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Best Kitchen Appliances For Indian Cooking: Kitchen Utensils Name & Item List

Kitchen appliances are one which every one of us needs at some point in time. Either you are living alone or as a family, there always lies the need for kitchen utensils. Plus, having a great range of kitchen appliances makes your cooking experience an enjoyable one. How wonderful would that be if someone can help us with the whole kitchen accessories list in one go?

Well, we love to do that for you! Here we bring in the entire kitchen accessories list and list of kitchen items you would want to make a delicious homemade Indian meal. Why Indian meals? Because at AvaniGo, we are dedicated to spreading the aroma of Indian cuisine and the greatness of Indian culture. 

On this note, let us spill some secrets about Indians’ fascination and sentiment about kitchen appliances.

Do you know that:

  • When a girl marries and steps into her in-law’s house, her parents make sure to send the home appliances products as a gift to her. They prepare the list of kitchen appliances very ahead and purchase them as a part of marriage shopping.
  • During festivals like Rakhi, brothers give kitchen appliances to their sisters to make her life easy.
  • Even for festivals like Dasara, Diwali, and Akshaya Tritiya, people who miss purchasing gold or silver make it a point to purchase a new kitchen as a mark of inviting new energy into the house.
  • The kitchen items name comes first in the list of gift items for Indian marriages. Because Indians know that the secret to healthy living is relishing home-cooked food.
  • Some families take pride in using kitchen utensils that are passed from generations. Women believe that they are their family heritage and consider it as a strong sentiment.

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Indian kitchen utensils names and uses

As you move ahead in this post, you will come across the whole kitchen appliances list that you would need to build an authentic Indian kitchen. We will also share tips to choose the best kitchen accessories. Right from basic kitchen needs list to expert level Indian kitchen items list, you have it all here.

If you are new to Indian cooking and can’t wait to experience it, you are at the right place. If the kitchen utensils name feels new to you, fret not we’ve got you covered. We explained kitchen items name as and where applicable and how to put that kitchen product to use.

Our editors also share their choice of kitchen utensils name to make your purchases simpler. So, let’s get ready to get fascinated with this comprehensive kitchen equipment list.

25 Essential Things You Should Buy For Your Home

1. Idli maker

Idlis are one of the healthiest Indian dishes. They provide a good dose of carbohydrates and protein and make wholesome breakfast and dinner options. Even doctors suggest that patients and the elderly consume idlis daily to gain stamina and recover soon. 

The trick is you cannot make idlis without an idli maker. This kitchen appliance finds a place in every Indian kitchen and most used kitchen item in India. Why wait? Grab one for you and benefit from the healthy Indian food.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Choose an idli cooker with a heavy base made of stainless steel or aluminum. 

2. Coffee Filter

A day starts with freshly brewed filter coffee in India. Especially in South India, this is an unmissable routine. Serving filter coffee to guests is considered a gesture of respect too. Thus, you find a coffee filter on the list of all kitchen items used in India. 

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen product: Take a strong stainless steel coffee filter or a bronze one for a super authentic look.

3. Kadai

Deep fries – be it spicy Mirchi bajjis, samosas, or gravies like kadai paneer or lip-smacking gulab jamuns and jalebis, you will need tawa to deep fry them. 

Even to cook daily spicy deep-fries, this is a kitchen appliance you just cannot live without. 

If you have ever visited Indian homes and taken a peek into their kitchens, you would be surprised to see that there would be kadais in many sizes and sizes. 

Yes, there are different sized tawas to match various Indian cooking needs. For example, for tempering, you have a small-sized Tawa, while for festive cooking, you will need a bigger-sized one. Thus, choose this Indian kitchen utensil based on your requirement. 

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen item: Iron kadais last long and are considered healthy too. You can also choose strong-based aluminum kadais for uniform heat distribution while frying.

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4. Chopping Board

It sounds too basic, but you will know the difference between cutting and chopping vegetables when you have a good-quality chopping board. Choose one that is easy to clean, preferably non-plastic to make sure you are not adding plastic pieces while your veggies.

Tip to choose this basic kitchen product: Opt for a high-quality wooden chopping board for an awesome cooking experience.

5. Chapati Roll Board and Pin

No wonder either you are an Indian or a foreigner, roti is a familiar term. This Indian flatbread made of wheat flour is a staple food item for Indians. It aids weight loss when taken with a wholesome side dish. 

To make roti, chapati roll board and pin are must needed kitchen utensils. 

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen product: Purchase a big-sized roti rolling board, either circular or square. Choose a solid and heavy-weight rolling pin to flatten roti dough easily.

6. Copper Jug and glasses

Drinking water from or stored in copper vessels is one health secret followed by many Indians. They store water overnight in the copper jug and consume it on an empty stomach the next day. 

Besides, serving lassi (sweetened buttermilk) and chaas (spiced buttermilk) in copper glasses is a cultural tradition in many families.

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen item: Opt for premium quality ones as they will need minimal maintenance.

7. Water storage

Storing water in stainless steel, bronze, or clay-made kitchen items is a tradition in India. Despite the penetration of Ros and water cans, water storage essentials are one of the Indian kitchen appliances names you will hear frequently.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Select a sturdy stainless steel one or a rich copper water storage to store water in the authentic Indian way.

8. Steel dining plates

Indians use steel plates for obvious reasons. They are healthy, last long, and are easy to clean. Besides, the strong masalas that form an integral form of Indian food do not stick to the steel plates. Also, the sparkling dining sets add aesthetic appeal to the Indian kitchen. These are one of the most popular gift choices for marriages too.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: While choosing the steel plates, make sure of the purpose you are purchasing them for. There are various sizes of steel plates depending on their usage. For instance, you find different plates for tiffin with chutneys and different ones for pav bhaji. Similarly, for dinner plates differ while for rotis different plates exist. This means get ready to be confused with choice when you want to purchase this kitchen item. 

9. Spoons and forks

Can’t imagine a kitchen without spoons and forks, can we? Right from mixing sugar in milk to eating salads and noodles, we use spoons and forks for almost every purpose. Indians prefer steel spoons and it is common to see them among the list of essential kitchen things and most used kitchen items in India.

10. Dosa penam

Who has not heard of Indian dosas? Those thin buttery rice and dal-made paper-like pancakes will make anyone drool! Guess what is the essential kitchen appliance needed to make this South Indian breakfast item? It is the flat-bottomed frying pan called a penam in South India. 

Tip to choose this kitchen essential: Iron pans are considered healthy for ages. If you are looking at minimal maintenance, choose a non-stick aluminum one. 

11. Puttu maker

Ever heard of puttu? This is one of the main breakfast essentials for Malayalis. Take it with veg stew or non-veg curry, it just tastes delicious. But you need this secret Indian kitchen appliance – puttu maker – to make puttu.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Choose a branded and high-rated one so that this kitchen item lasts long.

12. Karapusa maker

Traditionally karapusa or sev is the first Indian snack item that strikes any mom’s mind to make for the family. It is easy and tasty. Kids love it immensely. It is also a quick snack to make when you are expecting guests. Thus, a Karappusa maker or Sev maker is a must-kitchen appliance in any Indian kitchen.

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen equipment: Choose an aluminum one or sturdy stainless steel one. If you want an authentic look for your kitchen, don’t think twice to buy a brass sev maker.

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13. Chopper

Be it pani puri or Paneer gravy, you need to chop lots of onions. We mean, lots! Apart from that, chopping vegetables is one of the main tasks of Indian cooking. Thus, a chopper will save your time and prevent tearing while chopping onions.

Tip to choose this kitchen essential: Choose a branded one as it will last long. Also, make sure to pick an easy-to-clean chopper.

14. Colander

Colanders help greatly in washing and rinsing vegetables. Indians also use a colander to make sprouts at a primary level. You can find colanders of many sizes and sizes online.ip to choose this kitchen appliance: Take a stainless steel one as it lasts long and withstands high temperatures.

15. Measuring cups

Sweets and cakes need perfect measures to obtain the final flavor. Thus, measuring cups are a must-use kitchen item in the Indian kitchen. You can also use them in storage containers for choosing dals, cereals, and rice for cooking without wastage.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Take a branded cup to make sure that the plastic is food-safe. If you can get steel measuring cups, it is just perfect!

16. Ladles

How can we not mention ladles while talking about Indian kitchen items? Various ladles serve different purposes in Indian cooking. For instance, for dosa making you need a flat bottomed round ladle, while for making rotis, you need another one. Thus, make sure you purchase all the ladles so that you can enjoy cooking the whole Indian cuisine.

Tip to choose these kitchen essentials: Always opt for stainless steel items from trusted brands.

17. Bowls for mixing

Mixing is another important aspect of Indian cooking. To make rotis, you need to prepare the dough. To make Rava dosa, you need to have a big bowl to mix the batter uniformly. Thus, bowls are another best kitchen appliance you have in your kitchen.

Editor’s Pick:

Tip to choose these home appliances products: Choose glass bowls to add a stylish look. If not, you can also opt for borosilicate bowls or stainless-steel bowls for rough and tough use.

18. Juicer

Juicer is one of the home appliances products that everyone uses in modern life. It helps us to make juices in a jiffy and helps in our health goals. We all know homemade juices are always suggested rather than packed or purchased ones.

Tip to choose this healthy kitchen equipment: Choose branded ones that are easy to clean and last long.

19. Saucepan for milk

A typical day in an Indian kitchen starts with boiling milk. Either to make coffee or milk-based sweets, a sturdy saucepan for milk is quintessential. Do you know? To traditionally step into a new house, a new saucepan for milk tops the list of kitchen items. 

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Choose a sturdy bottom one to make sure that milk is not burnt. If you are choosing an induction bottom vessel, pick a deep one as the milk boils very quickly on the induction stove before you notice it.

20. Heavy bottomed vessels for sambar and curries

Indian curries and sambar need heavy-bottomed and wide pans for better cooking. Some gravies that contain tomato cannot be cooked in aluminum vessels because they react with the metal. Thus, heavy-bottomed steel vessels are one of the kitchen things names you hear in every household.

Tip to choose these best kitchen appliances: Choose induction bottom vessels as they have a thick bottom. There are also various vessels from brands that are of good quality too.

21. Copper bottom sets for serving

After all, the cooking is done, the serving comes in style. If you have noticed Indian restaurants serve items in copper bottom sets. The reason being they are so authentic in style and also sustain the heat for long before the final serving is done. Thus, copper bottom serving sets are another must-add to the list of kitchen items.

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen equipment: Choose a set instead of one or two pieces to get a complete look.

22. Hot packs for rotis and other food items

Rotis form an essential diet for most of India. While some consume it three times a day, some essentially have it for dinner. Whatever is the choice, hot packs are a must have kitchen items name you will hear when it comes to making rotis. They help in keeping rotis fresh and warm for a long.

Tip to choose these essential home appliances products: Choose a wide one to keep rotis from losing their shape. Steel hot packs are a great choice too if you are a big family or need to keep rotis hot for longer.

23. Chutney cups

Chutneys are something that goes with any Indian tiffin. You would not believe that some street food places are known for their lip-smacking chutneys! Thus, you will find chutney cups on the list of kitchen items for sure.

Tip to choose these kitchen essentials: Stainless steel ones or brass ones give you an added dose of an authentic look. Choose food-safe plastic ones if you are looking to impress your kids.

24. South Indian coffee serving glasses

Filter coffee is best served the way it should be! In a stainless-steel glass with a cup in the bottom. Need a better coffee drinking experience? Choose a brass filter coffee serving set. Trust us, this would be one of the kitchen utensils names that South Indians cannot live without. You will know the beauty once you purchase this kitchen item.

Tip to choose this top kitchen product: Take the set of 4 or 6 to bring the traditional and complete look to the kitchen.

25. Teacups

Here comes another favorite beverage of India, the milk chai! Families make it a point to serve chai to guests in special teacups! It’s a mark of respect and respect gestures towards guests.

Tip to choose this top ranker on the kitchen items list: No tip! Just get spoilt with choice! 😊

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26. Oven 

Home baking is on the rise ever since moms and children are staying at home. Nothing like it when mom bakes cakes at home to make an evening special. It could also be a memorable pastime to bake along with your kids.

Tip to choose these home appliances products: If you are a beginner go for the beginner-friendly oven to feel at ease at baking and vice versa.

27. Wet grinder 

Batters for dosa and idlis are best made in a wet grinder. They give soft smoother idlis compared to the ground of the one in mixers. Thus, wet grinders are common kitchen things name in every Indian kitchen.

Tip to choose this kitchen product: Choose the table-top version to clean easily without hassles.

28. Mixer grinder 

Podis are south Indian staples. They are prepared and stored for a couple of days and make a great source of protein. They are essentially made from frying dals and pulses and eaten with hot rice with a dollop of ghee. Guess what kitchen equipment you need to make them swiftly? Mixer grinders, of course. The same goes with chutneys too.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Even if expensive, choose a premium one as mixer jars are notorious for going wrong as their blades get heated up very quickly.

29. Pressure Cooker

An essential kitchen item that tops the kitchen appliances list, a pressure cooker is a great time saver for women. You can cook rice, dal, and vegetables at one go, thus preparing a healthy meal for your family.

Tip to choose this must-buy home appliances product: There are various sizes available in this pressure cooker range. You can also find multiple features such as with pans or without pans. Choose one as per your comfort. And always make sure that the product is ISI marked.

30. Induction Stove

An indispensable among kitchen tools names if you ask us! Families on the move or bachelors or friends staying together – all vouch on an induction stove. 

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Opt for branded induction stoves to enjoy the usage for a long time. Also, don’t forget to purchase induction-compatible cooking sets.

31. Lunchboxes

Lunch boxes always stay on the kitchen items list. No prizes for guessing why? They are the best to carry homemade food either to the office or to pack for kids to school. Even on journeys, many families prefer homemade food and take it in the lunch boxes.

Tip to choose these kitchen essentials: Stainless steel boxes are best considering long life span and food safety. If you want to choose plastic ones, make sure they are BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly. 

32. Pav bhaji masher

A lip-smacking evening snack of India, Pav Bhaji is made of mashed vegetables prepared with a unique masala blend. There are special serving plates and making equipment for pav bhaji. Because it has its procedure of serving and relishing!

Tip to choose this kitchen product: Check the reviews and choose a sturdy masher. Also, there can be various sizes in serving plates. Pick one according to the age of the people in the home.

33. Ghee pot

Ghee pot is another beauty in the Indian kitchen. With its unique shape and comfortable design for the spoon, ghee pot is a well-heard kitchen item name in Indian homes.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Pick one that matches your family size!

34. Serving bowls

Serving special items in bowls is a tradition in India. It’s a way to welcome and treat guests. There are various designs and models available in serving bowls. Explore the range and pick that you love.

Tip to choose these kitchen items: Having two or more serving bowl sets will give you the freedom to choose depending on the type of menu prepared.

35. Steel glasses

Steel glasses are the common kitchen things you will find in India. They suit daily use, are safe for health, and are easy to clean. Various sizes are available in water glasses. For instance, for children, kids, guests, and daily use. 

Tip to choose these kitchen essentials: Choose according to the age of the children at home. Pick glasses with designs to welcome guests in style.

36. Salad bowls

On a diet? Or planning to lose weight by making changes in the diet? Either way, you need bowls that will motivate you to stick to your diet. Choose bowls of encouraging colors and patterns that will make you fall in love with those salads and sprouts!

Tip to choose salad bowls: Pick ones that last long and are easy to clean without being prone to any marks or scratches.

37. Biryani handis

How do you make biryani? Of course, in handi! A handi is a special type of kitchen utensil designed for making biryani. It comes with a unique design and shapes such that you can dum the biryani to its perfect flavor.

Tip to choose this top kitchen essential: Aluminum handis are most preferred, though you can explore the latest variants too.

38. Food storage tins

Food storage tins are not only one of the best kitchen appliances but also add an aesthetic look to the kitchen. Some women choose all storage tins of similar models while others want to experiment and mix and match the colors and sizes. Whatever your choice is food storage tins are one of the top things to put on the kitchen items list.

Tip to choose food storage tins: Choose non-toxic and food-grade ones if you opt for plastic storage tins. 

39. Tea filter

Indian chai is essentially made by boiling milk and tea with a dash of sugar. Finally, you will need to filter it before serving. Hence tea filter is one of the top kitchen accessories lists you just cannot ignore.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Opt for high-grade steel filters than plastic ones. 

40. Kitchen Tongs

Yet another on the list of kitchen things, tongs are another kitchen things name that we all are familiar with. Either to lift heavy hot vessels or to fry properly by holding the Kadai, tongs become indispensable.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Choose a sturdy one with a good grip so that it provides better hold even when holding heavyweights.

41. Lemon juicer

Squeezing lemon becomes easy-peasy when you have a lemon juicer. It makes filtering the seeds easy as well as helps you in extracting the whole juice from the fruit.

Tip to choose: Choose a metal one; plastic ones may break after few uses.

42. Orange juicer

In families with elders or kids, an orange juicer becomes an indispensable kitchen appliance. It helps save effort, time along with getting more juice content. 

Tip to choose: Pick a branded one. 

43. Hand grinder

Not many people may be aware of this kitchen appliance. But a hand grinder made of stone will give an excellent flavor to chutneys and masalas. Many Indian families believe in using hand grinders for this reason, which is why we add this to the kitchen appliances list here.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Check the reviews if the stone is durable or leaving any residues while crushing the food items. 

44. Spice crusher

This is a mini-version of the above kitchen appliance. Indians use this to crush spices like elachi, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc. You can find many designs in this spice crusher. Thus, this kitchen item makes a great addition to kitchen décor too.

Tip to choose this kitchen tool: Choose a long one with a narrow neck so that the spices do not scatter while crushing.

45. Tea kettle

If you are one of the tea lovers, a tea kettle should top your kitchen things list. Be it for black tea or milk tea, green tea or flavored tea, the kettle is a must. Kettles are also great home décor choices. So, check if you can get those matching with your other kitchen appliances.

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Take branded ones if you are opting for an electric kettle. If you want to have a portable one, you should check the reviews accordingly.

46. Peeler

This kitchen thing may look small, but can we cook without a peeler? Obviously not! This makes peeler an essential from among kitchen accessories list. 

Tip to choose this kitchen accessory: There are various variants available in the peeler. Check the model that suits your hand in terms of grip and comfort.

47. Coconut scraper

Here comes that kitchen things name that helps in making curries delicious. South Indian curries taste lip-smacking with a dose of freshly grated coconut. Avial, coconut halwa, coconut burfi, carrot-beans poriyal, and coconut chutney are some of the famous recipes that need coconut as the main component. So, you just cannot ignore this magical kitchen appliance.

Tip to choose this Indian kitchen appliance: Make sure the base is firm and giving grip when you are grating. You can check reviews to understand how a specific model is performing in this aspect.

48. Appam maker

Appams are one of the healthy tiffin recipes of South India. Made with idli or dosa batter, they serve as evening snacks as well. When served with chutney, your guests would ask for more!

Tip to choose this kitchen item: Non-stick appam makers are available easily. If you have time to clean and maintain, iron appam makers are the best for your health.

49. Boondi ladle

The name of boondi laddu makes one linger for its taste. To make it, you will need a boondi ladle. This kitchen item also helps in making deep-fries too.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Choose a long-handled one with the size of the holes as per your need.

50. Knife

One of the things that top the kitchen items list is the knife. No cooking can be done without a knife and that is true. There are many varieties of knives designed for different purposes – for cutting vegetables, meat, fruits, making salads, etc.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Make sure the grip is convenient. You can get an idea about the same by checking reviews.

51. Grater

A grater is another common kitchen things name. Its usage is wide and you will find this kitchen item in every Indian household. It helps a lot in making salads and slicing.

Tip to choose this kitchen thing: Stainless steel graters are preferred by many women in India. If you want plastic ones, make sure the brand is a premium one.

52. Scissors

Sounds funny, but yes, we can’t miss including scissors on the kitchen items name list. Do you know scissors also help in cutting vegetables quickly and dressing your salads and soups pretty easily? No wonder that scissors are one of the most used kitchen items.

Tip to choose this kitchen appliance: Opt for good quality scissors that are not too heavy on hands.

53. Aluminum foils

This modern kitchen accessory is on our kitchen items list too. Foils are a great choice to pack food, especially sandwiches, rotis, etc. They can also be used as top covers for lunch boxes to prevent the spilling of oil and gravies.

Tip to choose this kitchen thing: Make sure the foil is sturdy enough and doesn’t tear easily. You can check reviews to assess the same.

54. Kitchen cloths

Kitchen clothes help you to stay clean while cooking. Either for cleaning the kitchen platform or your hands, kitchen cloths are essential kitchen items.

Tip to choose these kitchen things: Make sure the cloth is not too soft and can withstand multiple cycles of usage.

55. Dish rack

One of the home appliances products that make life simple is a dish rack. It’s a convenient one to use beside the kitchen sink or to organize your dishes in the kitchen.

Tip to choose this kitchen essential: Stainless steel racks last long and can withstand heavy weights too compared to plastic ones.

56. Masala dabba

No Indian cooking is complete without tempering. And a traditional spice organizer/masala dabba is what essentially you need to enjoy this experience. This kitchen item is a must for every kitchen and hence we included this in the kitchen utensils list.

Tip to choose this kitchen utensil: Steel ones are easy to clean and last longer than plastic ones.

57. Spice organizer

If you use spices regularly, then a spice organizer is what should be included in your kitchen utensils list. It makes organizing spices handy and you will no longer need to waste your time checking every time for spices.

Tips to choose this kitchen thing: Make sure the spice organizer is sturdy ad lasts long.

58. Ceramic storage 

Pickles and podis are stored in ceramic containers to retain their flavor for a longer period. Ceramic containers are also gaining love from women as they enhance the kitchen’s overall look.

Tip to choose these kitchen storage appliances: Choose the size depending on the need. You will require larger ones for storing pickles while tabletop ones can be of medium size in a colorful range. 

59. Clay cooking items

Some families still use clay pots for boiling milk and making authentic recipes. Trust us, the taste of food cooked in clay pots is all together with a level above. Special recipes like biryanis and fish curries are also cooked in pots to attain their original flavor.

Tip to choose these kitchen accessories: Go for the range of clay items with a steel stand for better grip and handling.

60. Cast iron items

Cast iron items are back in trend. People are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of cast iron items and hence there are a lot of choices available in this cooking appliance range.

Tip to choose cast iron items: Check the reviews and opt for branded ones to enjoy them for longer.


This is it! Our comprehensive kitchen equipment list. Now, how many of these do you have in your kitchen? By the way, did we give a full list of all kitchen utensils? What else should we add to this kitchen equipment list? Please share your comments.