Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee: Secrets & Story of Filter Coffee Recipe

Blame it or love it, coffee drinking is one of the most popular habits in the world. According to statistics, over 1 billion people enjoy coffee drinking every single day! If you are not a great coffee lover and say nah to a steaming cup, we are sure the health benefits of coffee will make you think again. 

As we move in this post, let us decipher why people love coffee and the plethora of health benefits of coffee. 

What is coffee made of?

Coffee is a dark brown-colored brewed drink made of Coffea plant beans. The coffea tree is something like a cherry. You can imagine coffee to be a fruit! The bean that we finally use to make powder is actually the seed inside the cherry.

This seed is roasted and grounded to powder, thus finally giving us the aromatic coffee powder. But the whole process of coffee powder making is not as simple as it sounds.

Coffee Cherries contain the coffee bean inside
Coffee Cherries contain the coffee bean inside

Journey of coffee from bean to cup

Before getting into the benefits of drinking coffee, let us see how much process is involved in making a cup of coffee. For a hot cup of aromatic coffee to land in your hand, there are a lot of processes involved in making coffee. The steps involved in making coffee powder from beans is explained in brief here:

  • The coffee seeds are planted in a place that receives good water and shade from the sun. 
  • Upon their harvest, the cherries are handpicked for the best quality. 
  • Then, they are sorted and selected. Next, they undergo pulping. 
  • Then, comes the fermentation process where the acids in the bean break down imparting them the quality. 
  • The fermented cherries are dried till the moisture content reaches around 9-13%. They are stored and then sent to milling.
  • Here is where the grading happens – the process of identifying the coffee bean quality by inspecting it for its ‘defects’. 
  • Further, the graded beans are sent to the roasting. 
  • It is the process of roasting that brings out the aroma. Green coffee beans are roasted to 400F for varying durations. The duration of the roast decides the flavor of the coffee. 
  • Ground coffee tends to lose aroma quickly. So, it is stored in air-tight packs to preserve its aroma. 
  • It is also a norm to add chicory powder to coffee grounds to reduce the bitterness and increase the profit margins of coffee manufacturers. 
  • The coffee is then brewed with water at perfect temperature and ratio, which gives you the lovingly addicting cup of hot brewed coffee!!

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

To reap the benefits of coffee, one must consume it in the form of black coffee. Only then one can attain the benefit of coffee from every drop!

Black Coffee is full of health benefits
Black Coffee is full of health benefits
  • Black coffee is a guilt-free drink for the calorie conscious. A cup of black coffee contains only 2 calories!
  • Black coffee is intensely rich in antioxidants that keep many life-threatening diseases including cancer at bay.
  • Coffee is also a rich source of vitamin B-12, B3, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Black coffee is rich in antioxidants and protects the liver. It can prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. The coffee benefits are imparted to the chemicals in black coffee. They make it good fat-burning food and an effective natural antidepressant. 

Filter Coffee Benefits

  1. Filter coffee is free from cream, sugar, dairy and other additions that may contribute to weight gain. Thus, it is an excellent go-to beverage for weight watchers.
  2. Filter coffee is affordable compared to store purchased coffee. For one cup of coffee you purchase at store, you can enjoy a dozen cups of home made filter coffee.
  3. Filter coffee is free from cholesterol. Regular consumption of 3 cups of filter coffee s proven to promote heart health.
  4. Filter coffee is a fresh brew. It contains no additives and preservatives, which makes it the healthiest drink option.
  5. Filter coffee is easy to make. If you are coffee lover and cannot kickstart your day without coffee, a coffee filter and water kettle is all that you need to enjoy filter coffee on the go without burning your pocket.
  6. Filter coffee is rich in antioxidants; so, it keeps skin young and brain sharp. It is also an excellent metabolism booster and aids in weight loss.
  7. Thanks to its immediate effect of energizing brain, Filter coffee is an excellent kick starter of ideas and conversations.
  8. Filter coffee is an instant mood lifter. It can promote the release of endorphins just at the smell of the fresh brew!

Depending on the age, one can reap various coffee health benefits. Presented here is the health benefits of coffee categorized for the various age groups:

Health Benefits of Coffee For 18-25 Age

Enhances focus and concentration

The main component of coffee- caffeine is the secret to why we feel energized after drinking it. It is this same chemical that helps us in focusing. No wonder great writers and creative people always grabbed the benefit of coffee and always were coffee lovers!

People in the age group of 18-25 can enjoy the elevated focus. They need to work night shifts, driving, or carry-on office work, and coffee helps them immensely. This caffeine kick is also the reason why we see coffee machines in office cafeterias always buzzing!

Prevents diseases in the long run

From age 22 and above, the body starts to develop diseases slowly, though we do not notice it. Consumption of black coffee in moderation delays various diseases including type-2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, stroke, and even premature death.

Prevents depression

Caffeine triggers a happy mood and prevents depression. Researchers found that people who regularly drink coffee had fewer suicidal tendencies.

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Health Benefits of Coffee For 26-35 Age

Helps burn fat

Black coffee is a great metabolism booster. A surprising fact about coffee beans is almost every weight loss pill contains caffeine, the main ingredient of coffee. Thus, a daily dose of a cup of black coffee helps reduce stubborn fat with no side effects or burning your pocket.

Helps improve physical activity

Caffeine hits the brain directly and triggers it into “flight or fight” mode. In other words, it gives you the stamina to face any hectic task that would otherwise seem to be tough. 

The secret behind this is, coffee burns the fat and converts it into the required energy. Caffeine also triggers brain functionality. Thus, we feel boosted and rejuvenated after having coffee. 

Health Benefits of Coffee For 36-50 Age

May protect Heart

Studies observed that women who drink coffee have a reduced risk of heart diseases. A point to note is sugar and high-fat milk are not good for the heart. Coffee is also known to trigger blood pressure. 

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Studies prove that coffee drinkers have significantly lesser chances of being affected by type-2 diabetes. The percentage decrease in various studies was as high as 67%.

Promotes liver health

The antioxidants in coffee prevent a condition called Fatty liver, which then affects the liver and causes its degeneration. Coffee also protects the liver from cirrhosis, another threatening condition of the liver.

Health Benefits of Coffee Above 50 Age

Reduces the occurrence of Alzheimer’s

With age, gradually the brain cells lose their activity and a serious condition called Alzheimer’s develops. This is most commonly seen in people of age 60 and above. Coffee drinking, along with other exercises and a nutritious diet helps to prevent Alzheimer’s to a large extent.

Minimizes the occurrence of Parkinson’s

Another serious neurodegenerative condition, Parkinson’s can also be curbed by regular drinking of coffee. This benefit is visible only in people who drink whole black coffee and not the decaffeinated version.  

Coffee is good for health in moderation
Coffee in moderation is good for health

How much coffee is healthy?

Now that we know the coffee health benefits, it is also crucial to know how much coffee you can drink per day. Like any other food, it is also vital to maintain a moderate intake to reap the coffee benefits.

Though there are many benefits of drinking coffee, moderate your consumption to 1-3 cups per day. Too much coffee can increase BP. If consumed late in the day, coffee can cause sleeplessness. Pregnant women and kidney patients need to consume coffee in moderation and on doctors’ advice. Besides, caffeine is also not suggested for infants and children.

Added sugar and high-fat milk can add calories to a cup of coffee. Weight watchers need to observe how many cups of sugar-added coffee they are drinking per day. Too much sugar and caffeine can be harmful even for a healthy person.

Too much coffee can lead to reduced absorption of iron and other essential nutrients. This may increase the risk of osteoporosis in women at later stages. It can also cause an increased risk due to fractures and bone injuries as age progresses.

Why is coffee so popular?

Despite the advice we hear about drinking coffee, we come across a tribe of coffee lovers all across the world. In some countries, people consider coffee also a miracle drink that prolongs life span. Of course, the mode of preparation imparts the final benefits, and this should be kept in mind all the time.

Coffee is a great Conversation Starter
Coffee is a great Conversation Starter

Coffee is one of the drinks you find in most places of the world. For westerners, coffee is the main source of antioxidants. It provides them enough warmth to survive the cold temperatures. 

There are many other beautiful benefits of drinking coffee. Coffee can trigger a conversation between two strangers. It is potent enough to start a bond between lovers. Coffee shops are known for being the starting places of many love stories! 

That said, modern coffee may come in many variants – but if you ask true coffee lovers in India, no wonder they vote for South Indian Filter coffee!

What is the secret of South Indian filter coffee?

In India, coffee is more than a drink. Especially in South India, coffee is a sentiment – people look beyond the coffee benefits. Be it to welcome a guest or to introduce a girl to a boy in marriage talks, the welcome drink is always freshly brewed typical south Indian filter coffee! 

Every family has its secret in preparing filter coffee. They take pride in their expertise in making filter coffee! Some families even get their coffee grounded from trusted local stores every month in person!

Every morning starts with a heavenly cup of coffee in South India. Be it for watching the news, reading the newspaper, or just beginning the day watching the sunrise, a hot cup of coffee turns out to be the companion. 

In traditional families of the past generation who never used to eat food without offering puja and traditional rituals, a big glass of coffee was what kept them going through the day till lunchtime!

One can find the mention of filter coffee in the writings of many South Indian writers. RK Narayan, the world-renowned author whose timeless work Malgudi Days is well known, mentions the same. 

In his book – My Dateless Diary, he mentions a mother preparing hand-ground coffee and decoction – “selects the right quality of seeds almost subjecting every bean to a severe scrutiny, roasts them slowly over a charcoal fire, and knows by the texture and fragrance of the golden smoke emanating from the chinks in the roaster whether the seeds within have turned the right shade and then grinds them into perfect grains.”

South Indian Style Coffee Served Traditionally
South Indian Style Coffee Served Traditionally

Even today, South India is worldwide famous for its filter coffee. One can find coffee estates in almost South Indian states. Kodagu and Chikmagalur in Karnataka, Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh, Ooty and Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu, along with the Malabar region of Kerala are famous for their coffee plantations. Each coffee variant of these areas has its distinct aroma and flavor. You can find coffee museums in these places that narrate the origins and history of coffee!

Recipe to make filter Coffee: How to make South Indian Filter Coffee?

To make South Indian filter coffee, you need a stainless coffee filter and ground coffee beans. Traditional families use brass or copper-made coffee filters. They look so classy, elegant, and authentic!

South Indian Coffee Filter – Upper and lower compartment with push ladle and lid
South Indian Coffee Filter – Upper and lower compartment with push ladle and lid

To prepare typical south Indian filter coffee, follow these steps:

  1. Take adequate water to fit the bottom part of the coffee filter in a stainless steel vessel and put it for boiling.
  1. Now, clean the top filter so that there is no blockage for coffee powder.
  1. Next, in the top portion of the filter, add coffee powder based on the number of people in your house and or the size of the coffee filter.
  1. Shake the top filter gently so that the powder spreads evenly over all the holes of the filter.
  1. Now fit the flat stamp-shaped ladle that comes with the filter over the powder and tightly press it. 
  1. Now, pour the boiling water over the flat stamp-shaped ladle slowly. Keep the lid of the filter and allow the brew to filter down to the bottom compartment.
  1. In a couple of minutes, your hot black filter coffee should be ready! If you love black coffee, dilute this decoction to your taste. Add a dash of cinnamon for enhanced benefits and enjoy it!
  1. If you are longing for South Indian milk coffee, you should mix it with milk and sugar.
  1. Take hot filtered decoction and boiled milk without cream in the ratio of 3:1 in a separate small vessel. Mix both and add 1 spoon of sugar. Boil gently for a minute or less. 

Serve steaming coffee in the south Indian style stainless steel glass with a small cup in the bottom! Now, relish every drop of the South Indian filter coffee and fall in love with it!

Tips to get the perfect cup of South Indian Filter Coffee

  • Some people add a pinch of salt while making the coffee decoction to reduce the bitterness. But if you ask us, the bitterness is what makes South Indian coffee a class apart!
  • Always pour hot boiling water over the coffee grounds in the upper chamber of the stainless-steel coffee filter to get the perfect coffee decoction.
  • The lower temperature of the water may not extract the flavor of the coffee to its fullest!
  • The coffee aroma tastes heavenly when you brew it fresh. Keeping the decoction in the refrigerator or outside for many days may not give the best filter coffee taste.
  • To get the authentic South Indian filter coffee taste, milk should be less and decoction should be more.
  • The coffee water ratio should be 1: 2 or 1: 2.5 for a perfect decoction.
  • Do not add too much sugar to make coffee. Coffee tastes heavenly with less sugar only!

Now, go make and enjoy your cup of filter coffee and reap the benefits of coffee! 😊

Facts about Coffee

  • As modern as it sounds, coffee is one of the ancient drinks known to mankind. The coffee is said to be found as early as 800 A.D by goat herders who observed their goats that ate coffee beans ‘danced’.
  • Brazil is the largest manufacturer of coffee in the world. India ranks third on the list of top countries producing coffee.
  • India produces 13 varieties of coffee. Of these the most popular ones are Arabica and Robusta. 
  • Over 45 countries import their coffee from India! Apart from filter coffee, Indian varieties of coffee bean suit perfectly for Espresso and Cappuccino.
  • The initial production of coffee in India started during British rule. 
  • Not just coffee consumption, mere smelling of freshly ground coffee beans can release stress-reducing hormones.
  • Coffee is one of the most grown commercial plants in the world.
  • Coffee mugs are one of the popular gift choices that suit anyone!
  • The famous ruler Napoleon is so charmed with the coffee of India that he called it “the intellectual drink”!
Coffee Quotes
Coffee Quotes

Coffee quotes for coffee lovers

Famous personalities from all over the world have fallen in love with the Earthy flavor of the coffee. They impart their creativity and energy to coffee too! Here are some such beautiful quotes on coffee said by popular people from across the world.

  • “People say money can’t buy happiness. They Lie. Money buys Coffee!”
  • “Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes.” – Ankita Singhal
  • “Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.” — Jonathan Swift
  • “What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee.” – Anthony Trollope
  • “Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.” — Terri Guillemets
  • “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” – Justina Chen
  • “Coffee! Because anger management is too expensive.” – Unknown
Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes
“Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes.” – Ankita Singhal
  • “Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” — Turkish Proverb
  • “7 days without coffee makes one WEAK.” — Unknown
  • “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” – T.S.Eliot
  • “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.” – Alfred Renyi
  • “Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.” — Jessi Lane Adams
  • “What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” – Henry Rollins
  • “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” – Stephanie Piro
  • “I don’t need an inspirational quote, what I need is a freaking cup of coffee.” – Unknown
  • “My blood group is coffee!” – Unknown.
  • “Coffee is a hug in a mug.” – Unknown.

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