Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves For Weight Loss: Health Benefits of Cloves

The benefits of cloves are plenty. Ranging from weight loss to providing relief from congestion, one can reap the health benefits of cloves in many ways. This Indian spice is used in cooking and baking. It also finds wide use in Ayurveda medicines. 

As we move ahead in this post, let us understand the benefits of cloves for weight loss along with many clove usages.

Cloves in Ayurveda

Ayurveda imparts immense significance to spices. They boost the metabolism and aid in weight loss. In these lines, clove finds a unique place in Ayurveda. 

By the way, do you know what a clove is called in Sanskrit? “Lavang” is the Sanskrit name of clove. 

लवङ्गम् भारते वर्धमानः कश्चन उपस्करविशेषः । इदम् सस्यजन्यः आहारपदार्थः ।

The above line in Sanskrit means: 

Lavang or clove is an Indian spice that has plenty of uses. It suits everyone in moderate quantities as a food substance.

Interesting Facts About Cloves

  • Though clove seems pungent on the tongue, it imparts coolness to the body when consumed in moderation.
  • Cloves are very good balancers of both pitta and Kapha. This is why Ayurveda calls lavang kaphapittahara
  • Cloves are mostly grown in the South India terrains of Tamilnadu and Kerala. They are also grown in abundance in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Mauritius.
  • In Sanskrit, the clove is called Devakusuma, meaning Flower of Gods.
  • Besides Ayurveda, Chinese medicine also uses cloves for their ability to balance “qi” energy.

Nutritional Benefits of Cloves

Rich in Manganese

Cloves contain fewer calories and good amounts of Manganese. 2 grams of cloves can provide 55 percent of the daily required amount of manganese.

 Manganese is essential for the following body functions:

  • Formation of connective tissues and bones
  • Clotting of blood 
  • Release of sex hormones
  • Metabolism boost
  • Calcium absorption
  • Regulation of blood sugar
  • Optimal brain and nerve function

Rich in Antioxidants 

Eugenol is a vital compound present in cloves. This imparts antioxidant property to cloves and makes them potent enough to protect us from chronic diseases. 

A surprising fact about eugenol is it is five times more powerful than vitamin E, a popular antioxidant. Regular consumption of cloves in any form can help to protect from cancers, bacterial infections, liver ailments, and blood sugar control.

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Protects Skin

Cloves are good anti-inflammatory food substances. They protect the skin from acne, pimples, and inflammation. Include 2-3 cloves daily in your diet to protect your skin naturally.

Cloves For Weight Loss

Like most other Indian spices, cloves aid weight loss. They trigger metabolism and aid in calorie burning and thus assist weight management. A good metabolism is one of the secrets to great gut health.

To attain the benefits of cloves for weight loss, you can consume them in various forms as explained below:

Clove Water For Weight Loss

This is one of the effective ways to lose weight with the help of cloves. How to make clove water for weight loss? Follow these steps:

  1. Boil a glass of drinking water. Put off the stove.
  1. Add a spoon of crushed cloves and let the flavor seep in the water.
  1. For enhanced flavor and benefits, you can also add cinnamon and honey to the water.
  1. After 3-5 minutes, filter the decoction.
  1. Clove water for weight loss is ready!

Consume this early in the morning on an empty stomach for visible effects. This detoxifies the body and boosts metabolism throughout the day.

Use Cloves in Food Preparation

The flavor of cloves blends with most Indian recipes. 

In milk tea or chai: Using cloves while making chai, the Indian variant of tea is a popular practice. If you cannot consume cloves as they are, adding them to chai is a fantastic idea to reap the health benefits of cloves.

In biryanis and pulaos: Cloves are one of the essential ingredients of masalas used for biryani and pulao. They impart a distinct flavor to the recipe.

In sweets and cakes: Cloves are used as toppings on some special Indian sweets such as Lavang Latika. Clove powder is also used in baking on various occasions.

Use Clove As a Mouth Freshener

Cloves are widely used for their mouth freshening qualities. They eliminate bad odors, protect dental health, and are natural mouth fresheners. Chew 2-3 garlic pods after your heavy meals to retain mouth freshness and attain the health benefits of cloves.

Use Cloves In Decoction

If you do not have the time to prepare clove water for weight loss, use cloves in your green tea. Add 1-2 cloves while you let your green tea bag steep in the boiled water and consume after 2-3 minutes. 


You can easily prepare clove water for weight loss. Make sure to consume it on an empty stomach. Like any herbal decoctions, refrain from consuming it daily. Rather include clove water in your morning routine once every three days. On the other days, replace clove water with aloe vera juice, raisin water, jeera water, methi water, etc.

Disclaimer: Cloves are safe for consumption in many cases. However, consuming them in excess might cause fatigue and nausea. Consume cloves in moderation for the fullest benefits. In case of further clarifications about adding cloves to your diet, seek the advice of an expert medical practitioner.