is not very well known, making it ideal for those who want to avoid crowds or tourist traps. 

Whether you want to have a quiet and peaceful time enjoying nature’s beauty and the meandering hills, or you want some adventure, this place is the right spot for you. 

Vagamon is popular among those who like a bit of adventure in their travels. In South India, this hill station is known for trekking, paragliding, rock climbing, and even cycling through the mountains.


Treehouse stay sounds like the best way to spend your winter vacation? Then this place is ideal for you. From looking at the rare beauty of the Neelakurinji flower and catching a glimpse of the Nilgiri Tahr to boat rides on the beautiful Mattupetty lake, there is something in Munnar for everyone to discover. 

The natural beauty of this place is what draws everyone in. And when you look at the beautiful greenery, and the lakeside view, you will be hard-pressed to remember a prettier sight. This is the perfect getaway for those who want to explore nature’s beauty but want to have something interesting to discover. 

Rock climbing, mountain biking, picnic, elephant safari, and water sports are attractions that this destination has to offer.


Luxurious stays and scenic beauty lure you to this beautiful hill station. Wild elephant spotting, zip-lining, and mountain biking are activities that you can take part in when you visit this destination. 

Boating along the Pookode Lake or visiting the Bamboo factory is a popular tourist spot; you can also visit the Edakkal Caves to be mesmerized by their beauty.

Andhra Pradesh


Running along the River Godavari, the Papikondalu mountain range is a feast for the eyes. As you get closer to the hills, the river becomes narrower and narrower as it winds through the valley. 

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Stay at Kolluru bamboo hut houses by the shore, and visit the national parks, ashrams, and temples. There is a lot to do at this scenic station. Ideal for short trips, you can explore this place in two days, or more if you want to explore at leisure.

This is a place where many people start their trekking expedition, but you can also visit Sim’s Park to gaze at beautiful plants. The botanical garden is popular for its annual vegetable and fruits show and has been partly developed according to a Japanese style. 

Coonoor is picturesque destination and is also quite accessible, with the nearest airport being only 79 kilometers away. With a small population, you are allowed to roam this place at your own leisure and spend some time doing nothing but lose yourself in the beautiful background.

Araku Valley

Ending your trip to Visakhapatnam, but don’t want to say goodbye to its beauty? Plan a quick stop to Araku valley, where you can rejuvenate yourself in two days. The fresh air and lush scenery will help you feel uplifted. 

With tribal museums and caves present in this destination, it makes for an interesting visit. If you love coffee, you will have to try the aromatic coffee of this place, and you just might fall in love with the aroma.

When you are planning a relaxing getaway, hill stations are the ideal destinations. Some of these hill stations in South India are perfect for those who do not want to participate in too many activities or want to be a part of crowds. For those who prefer low-energy, yet adventurous vacations, these hill stations offer mind blowing choices too. Hill stations in South India are the ideal way for you to take a break from your hectic everyday life.

Travelling is always fun, but it enhances your experience when you get to visit quint and idyllic places. Visiting the lesser-known spots and hidden gems make your travel more special. It makes it feel like an exclusive experience that has been reserved only for you. It also allows you to explore the few places that humans have not completed and their urge to transform everything into a futuristic dream. 

That is not to say that these hill stations are old school, but rather, that they have a pleasant mix of the old and the new. And are some of the few places where people care for the greenery around them and work hard to preserve it. Visiting the gardens, parks, reserves, and plantations will help you see the care given to nature and its beauty in these areas. After all, hill stations draw in most of their tourism, and hence they are highly valued and revered.

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What to keep in mind when traveling to a hill station?

Although visits to hill stations are quite common, you might benefit from a refresher on what you should carry to a hill station. 

  • When traveling anywhere, it is always advisable to carry medication to tackle any travel sickness or to deal with a cold that you may catch. 
  • Apart from this, it is also wise to keep a thermal water bottle, some napkins, and woolens with you.

When traveling to a hill station, ensure that you carry a pair of sturdy shoes or sneakers along with you as well. A comfortable pair will help you ensure that you have a pleasant time walking around the destination and can explore the beauty of the place on foot.

  • Don’t forget your umbrella, so that you are not caught off-guard when it starts to rain and keep some waterproof bags on hand to protect your belongings as well.

Keeping cash handy will ensure that you can take care of any needs, in case you do not find an ATM nearby, or there is no option for online or card payment. This is often overlooked as people are so used to going cashless nowadays, but that is not an option in many cases.

Sanitizers and masks have become our new best friend, is it is hard to imagine that you would forget them. However, make sure you carry extras that are pocket friendly so that you can have it on hand when you are trekking or hiking. 

  • Ziploc bags may also be useful to carry items and finding them in a jiffy.

Planning a vacation is never easy, but when you experience these spectacular destinations’ beauty, you will find that it is worth it. To have the perfect trip, make sure that you always double-check your belongings and try to take in the fresh air as much as possible.