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We are accepting Guest Posts. We welcome Paid Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts related to any niche acceptable for us.

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Guest Posts from Food Bloggers

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Guest Posts on Lifestyle Bloggers/ Products (Include Sarees, Handicrafts, Fashion, Home Appliances, Kitchen, Gardening, Kids Products, and many more)

Are you a small business owner selling any lifestyle product? For example, sarees, ladies wear, kids wear, fashion items, makeup accessories, kitchen and household items, puja items, homemade pickles, chocolates, cakes, gardening related services and items and such?

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Guest Posts on Hindu Traditions, Culture, Puja and Ritual Based Businesses & Services (Astrology, Horoscope, Rituals, Vaastu Services etc.)

Do you offer Astrology or Vastu services? 

Do you provide Hindu puja and ritual services? Do you sell Puja related items and products?

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Affordable Book Review Services

Confused how to request a book review? 

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Paid Guest Post Regulations:

  • Strictly no plagiarised, spun, rephrased, and copied content.
  • Word length should be above 1000 words.
  • We do not accept articles that are already or planning to publish on your blog/website, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, or any other content platform, either digital or hard print.
  • Visual content can include infographics and copyright-free & original images.
  • We do not pay for Guest Posts.

Due to the high volume of emails, we may take around 5-7 days to respond to you. If you do not hear even after a month from us, you can safely assume that your article does not fit our criteria and can use it elsewhere.

We never entertain any topic related to betting, gambling, hatred, and or illegal services and products.We reserve the right to decide the acceptance of the article. We do not entertain any communication in case of rejected articles.

We reserve the right to remove the article/post/blog from our website if we found the same content published somewhere, without any prior notice.

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