Rockdale’s Hidden RV Paradise Discovering the Best RV Parks for Unforgettable Getaways

Rockdale, Texas is a small town on Interstate 79. While the town has a rustic and sleepy charm, it is a hidden gem for RVers looking for a great, centralized place to stay. Not only is it off a major freeway, but the small-but-not-too-small aspect of the town means that it has basic amenities and shopping while also allowing for a quiet stay in the country.

Rockdale is not without its own attractions though which makes it a dream location to park the RV. Enjoy cozy nights and make it to the city in just over an hour. With few places that accommodate RVs and larger travel vehicles, choosing a smaller and lesser-known town for RV camping allows travelers to get the best of both worlds. Though, you may be surprised by what small communities like Rockdale can offer.

Why Take an RV Trip:

Traveling—no matter how it’s done—can be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. Not to mention, hotel stays and travel can be expensive. RV travel allows travelers to make their own path and go to locations many others may not consider or have a chance to when traveling via other methods. Of course, it too comes with certain inconveniences, but it reduces costs and allows you to bring more of the comforts from home. There is also no concern about traveling with pets.

Exploring Rockdale by RV and wherever else travels may take you can provide a renewed sense of freedom and adventure not seen during traditional travel. RVs also add a sense of flexibility since you sleep in what you are also traveling in. Thus, no transferring your belongings to a hotel or having to find where to park such a large vehicle in a more populated area.

A home on wheels, an RV, makes travel more comfortable and convenient than driving in a car, flying, or taking a train. Instead of being at the will of others, RV travelers carve their own paths. No surprise why RV parks are becoming popular.

Must-Visit Attractions:

Rockdale—while small—does offer some unique attractions. As a town created by the railroad, Rockdale features a rich history in the railroad industry. One of the most popular attractions is the International & Great Northern Railroad Depot Museum. Other must-see attractions in Rockdale include

  • El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail
    • Candelaria Mission
    • San Xavier Mission
    • San Ildefonso Mission
  • Kay Theater
  • Bridge Park
  • Rockdale City Hall
  • Moultry Park
  • Mundine Hotel
  • Rainbow Courts Motel
  • Home of George Sessions Perry

In addition to these attractions, for those who like the more morbid side of things, three historic cemeteries are in Rockdale: Old City Cemetery, Old Jewish Cemetery, and the Black Old City Cemetery. Each of these cemeteries has notable people buried there, including those part of some of the history of Rockdale itself. People you may find in these historical cemeteries include Civil War soldiers and prominent early Rockdale residents.

Exploring Rockdale by RV allows easier access to these attractions. Whether you choose to park the RV at a Rockdale RV park and drive or take the historic walking tour around town; or if you decide to take the RV around town, Rockdale accommodates such travel.

Best Scenic Drive:

Depending on where you travel from, there are various scenic routes to get to Rockdale. There are also several scenic drives near Rockdale, TX that can easily be made part of the trip. If coming from Houston, consider taking Interstate 45 to Interstate 79 toward Austin. This route takes you through Huntsville where you can see a large statue of the first president of the Texas Republic, Sam Houston. Also on this route, expect to pass through several small towns and maybe even a few ghost towns!

Nearby Rockdale, the scenic drive through the Piney Woods offers beautiful views of unique Texas woodland interspersed with rich history. Consider breaking at Lake Livingston State Park or stop at one of the several wineries in the Piney Woods.

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Other Visit Attractions:

Rockdale also features some lesser-known attractions and restaurants. Just outside of the city limits, Bella Peregrina Ranch offers horseback riding for all skill levels including kid’s pony rides and more experienced trail riding excursions. As far as restaurants go, Rockdale has a plethora of eateries offering all types of cuisines. Lee’s Landing serves traditional American diner food with a rustic feel with beautiful wood finishings throughout the restaurant. For those wanting a Tex-Mex experience, Coronas Mexican Restaurant has been a hit with previous travelers and locals alike.

Plan Your RV Trip:

If you are planning an RV trip to Rockdale, it is recommended that you reserve your spot online well in advance. This can usually be done online. To find the best RV parks in Rockdale, use Google Maps or Google search features to get a list of RV parks in and around Rockdale, TX. Check out their ratings as well as what size and types of RVs they can accommodate.

Here’s a checklist to help plan your RV trip to Rockdale:

  • Choose your preferred RV park
  • Ensure they can accommodate your RV
  • Plan whether or not to bring or rent a vehicle
  • Stock your RV with essentials that will stay in the RV permanently
  • Plan an RV friendly route
  • Determine stops along the way
  • Feel confident driving your RV before the trip

For a full list of RV parks and lodging options in Rockdale, visit the lodging page on the town’s official website.


Rockdale is a charming town an hour outside Austin, Texas. With the rustic charm of a small Texas town, it also hosts a suite of necessary amenities that make it the perfect place for your RV vacation. It may not be a typical tourist destination, but that is what gives Rockdale its chill and relaxing atmosphere.  Let your RV take you off the beaten path and discover the unique charms of Rockdale.