Celebrate Republic Day in School

15+ Ideas on Republic Day Celebration in School

Celebration of Republic Day activities in school is one of the events that we all cherish with love and pride. Those memories of flag hoisting, marching past to the beat of drums, singing patriotic songs participating in various cultural and sports events, receiving prizes, etc. make Republic Day a special event of our childhood. And yes, those moments where we all waited eagerly for sweets and chocolates that teachers distributed at the end, can we ever forget? 

Every school and educational institution should celebrate Republic Day in a grandeur way. Students should understand and appreciate the greatness of the republic nation we are living in. They must relive the freedom struggle that our great national leaders fought and won the free India that we are living in today.

In this article, we attempted to help students understand the significance of Republic Day, provided a sample of a Republic Day essay for the benefit of students, and shared ways how one can celebrate Republic Day at school in a meaningful way. You can also implement these virtual Republic Day ideas as Republic Day activities for online classes.

Republic Day celebration in School

Republic Day Activities in School

India is a country with great historical value and ancient history. We, as citizens of India, should play our role in passing on the knowledge and values we learned from our ancestors to our children. Republic Day is the right occasion to achieve this. 

Not just on this day, we must recollect the freedom fighters and the greatness of our nation by singing the national anthem daily in schools. The feeling of pride that fills one at the time of singing the national anthem in school is one experience that every student should feel in person. 

Interestingly, Republic Day is also a perfect occasion to bring out the innate talent and creativity in students. Most schools organize dance-, songs-, written- and oral competitions that are in line with patriotic themes. 

On this day, students and the school staff gather to celebrate this prestigious occasion. The teachers and principal give speeches about the importance of the country and the legendary people who made it possible for us to live in a republic country. 

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Republic Day celebration in school is always special for students. Furthermore, they prepare from weeks before to make the day grand and organized. Every student dresses up well and participates enthusiastically in cultural activities, games, events, etc. Besides, the pride they carry when they wear the flag badges pinned on their clothes looks so cute and lovely.

Additionally, the Republic Day celebration in school should be both informative and enjoyable. Every student should be able to learn the history of the country and also enjoy the unique performances by the students. It would be a pleasure for the students to participate and receive prizes from the delegates on this day.

Teachers play an indispensable role in making these events successful and training students. They ensure all students attend this event and that they learn the greatness of the nation.

Additionally, guest speech is another attraction on this day. Schools invite renowned personalities to share their experiences and inspire children with their speeches. 

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Preparations for Republic Day start well in advance to ensure a proper tribute to the country on this special day. 

Here are some ways to celebrate Republic Day in school:

1. School Decorations 

Celebrations in school should begin with decorating the school with Indian flags. The tricolor looks colorful and adds to the emotion of our nation. Decorate the school with Indian flags and distribute the flags to every student. The flag can be made from chart paper and stuck on the flag pole. 

Creating posters of the Indian flag and the India map would be the best creative touch to add to the school gallery. Students can be given the tri-color badges to wear on their uniforms. Besides, they can decorate the bulletin board with drawings of freedom fighters, and posters of constitutional laws, and their significance.

republic day celebration in school

2. Performing skits 

Do you know that skits are both an entertaining and easier way to explain to the younger students of the school about the country? Taking some significant scenes from the freedom fighting movement or about the constitutional laws and enacting different roles to explain history can be done as a part of the Republic Day celebration in school. Such skits inspire students and they can understand the meaning behind it with ease. 

3. Singing songs 

One cannot imagine a Republic Day celebration in school without the singing of patriotic songs. Many great leaders, poets, and writers wrote these patriotic songs. They depict the beauty and the greatness of our country in heart-touching words. Additionally, they have an emotional touch and fill us with pride when we are singing them. UNESCO World Heritage Sites India List

4. Dance performance

Republic Day celebration in school includes dance performances to patriotic songs. On the other hand, one can also plan many other indigenous activities that depict the diversity of the country. Dances and skits depicting tribal, classical, and various cultures of India would be interesting and add value to the event. It helps students to understand the art forms in Indian culture and history.

Dance at republic day

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5. Fancy dress competition

Remembering the great freedom fighters on this day is the essence of this day. For the Republic Day celebration in school, a fancy-dress competition for students where each one dresses up in the style of any freedom fighter will be interesting. Plus, they can also enact their roles by speaking their lines. Interestingly, students will also love and enjoy their unique outfits for the day. 

6. Activities about Armed Forces

The military and the army are the real heroes who are dedicating their lives to protect our nation every moment. Thus, if national leaders fought to free the country, these unsung heroes would protect it every moment. Hence, Republic Day celebrations should incorporate events related to recognizing the greatness of the armed forces because of who we are living every minute in peace.

7. Elocution competition

In addition to the above, oral storytelling and elocution competitions are another major part of the Republic Day celebration in school. Teachers and parents should encourage students to talk about the country or freedom fighters as a part of these competitions. They can select relevant topics related to Republic Day. 

Teachers should also suggest ideas related to the future of the country and a better India. Some topics such as the importance of saving girl children, education for everyone, equality, and women’s safety, etc. can impart awareness about social happenings in the nation.

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8. Food Mela

Students can arrange a food mela as a part of the Republic Day celebration in school by preparing dishes unique to different states. In this way, students will learn the specialty of every particular region. They will also be able to taste the diversity of the food in our country. It is a creative way of exhibiting the culture of various states of the country.

9. Painting or drawing competition

A painting competition held with different topics related to the country can motivate and enthuse students. They find it enjoyable to add colors and create Indian maps, or flags, and even make paintings of famous people from the past. This would be a healthy and competitive idea for the Republic Day celebration in school.

10. Rangoli competition

Teachers can encourage students to draw rangolis based on various patriotic themes. Themes related to national issues and social problems also make a good choice for rangolis. Students will love to draw in colors and explain their ideas in visual form through such rangolis.

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11. Building models

Students can make models of different states showing the specialty of every state as an exhibition for the Republic Day celebration in school. Every state has its distinctions, be it the monuments or famous places and culture or tradition. This model building is a creative idea to teach students about each state and its geography or importance. 

12. Flag hoisting

Hoisting the flag is a tribute to the country. Every student should witness and participate in the flag-hoisting ceremony. They should be taught to sing the national anthem in an attentive position. The very sight of the flying tricolors fills new energy in every student. It reminds them of their responsibility towards the nation and carves them into better citizens.

Republic Day

13. March-past 

Parade and march-past form an essential part of the Republic Day celebration in school. They symbolize respect for the country and the national flag. Students dress up in uniform on this day and perform a perfect march-past as trained by their teachers. The whole sight with a backdrop of the rhythmic drums looks so inspiring for participants and onlookers.

14. Sports activities

Republic Day celebration in school would be the right time to conduct sports and games competitions for the students. The honorary guest or the principal can distribute prizes to the students, which fills a lot of pride and happiness in the young minds. Students will also enjoy the sports and will feel happy for being a part of the event that day.

15. Patriotic Documentaries

The free life that we are leading today is a result of the sacrifices of leaders. Telecasting videos from the documentaries helps students to understand the reality of the struggle of the freedom fighters. The facilities and the opportunities we have today are all because of their struggle in the past. Showing these documentaries will inspire students to work hard to bring better changes to the country.

16. Book Distribution

The distribution of books related to the history of the country encourages students to explore the history of our country. It helps them to imbibe good values from our leaders and practice them in daily life. Book distribution to students should hence be a part of the Republic Day celebration in school.

17. Distribution of sweets

In the end, the students are given sweets as a part of the Republic Day celebration in school. Children feel happy and enjoy sweets with their friends. The Republic Day celebration in school is incomplete without the distribution of sweets. Like many festivals that add glow to our lives, republic day is one big day. It is a festival that gifted us the beauty of living with a free spirit. To mark this happy occasion, sweets are distributed to children and staff. 

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Online Virtual Republic Day Celebration Ideas 

Amidst this lockdown and the pandemic fear, it might not be feasible for organizing republic day celebrations with students present physically. Hence, to celebrate Republic Day activities online there are many ways:

  • Organize virtual elocution, drawing, dance, and singing competitions
  • Conduct virtual fancy dress competitions
  • Ask students to prepare Republic Day brochures, designs, watercolors and origami items
  • Ask them to gather inspiring stories of freedom fighters and share them with their classmates
  • Encourage students to collect pre-independence facts in a scrapbook
  • Go live to your students when hoisting the flag in the school premises
  • Encourage them to make food items in the tricolors 
  • Gift students with Republic Day special sweets and books directly to their homes
  • Send them badges, flags, and stickers so that they decorate their study rooms
  • Encouraging parents and grandparents to share their thoughts on Republic Day via virtual meetings

Why Do We Celebrate Republic Day?

The Republic Day marks the day of the start of constitutional rule in India. The Indian Constitution came into existence on January 26, 1950. Hence, we celebrate Republic Day every year on this date.

Our Constitution gives equal rights to all citizens of the country to live with freedom without any discrimination. Indian constitution has 22 parts and 395 articles. A committee of members, headed by Dr. B.R Ambedkar, framed the constitution of India. The constitutional laws are to be respected and followed by all the citizens of the country. 

When is Republic Day Celebrated in India? 

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year in India. This is because, it was during the peak of the winter months and in the foggy whites of 26th January 1950, that the Indian constitution came into official implementation. 

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Essay on Republic Day

India is a country of all cultures and traditions. The two main national festivals celebrated in India are Independence Day and Republic Day, irrespective of all the differences in religion, race, caste, creed, or state. 

India was not a free country until the year 1947. Many great Indian freedom fighters fought for the freedom of the country to free our nation from British rule. Though our country was free and independent from August 15, 1947, the proper constitution of rules and regulations to be followed was not immediately in existence. The country followed the laws based on the Government of India Act, of 1935. It was then the leaders resolved to draft the constitution for the independent country. 

After many revisions, the constitution of India was implemented on the 26th of January 1950. The constitution includes equal rights for people of all cultures, religions, race, sex, caste, and creed. It stresses that every person should enjoy equal rights to live freely without any discrimination or ill-treatment. 

Our country is known for its non-violent freedom struggle. Also, it has always been a land of patriots. So, we have to respect and remember the freedom fighters who fought for our country’s freedom. 

Our country has a constitution that has been effective from January 26, 1950. Every Indian celebrates this day as the Republic Day of the nation by singing patriotic songs, witnessing the grandeur of the parade, and hoisting the flag on this day. 

Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi hosts the Delhi Republic Day parade every year. This event lasts for three days and exhibits Indian’s defense capability, and cultural and social heritage. Regiments of the Indian army perform a march past the main stage saluting the President and Prime Minister of the country. It is followed by the Beating Retreat ceremony and cultural exhibition. Later, the President of India awards the brave and honorable people of our country on this occasion. 

Jai Hind

Significance of Republic Day

After becoming an independent country in 1947, our country had been following the Government of India Act of 1935. Later, many leaders compiled the rules and regulations according to which the citizens of this country have to adhere. And thus, it was on 26th January 1950, the Indian constitution came into effect. 

The constitution is a guide that turned our country into a newly formed republic on this day. Therefore, to honor this day, 26 January is a national holiday in our country so that everyone participates in Republic Day celebrations. 

India Republic Day

Republic Day celebrations at School

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. By celebrating Republic Day at schools, we can build commitment and dedication towards the country in every student. Every Indian citizen must know its rich and ancient history dating back to thousands of years. 

By crafting various activities and events, we can teach students how India had overcome British rule and formed its very own constitution with rights that protect every citizen of the country. 

Every child should know the history and the importance of living in a republic nation like India. As children grow up, they learn about the history of the country and the legendary people who fought against the British to set our country free. 

Students should know why this day is celebrated as Republic Day and the meaning behind it. Besides, they should understand the difference between Republic Day and Independence Day. The parents and the teachers have a role to play in teaching the same to kids. It would help the students develop clarity and imbibe social responsibility as a citizen of the country.

Happy Republic Day


Republic Day is one remarkable event that students should never miss. Besides, it adds so many memories to students. It also teaches many aspects of the greatness of our nation. Hence, every school should mandatorily celebrate Republic Day most creatively and engagingly. 

Besides, every student should remember the importance of the Indian constitution and its greatness every day. It is not about one or two days of celebration. The dedication towards the country should be forever in the hearts. 

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