51 Ways to Save the Environment from Your Home

Climate change is real. We witness its many forms such as untimely cyclones and irregular weather patterns. What we do not realize is – that we can minimize the environmental damage in simple ways. Every single step towards a goal counts. And when it comes to ways to save the environment, this is more than true. Every drop of water, every carbon footprint that we bring down, and every ounce of waste that we reuse wisely can be of great help to save the environment.

Here are 51 easy ways to save the environment from the comfort of your home:

Use natural light and air

Now every one of us is confined to homes. Fans, lights, and ACs run more than ever in every house. Do your bit to reduce electricity consumption. Make maximum use of natural daylight and air. Do your work in the daylight as much as possible.

Keep the curtains open and let the freshness of nature enter your house. Not only is it one of the easy ways to save the environment from home, but it is also a great way to keep your home fresh and infection-free. Studies reveal that houses with good natural ventilation keep families healthy by minimizing the risk of infections.

Promote sustainability

Every task that we do leaves an impact on the environment. Right from shopping to the usage of electronics, each step contributes to the disturbance of ecology and the environment. Thus, inculcating sustainable habits is one of the simplest ways to save the environment.

Deep clean home

There seems to be no better time than we have got now to deep clean homes. Houses free of dust and clutter demand lesser chemicals to clean them daily. Deep clean your homes and welcome rejuvenating energy.

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Donate things

Segregate things and items that you have not been using for the past year. Inspect if you can use them or if their purpose is done. Donate such items to organizations that take care of recycling. Give away items in good condition to orphanages, old-age homes, and less privileged families. One’s trash can be another’s wealth.

Reduce purchases 

According to multiple surveys, since the inception of eCommerce, unnecessary purchases have increased. Let’s remember and follow the old generations who took pride in using that classic watch for a lifetime or your mom reusing the vessels gifted by her mother or in-laws. Such practices help to reduce carbon footprint in an impactful way. Thus, reducing purchases and keeping a check on unwanted online shopping is one of the easy ways to save the environment just by sitting in your home.

Go organic

Choose chemical-free products to be part of Mother Earth’s savior team. Going organic is the simplest way to get back to our roots and eliminate harmful chemicals from our daily lives. Simple acts like growing an organic vegetable garden at home and switching to handloom clothing can be good starts to save Mother Earth from home.

Create compost from biowaste

The amount of biodegradable waste a household produces every single day is considerable. Use this bio-waste wisely to make vermicompost. It is an enricher to the home gardens to grow our vegetables and fruits. There are many affordable options available to make vermicompost at home.

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Support local brands

Purchase items from local brands. This lessens shipping, carton, and thus the impact on the environment. This step also promotes local employment. 

Upgrade to latest electrical appliances

Conduct an electricity audit of your home. Upgrade your refrigerator, TV, bulbs, geyser, Air Conditioner, iron, and other appliances to the latest ones. The state-of-art electrical appliances come with energy-saving features and bring down your power bill. Thus, upgrading to the latest electrical appliances is one of the ways to save the environment.

Unplug when not needed

Do not leave the electrical appliances in sleep mode. When not in use, unplug and switch them off. 

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Grow balcony garden

Start your balcony garden to contribute your dose of oxygen to the environment. Grow air-purifying plants to enjoy fresh air indoors. Add flowering plants to your balcony to create a better impact on the environment. 

Reduce food wastage

Food wastage at the household level is one of the prime contributors to the carbon footprint. Thus, to save the environment from the comfort of your home, reduce food wastage. Cook how much you need and eat fresh. Donate or reuse the leftovers.

Switch off your computer

The work from home and learn from home styles are keeping computers running the whole day. To minimize power usage and give the electrical devices the needed rest, switch them off even for a couple of minutes. 

Enjoy candlelight dinners

Finish your cooking in the natural daylight. Take a walk after the sunset and enjoy your dinner in the candlelight in your garden.

Clean up the local water bodies

If there is a lake or pond nearby your house, get together on this Environment Day. Clean the water body and the surroundings and shower your love to Mother Earth.

Cook your food

Cooking your food at home cuts down the packaging and the fuel needed to deliver it. Besides, it is a healthier and affordable option too. What say?

Plant trees in your community

If you live in a community, team up to plant trees that save the environment with their contribution. Choose native trees for planting as they innately help in purifying the air and need very little maintenance.

Use ACs wisely

Use ACs and fans together to get more benefit. It cuts down the electricity bills. Alongside, it is one of the effective ways to save the environment by reducing emissions.

Repair leaky taps

Every drop counts. Repair the leaky taps and reduce water wastage. Upgrade to the latest faucets that come with the technology to release water so that water wastage is minimal. 

Insulate your home

Insulating a home is a thoughtful way to cut down the usage of heaters and air conditioners. To insulate your home, seek professional advice to reap more benefits.

Switch to low water flush systems

Inspect the health of flush systems in the home. Discard the faulty ones and install the latest models of flush systems that promote sustainability.

Use buckets instead of showers

Using buckets for baths can save gallons of water every day. Switch to buckets and mugs for your personal use and turn off showers and taps.

Run the washing machine on full load

A washing machine runs at maximum efficiency when you run it on full load. It is one of the easy ways to save the environment without doing anything explicitly. Also, run the washing machine on normal water instead of hot water.

Dry clothes in natural air

Dry your clothes in the natural light and air. Cut down the use of driers unless otherwise essential.

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Do dishes immediately

Clean dishes soon after the meals. If it is not possible, sprinkle some water on them and leave them aside for some time before cleaning. It will help to clean them with little effort and water. 

Run your phone on energy-saving mode

Always use your phone in power-saving mode to save the environment most simply.

Separate wet and dry trash

When discarding the trash into the bins, segregate wet and dry trash to help in recycling.

Use multi-usable items

Ditch single-use items. Switch to long-lasting plates and cutlery. 

Discard expired items with care

When discarding expired batteries, or electronic waste, make sure you do it safely. Otherwise, they may leak into the soil and pollute the environment. Similarly, throw away plastic boxes and bottles and use glass or stainless steel containers instead.

Save paper

Reuse paper as much as possible. Encourage your children to use paper fully on every side. Turn old books into rough notebooks. Cut and keep newspapers handy to use for packaging or discarding biodegradable waste. Create paper bags and use them for shopping or packing.

Make good use of your lawn

Maintain your lawn neatly and make it a home for birds and insects. Do gardening manually and avoid using electrical appliances as much as possible. It keeps you fit and healthy and also cuts down the electricity usage.

Check the health of your vehicles

Vehicle maintenance is the ignored aspect when we think of ways to save the environment from home. Check the health of your vehicle and work on its repairs. Ensure they meet pollution standards. If possible, switch to eco-friendly and fuel-efficient versions that are entering the market lately.

Go shopping on foot

Go vegetable shopping on foot. Cut down taking the bike or car out for every small task. 

Reduce the consumption of meat

The animal rearing and meat industry are some of the contributors of methane to the environment. Reduce the consumption of meat. If possible, turn vegetarian.

Grow your vegetables

Gardening is a healthy way to promote health as well as family bonds. Involve your family members in growing your vegetables at home. It is one of the beautiful ways to save the environment right from your home.

Reduce water consumption

Switch off the running taps. Use minimal water for cleaning vegetables and food items. Reuse them for gardening. Similarly, use less water to clean homes, baths, or wash clothes.

Teach your kids how to save the environment

Let us remember that we inherited the planet from our ancestors and renting it from our children. Thus, it is crucial to inculcate environmental awareness in your kids from a tender age. Teach them how to live sustainably. Encourage them to read literature related to environmental protection. You can also tell them how to celebrate festivals in an eco-friendly way. Implement such practices in person and serve as a role model for them in saving the environment.

Inspect your work from home set up

Arrange your work from home station in such a way that you need not depend on artificial lighting and air the whole day. Working from a balcony or garden can be a soothing experience in these times. It is also one great way to cut down electricity usage and contribute your part to save the environment.

Clean house with natural items

Detergents, chemical-based cleaners, air purifier sprays, etc. add chemicals into the air inside your home. Instead, clean homes in a traditional way. Use salt, baking soda, lemon juice, herbal extracts, camphor, incense, etc. as replacements for these harmful house cleaning chemicals.

Repurpose old clothes

Repurpose your old clothes into shopping bags, pillow covers, purses, etc. You can also cut them into kitchen napkins and avoid using paper tissues in the kitchen.  Take a firm decision to say no to plastic bags.

Buy from the local market

Instead of shopping from faraway places, buy from a local market. Walk to the market and purchase essentials as and when needed. Do not forget to carry your bag when going on shopping.

Declutter your inbox

Unwanted emails can occupy a lot of server space and thus indirectly contribute to the carbon footprint. To save the environment just by sitting at home, declutter your inbox. Trash the old and outdated emails. Unsubscribe to the newsletters you no longer need. Similarly, delete unwanted photos in the drive and bring down the online space you consume.

Read books on environmental awareness

Read good books on environmental protection. Apply the knowledge every single day. Share the ideas with your near and dear and encourage them to save the environment in their way.

Keep an eye on geysers and heaters

Turn off room heaters and geysers after a certain heat level. Heating elements are of induction in nature and can consume a lot of power if we do not notice them.

Harvest rainwater

Rainwater is the only source of drinking water for humans. Contribute your bit to save and conserve water by creating a rainwater harvesting pit on the premises of your home.

Start using solar energy

Solar energy is a green alternative to fossil fuels. Harvest the power of solar energy in your home. It is one of the effective ways to save the environment from home.

Switch to cloth diapers

Disposable diapers are not recyclable. Hence switch to cloth diapers for your little one. They are a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly option too.

Repurpose items

Create desk décor items and organizers from the unused cartons, paper, boxes lying in the home. Involve your kids in this and watch them enjoy doing it. 

Install bird feeders in your balcony or garden

Create space for birds in your home. Make bird feeders from old items and provide food and water for the birds. It is one beautiful way to wake up the beautiful chirping of birds every day!

Stay motivated

Environmental care is not a single day task. It is something that we should remember every day. Stick posters and quotes that remember the necessity to save environment in your home. This keeps you motivated for the greater cause.

Support environmental causes by active participation 

Participate in community actions that involve cleaning the lakes, roads, or neighbourhood. Promote awareness against water wastage and join groups that support environmental concerns. 

Create environmental awareness virtually

Spread the message about easy ways to save the environment on social media. Participate in discussion and contribute your thoughts. Create awareness and encourage people to adopt sustainable practices in their lifestyle.

The environment protects us if we protect it. If we remember this and let this sink in, we can gift a greener future to our children. So, what are you doing to protect the environment from home? Please share with us.