Women's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Top 18 Women’s Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Women form a notable part of the workforce today. It is impossible to imagine an organization with no participation of women. Women’s Day is a remarkable occasion to celebrate and thank the participation of women in organizational growth. 

Women’s Day Gift Idea In Office 

With Women’s Day around the corner, we have compiled the best corporate gifts for women’s day that help remind them how vital their role is both in the family and workplace.

Right from women’s day gift for employees that cater to working needs to those that rejuvenate them, we have covered them all.

All those on this list of gifts for working women are handpicked, impactful, and sensible. They complete your women’s day celebration in the office and fill pride in your women employees for being a part of an organization that cares for women. 

Why wait? Let’s move on to the list of office women’s day gift ideas.

1. Planners

Planning is a crucial trait of successful working women. Right from office meetings, deadlines to household tasks, planning is the first thing women believe in. 

This Women’s Day, gift a lively planner that helps her jot down her task list. This gift is not only sensible but also is a useful gift for working women.

2. Motivational Books

Women tirelessly accomplish various tasks at home and the workplace. Often, this can lead to demotivation and burnout. 

Books by famous women leaders can help them reignite their spark and motivate them to achieve their goals. Check these motivational quotes for women to wish them on Women’s Day.

3. Premium Lunch Boxes

A healthy lunch is essential for women. To cope up with hormonal swings and tiring responsibilities, women need healthy food. And, homemade lunch is the healthiest to meet their nutritional needs. 

As a gift, present a premium lunch box to your female colleague to remind her about healthy homemade food.

4. Premium handbags 

Handbags are a part and parcel of women’s life. For working women, handbags make a great gifting idea for women’s day. Just make sure to choose a spacious, premium one that lasts long while picking women’s handbags as gifts. 

Trust us, this is one of the corporate gifts for women’s day that never goes wrong!

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5. Skin and Hair Care Sets

Stress can take a toll on working women in an unimaginable way. The effect is first visible on their skin and hair. It is why skin and hair care sets can help them in self-care. 

Add this gift to your women’s day celebration in office ideas and make your women employees happy.

6. Zen-based gifts

Zen and relaxation often go together. The Zen principles and products help destress and rejuvenate. 

This Women’s Day, choose Zen-based gifts as gifts for working women. They will not only appreciate this unique gift but will also benefit from it immensely.

7. Green tea gift sets

Working women spend a lot of time sitting at desks. It can lead to various lifestyle related issues ranging from lack of physical activity to weight gain. 

Green tea gift sets remind them to take care of their health and weight goals. Besides, they make a meaningful choice for coffee lovers to beat their coffee addiction yet stay active, warm and fresh in winter and cold climate areas, thanks to the health benefits of green tea.

8. Home spa sets

Women love spa sessions. It helps them take a break from the monotony of family and work responsibilities. A spa session can destress and rejuvenate like nothing else. 

Gift your female employees this unique office women’s day gift that will benefit them more than you imagine. 

9. Dark chocolate and nuts

Chocolate and women are made for each other. Dark chocolate is good for women’s health in various ways. Nuts, on the other hand, are treasure troves of vitamins and minerals. 

Choose a combo of dark chocolate and nuts as your corporate gifts for women’s day to thank your female workers on this special occasion. 

10. Dry Fruits Combo

Dry fruits are the most popular corporate gifts for women’s day. The reasons are obvious – they are premium, healthy and classy. They convey the wishes to your female workers in a fantastic way. Their shelf life is long and makes perfect healthy snacking options for working women. 

If you are confused about finalizing office women’s day gift ideas, pick this one without a second thought.

11. Laptop table

Doesn’t this sound like a sensible corporate gift for women’s day in this work-from-home era? It sure is. 

Choose a premium laptop table as a corporate gift for women’s day and help your employees to work more efficiently. By the way, this is a good gift choice for Men’s Day too.

12. Body Massager

Working from home can deprive the proper ergonomic work setup. Besides, long calls, work deadlines, and limited physical activity can result in muscle and joint pains at the end of the day. 

Body massager is an unbeatable choice as a women’s day corporate gift idea to help your female colleagues relax at the end of a tiring day.

13. Ergonomic chair

When we discuss women’s day gift for employees, how can we not include an ergonomic chair? After all, this is the place they must spend for around 10hours a day. 

This is a thoughtful gift that helps your employees work comfortably.

14. Women’s Laptop Bags

Laptops and laptop backpacks are a part of working women’s life. Gift a premium, stylish laptop bag on this Women’s Day for your women employees. 

Sounds like the choicest corporate gift for women’s day, isn’t it? It sure is.

15. Organic skincare sets

Organic is the new mantra in skincare. Present an organic skincare set to your female staff to let them benefit from its benefits. 

We are sure this beautiful gift will make your female employees more beautiful from the inside out.

16. Handmade soaps

A bubble bath can relax women incomparably. Women love handmade soaps for the refreshing experience they offer. 

A gift set of premium handmade soaps is a wonderful women’s day gift for female employees. 

17. Serving sets

Cooking is a way to relax for women. Most women love to cook and serve in style. There can never be enough kitchen appliances and sets, especially for working women.

Serving sets hence make a good choice as a women’s day gift for employees. Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine’s Day

18. Indoor plants

With homes being the new workspaces, it is time to add fresh energy to the home workspace. 

Indoor plants destress your female colleagues and help them to work more efficiently. It is one of the wonderful women’s days corporate gift ideas that are elegant and useful.

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19. Work-from-home pillow

Let your employees work relaxed with work-from-home pillows. They are comfy and warm and do not leave their arms and wrists tired from working. 

Your female colleagues will find this gift very useful and thank you for this fabulous idea.


Gifting to female employees on women’s day conveys how much the organization respects their contribution. We are sure these gifts for working women are thoughtful choices and complete your women’s day celebration in the office or virtually. Happy women’s day to your inspiring women workforce!