Teachers Day Celebration Ideas in School and Virtually

22 Teachers Day Celebration Ideas in School and Virtually

Teachers day celebrations are one of the events that most countries celebrate in the world. UNESCO recognizes October 5th as World Teachers Day. Some countries have their own teacher’s day celebration dates. For instance, India celebrates Teachers Day on September 5th as a mark of respect to Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the former President of India. Similarly, Australia and the USA honor teachers on 29th October and 5th May, respectively.

Teachers’ day is akin to the ancient day celebration day for recognizing and celebrating the efforts and knowledge of teachers who spend the rest of the year planning for student’s learning and growth. 

We present you with some easy-to-implement online teachers’ day celebration ideas that help you to brighten up this day and bring cheer to your teachers’ faces.

Online Teachers Day Celebration Ideas

Times have turned hard. Though we want to celebrate a lively teacher’s day in class, the covid-19 is challenging us at every step. It is better to stay safe and celebrate virtually again till the covid-19 subsides fully and we have our good olden days of bright moments in classrooms in our schools.

Here are some easy-to-implement virtual teachers’ day celebration ideas. We are sure that they will help you live every moment of teachers’ day and promise the same dose of fun and happiness to you and your teachers.

1. Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are for a reason. They are one of the memorable possessions of school life. For this year teacher’s day, give your teachers this memorable feeling. Buy one scrapbook online or prepare on your own if you have time and the required material. Pen down your thoughts about your teacher and the memories you have had with them in school life. 

Explain what you like in them, how they inspire you, and how much you take pride in being their student. You can either do this scrapbook for teachers’ day alone or involve your close friends and their ideas or as a class on the whole. 

2. Plants

Choose plants as gifts for teachers’ day. They are one of the budget gifts to teachers, more than this they are meaningful. Instead of giving them a fruit or a bouquet, choose a plant that they can grow at home easily and enjoy its flowers and fruits all around the year. Check on Amazon.

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3. Virtual Lunch Meet

Covid-19 may have taken all the lunchtimes in the canteen and fun time at small breaks amidst classes. Bring back the lost fun on this teacher’s day. Tie up with a safe and hygienic restaurant in your area that adheres to strict regulations in food making and delivery. Gather funds from all your classmates and deliver lunches at your teachers’ homes on this beautiful day and have a virtual lunch meet. 

4. Handmade Greeting Cards

Nothing beats personal and handmade greeting cards in conveying emotions. Display your love and respect to your teachers on this teacher’s day by preparing a cute teacher’s day card. Go green and use all eco-friendly items like recycled paper, cardboard, threads, clothes, cut-outs, etc, and create that one teacher’s day greeting card that talks your emotions and respect to your teacher.

5. Fun Activities for Teachers Day

Who said virtual teachers’ day activities cannot be fun-filled? Whatever you would have done in the class for teachers’ day, give a twist to match them to the virtual times. For instance, you could conduct a lemon-n-spoon virtually for all your teachers! 

Similarly, you can prepare a box of chits with numbers and secret activities written in them. Ask you, teachers, to say one random number and perform the activity in that chit. Virtual teacher’s day celebration ideas just need creativity and we are sure you have ample! Go rock on!

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6. Surprise Visit

Here’s one teacher’s day celebration idea for alumni. Pay a surprise visit to your favorite teacher’s home. Shower them with your respect and share your life’s achievements and how much they are responsible for your growth and success. 

If time permits, you could even gather all your batch students or a close group of friends and organize a virtual call or lunch meet with your retired teacher! Sending a thoughtful teachers’ day gift to your teacher’s home address is another safe idea amidst these covid-19 times.

7. Create a Group on Social Media

Leverage the power of social media. Form a private group on your chosen social media channel comprising your classmates and your teachers. Relive all the olden classroom-based memories by talking and chatting endlessly. 

Share the school days’ pics if you have any and lose yourself in the good olden times. We bet this is one of the safe and budget ideas to celebrate teacher’s day virtually.

8. Virtual Performances

Here’s one for school children and college children. Plan and organize virtual performances for teachers’ day. Encourage your student to showcase their talent – dances, role plays, mimicry, jokes, dialogues, etc. virtually. You could even mimic your teachers and bring a smile to their faces, as long as it does not appear that you are mocking them and being disrespectful.

9. Poster Making

This is our most favorite from among virtual teachers’ day celebrations in preschools and kindergartens. Encourage your students to draw some posters or greeting cards for their favorite teachers. Share messages with parents and ask to prepare their children for the same. Kids drawing for their favorite teachers look so cute and innocent. They are filled with innocent thoughts and the purest love for their teachers.

10. Roleplay

Have fun on this teachers’ day virtually with role play. For instance, you students could take up the roles of principal and teachers while teachers and principal turn into students! Knit a role-play session and see how much fun it adds to this beautiful day!

11. Informal Talk

Organize virtual calls with your teachers and get into some informal talk. Ask them about their childhood and their favorite teachers. You could encourage them to share the stories that inspired them to turn into teachers. 

Times were far different in their childhood to now covid-19 times. Request them what they find and ask them to share their opinions and suggestions. This informal talk could be a blessing in disguise and bring out some of the deep thoughts and views which could motivate you forever!

12. Virtual Rangoli Competition

Encourage your friends to draw Rangolis that depict the theme of teachers day. Now that they are at home, they can take the help of their mother in drawing Rangoli. This is one of the virtual teachers day celebration ideas that will be different and unique.

13. Thank You Speeches

Ask all your classmates to prepare their “Thank You Teacher” speeches. The one who presents the best will be awarded. The ideas to prepare to thank you speech could never be limited – they may be in the form of normal speech, or poetry or songs, or any form that is up to the creativity of the student. 

14. Outing for a Safe Place

This one should be the last among the virtual teachers’ day celebration ideas. If your whole student and teacher community is healthy and safe, you could organize an outing to a faraway place that is not much habituated. You could choose some waterfalls, or forest areas and spend the whole day there ensuring covid-19 regulations and safety distance measures.

Teachers Day Celebration Ideas in school

Some schools are back into action as the vaccination process has started. If you are a lucky student from among this category, you can celebrate teachers’ day happily in classrooms along with friends, teachers, non-teaching staff, and the principal.

Teachers Day Celebration Ideas in school
Teachers Day Celebration

Here are some of the teachers day celebration ideas in school:

15. Classroom Decorations

Any celebration starts with decoration and teachers’ day celebration in school is not an exception for this. Decorate your school and classroom so bright that it sets up the perfect mood for the teachers’ day celebration in school. 

If you are planning for stage-based activities like dances, dramas, and singing, etc. rock up the stage celebration too and bring back the happiness that you missed by not attending school due to this covid-19 lockdown.

16. Invite a Popular Personality as Chief Guest

Identify if there are any renowned alumni from your school. Invite them as chief guests and ask them to share their thoughts on teachers and the school. You could gain some valuable insights into how the school contributed towards enhancing their thought process and made them what they are today. Besides, it is also a proud moment for the school, teachers, and the principal.

17. Dress up as Teachers

Every teacher will have their style of dressing. Observe what it is and choose some students who fit their personality. Get them dressed as respective teachers like saree and see how fun it will be. You could take the help of make-up artists who can bring the features to life.

18. Creative Competitions to Teachers

Plan some relaxing activities for teachers and make their day brighter. They could be sports or fun games that will give a fresh breath to them. You could even group teachers based on their age or interest and conduct multiple teacher day activities too.

19. Speeches by Teachers and Principal

Request teachers and principals to share their life experiences and memories from their school days. Learning was entirely different in the age of non-digital devices where teachers and books were the sole sources of authentic learning and knowledge. Take their guidance on how you can gain a better vision of life and stay motivated to achieve your dreams and goals in life.

20. Lunch

Lunchtime makes a great time for having some informal talk with your teachers. You could take selfies, photographs and have some chit-chat with your teachers. You will see them from another dimension that is very different from what you see in the classroom daily.

21. Ask Me Anything session

Request your teachers ahead for an “Ask me anything” session on teachers’ day. Here students will gather in the auditorium, and teachers shall be on the dais. Students can ask anything related to personal, academic, and doubts regarding their future and education planning to the teachers on the dais. For all such doubts, teachers will share answers using their experiences. 

22. Gift Distribution

Teachers’ day gifts are one such thing that reflects your love and respect towards them. Handpick teachers’ day gifts making sure they are not commercial and routine! Choose something related to the respective teacher’s interests and hobbies. 

What you can gift to your teacher on teacher’s day?

Teacher’s day gifts should be useful and meaningful. Luckily, there are endless options of teachers’ day gifts for you to choose from. Based on your budget and taste of the teachers, here are some teachers day gift ideas in the budget as well as creative ones you may try:

Handmade paper diaries: Makes thoughtful and classy gifts for teachers.

Handmade scrolls: Convey your customized teachers’ day message creatively through these handmade scrolls as teacher’s day gifts.

Handmade scrapbooks: The market has countless varieties of scrapbooks. All you should do is choose one that strikes a chord with your budget and interest.

Organic tea bag set: A healthy and useful from amongst teachers day gifts to remind them about their wellness.

Handloom sarees and kurtas: What else makes a decent gift to teachers than handloom clothing?

Personalized coffee mugs: Get your favorite quote or personalized message printed on a coffee mug and present it as a teacher’s day gift.

Personalized home decor: Think beyond cushion covers and wall hangings. Explore a wide range of eco-friendly home décor ideas online and make a final choice.

Thank You Teacher gift sets: There are teacher’s day gifts products online ranging from desk décor to photo frames. You can get your Thank you teacher message printed and customize according to your taste.

Kitchen tools: Make your teachers’ life easier by giving them some kitchen tools.

Lunch boxes and dining sets: This makes the perfect addition for every teacher and their homes.

Teachers’ day gift combos: You can choose from these teachers’ day gift combos that come in different combinations. 

Copper water bottles: This makes another great idea as a teacher’s day gift. You can also try water bottles made of clay!

Books for teachers: Handpick bestsellers from books and gifts to your teachers!

Health-based gifts: Try gifting immunity boxes, detox combos, or some inspiring quotes and wall frames that remind them to take care of their health.

Yoga-based gifts: Yoga books and mats are also good choices for teachers as teachers’ day gifts.

Happy Teachers Day to every one of you!!

How can I surprise my teacher online?

Send your teacher a respectful online teacher’s day greeting card. You can also send them gift vouchers by gathering all of your friends.

What games can we play on Teachers Day online?

Try word games such as name-place-animal-thing, antakshari, dressing up as your favourite teachers and enacting them on a video call, etc.

How to celebrate teacher’s day online?

Video calls with teachers, sending teachers day gifts online, sharing memorable stories about your teachers on social media are ways to celebrate teacher’s day online.

Fun activities for teachers’ day?

Guess next what, online tambola, writing short thank you poems on teachers, etc are fun activities you can do online for teacher’s day.