Blood Increasing Food and Fruits

Top 10 Blood Increasing Fruits and Food List

How to increase blood is a common question that would strike every one of us at least once in our lifetime. When our parents or loved ones fall sick, we try to research food that increases blood to aid their recovery. Instead of opting for costly supplements and synthetic medicines, you must add fruits for increasing blood on the daily menu. Fortunately, there are various blood-increasing fruits.

Here is the list of all fruits that increase blood in the body. Plus, we also provided a list of food to increase blood count and circulation.

What causes a drop in blood cell count?

Various reasons may result in a rise or fall in the blood count.

  • Girls near puberty and pregnant women often experience less count of red blood cells. They need to incorporate foods to increase blood count for sure in their diet.
  • For patients recovering from surgeries and accidents, women after cesarean sections are another group that needs to focus on their blood count recovery by consuming food to increase blood in the body.
  • Certain lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking may also inhibit the growth of RBCs and affect blood production negatively.
  • People who are overweight and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle with minimal physical exercise also lack adequate blood cell count.

For all these groups of individuals, food that increases blood is a must to boost their health naturally.

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What happens if blood count is low?

If the count of red blood cells is low, the person may experience fatigue, dizziness, lack of focus, and reduced attention span. Children with low RBC count often display loss of appetite and growth-related issues.  

Fruits that increase blood

Here is the complete list of blood improvement fruits that suit both adults and children. 

Pomegranate: This is the primary food to increase hemoglobin for diabetic patients. Pomegranate juice is effective in increasing blood count. It also promotes insulin sensitivity and hence suits diabetic individuals too. With its potency to increase red blood cell count, pomegranate ranks top in the list of fruits to increase blood count. 

Watermelon: If you are checking for which fruit increase blood for children, choose watermelon. Children love to eat this blood-increasing fruit with no hassles. Alongside, this is a good choice for adults who want to lose weight and increase blood count simultaneously. 

Apple: The role of the apple as food increase blood is widely known. It is a common experience that we carry apples to those in hospitals or recovering at home. The main reason behind this practice being apples is one of the fruits which increase blood.

Apricot: This is a widely known food that increases hemoglobin. Rich in folate, apricots are healthy for everyone, and they benefit more for those who need an increase in red blood cell count.

Oranges: To increase blood, vitamin C is essential. It promotes the production of new blood cells. Hence, include oranges in the blood increasing diet.

Strawberries: These tiny luscious and red fruits are rich in antioxidants. They promote red blood cell production and also protect the heart. Strawberries are rich in magnesium and potassium; thus, they provide an overall benefit for blood circulation. Hence, they find a place in the blood improvement fruits list.

Papaya: Papaya is rich in enzymes that promote metabolism and aid heart health. It is also a good source of iron and vitamin C. Raw papaya contains more enzymes than ripe ones. Pregnant women should avoid papaya as it produces excess heat, which is not good for the fetus.

Grapefruit: It is another vitamin C-rich fruit. Grapefruit is widely known as one of the fruits for increasing blood. It is dark rich red and is a source of antioxidants too. It protects the heart and helps in improving blood circulation. 

Banana: Bananas are rich in folate. They help to prevent anemia effectively. Bananas have been widely used as blood-increasing fruit for ages. Include bananas in the form of whole fruit or shakes in your daily diet to prevent anemia. 

Peach: Peaches are a good source of selenium. They are rich in antioxidants and protect our skin and heart. They provide folate and aid the production of red blood cells. 

Persimmons: These reddish peach-colored fruits are one of the excellent sources of dietary fiber. They protect the heart and bring down cholesterol levels.

Kiwis: Kiwis are rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C. They aid red blood cells production and are one of the blood-increasing fruits. 

Guavas: Known as a treasure of vitamin C, guavas are excellent to boost red blood cell production. They are good for diabetics owing to their insulin-regulating nature. 

Black grapes: Black grapes are rich in antioxidants and superfoods for increase hemoglobin. They prevent the inflammation of blood vessels and keep them healthy. They are also a rich source of folate and assist the production of red blood cells.

Dry fruits: Dried fruits such as raisins, walnuts, figs, almonds, dates, and prunes are rich in iron and folates. Consuming them in the soaked form of shakes, juices, and salads is a widely practiced approach to increase blood through fruits. It is a traditional practice to provide dry fruits to increase blood count in girls who hit puberty. 

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Fruits that increase blood

Foods that boost blood circulation

Apart from increasing blood through fruits, you must also focus on improving blood circulation through foods. An active and healthy blood circulation provides nutrition to the whole body and assists in healing at a faster rate. 

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Here is the list of foods that increase blood production and circulation. Adding these blood increasing foods list to your daily menu in limited portions helps to keep your heart healthy.

Ginger: Ginger stimulates blood circulation. It also protects the heart by reducing high blood pressure.

Tomatoes: Their red pigments empower tomatoes as food to increase blood in the body. Tomatoes also bring down inflammation levels and prevent platelet aggregation.

Leafy green vegetables: Leafy vegetables are rich in nitrates. Nitrates are responsible for healthy blood vessels. They prevent obstructions in the blood vessels and promote blood flow.

Turmeric: Turmeric’s secret super ingredient curcumin is one essential food to increase blood in the body. It also boosts metabolism naturally and aids weight loss. 

Dark chocolate: The antioxidants in dark chocolate dilate the blood vessels and improve blood flow. Include a small piece of dark chocolate daily in your diet to keep your heart healthy. 

Garlic: Garlic is a magic spice that protects heart health. It improves blood circulation, thus bringing down the burden on the heart in pumping blood to the body.

Beetroots: A must on the list of blood increase foods, beetroots are rich in folates. Sportspersons consume beetroot juices and salads as they improve circulation and enhance their athletic performance.

Red chilies: The capsaicin present in the red chilies stimulates the blood flow. It boosts metabolism and aids weight loss too. Pickles rich in red chilies are traditionally used as food that increases blood circulation in many cultures of India. 

This is a comprehensive list of foods to increase blood count. The blood-increasing foods list provided above is purely for educational purposes. It is no substitute for a doctor’s advice. You can safely include these foods in limited portions in your diet to stay healthy. If you suffer from long-lasting illnesses or allergies, please consult your doctor before adding the above food to increase blood in the body.