List of Best Slippers in Summer Indoor and Outdoor

List of Best Slippers in Summer: Indoor & Outdoor

Agree to it or not, slippers are now our first choice as we are all stuck at home. Either we wear them to work from our balcony or go gardening to relax, slippers impart their best comfort to our feet. When we choose the best slippers online, they offer our soles the protection they need and prevent their wear and tear.

For most of us, searching for the best slippers online can be more than testing. With plenty of brands, designs, and budgets, it can be tricky to choose the best indoor slippers or the best outdoor slippers at a go. Sometimes we fall in love with their cute designs and comfy features that we would want to buy a couple of the best slippers in summer for us! Well, no harm in little splurging to pamper our feet that help be on our heels all day.

Tips to choose the best slippers online

Well, before we head to check out the best slippers in summer, let us see some tips to choose the best slippers online.

  • Check for the size. Too big slippers may be slippery and won’t give grip to your feet while too small ones may not serve the purpose.
  • The size varies from brand to brand sometimes. If you are checking an international brand, the size may be different. Take the help of the size chart that comes along with the product image and description part to understand which one fits you better.
  • When in doubt about size, always pick a size more. Don’t forget to check the return policy too.
  • When trying the best slippers in summer, wash your feet, dry them and try them indoors to avoid returning used slippers with sweat and dirt on them.
  • Give priority to comfort over style. Remember that we put on a slipper to give support to our soles, thus comfort comes first before style.
  • Many websites sell the best online slippers, but payment gateway needs to be double-checked for security. For these reasons, choose proven eCommerce sites that promise secure payments and transactions.
  • For a deeper understanding of how long slippers last or how comfortable they are, take a quick look at the customer reviews. They help you in a great way to understand the slippers.

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Here we curated a list of the best slippers in summer for both indoor and outdoor usage, as well as for men and women. All the products below have been chosen based on the fabulous reviews given by their users. Go on and take a look at these best slippers in summer.

Tuiyata Cute Animal Slippers for Women Men’s Winter Warm Memory Foam Cotton Home Slippers

With more than 3400 reviews, these cute indoor slippers seem to have stolen the hearts of many users. One user felt that they are just perfect. These slippers have added much-needed comfort for her soles when she gave birth and needed to ensure care for her feet. Washing is easy, and the slippers are intact even after a couple of washes. Another user says they are beyond expectation! Do we need to say anymore?

MAXTREE Urbanese Women’s Ortho Care Diabetic & Orthopaedic Slippers Brown

Being carefully designed to offer protection for diabetic and the elderly, these ortho care slippers secured a cool 4.8 rating on Amazon. They are comfortable slip-on and makers claim to design them to alleviate foot pain, the product is also easy to wash and skid resistant. One user mentions any anyone who needs arch support can rely on this. While another user says you may cant use them in water, which means they are only for indoor on dry floors and outdoors where there is no water. 

Crocs Women Capri V Sequin W Flip-Flops

Looking at a high-end version of slippers that add a style quotient too? Well, this one’s for you. These Crocs’ premium range of slippers has around a 4.9 rating. Users find them a favorite slippers in the summer and many mention them as very good! 

MF Women’s House Slipper for Girls Home Bedroom Indoor Soft Slippers

Indoor slippers for which users are giving a big thumbs up! Yeah, that’s what the reviews are saying. Users found them very beautiful and comfortable. Plus, these indoor slippers are also available in many colors. If your feet size is big, users suggest ordering for the next size.

Scholl Women’s Flat Trim Thong Leather Slippers

When it comes to comfort through slippers, Scholl is a trusted brand. Especially, they offer grip and comfort for the elderly and make their life easy. Users who used these slippers are finding that elders can use these premium slippers in summer. They say that these slippers are breathable and don’t cause sweating to the feet. These slippers are available in various colors and sizes.

LivEasy Extra Soft Ortho Care Diabetic & Orthopedic Slippers / Doctor Chappal & Footwear with Memory Foam

Offering elegant looks, these indoor slippers cater to the needs of people who have delicate feet conditions and diabetics. They impart extreme levels of comfort as well as a rich look. They are designed with memory foam which makes them quite adjustable to your feet. Users are highly recommending these indoor slippers owing to their lightweight, comfortable, and rich look. Another user says they offer more value than what you pay for them!

UCB is a durable brand when it comes to men’s clothing and footwear. These slippers from UCB have the most ratings online. Users love the designs UCB is offering as well as the comfort levels that come with these slippers. Users call them an “ awesome product” and “best in comfort”! Seems to be a go-to option for guys who love style and comfort at the same time this summer.

Sparx Men’s Slipper

Another premium brand – Sparx offers these slippers that have both looks and comfort. Users prefer them as indoor slippers and mention that they need washing if you opt for light colors.

Waves by Khadim’s Women Washable Slip-Ons

Global ratings suggest 4.2 out of 5 for this product. They are looking so classy and comfortable. Easy to wash and maintain. A good indoor slipper in summer for girls and women.

Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Flip-Flops

Symbol is another brand that offers both style and durability. These lightweight flip flops from Symbol have been reviewed as “ fantastic” and “best” with an added note – they suit best for daily use! These slippers for summer are available in multiple colors including red and white.

Centro Men Slides – Doubleu Brand Casual Sandals For Men

Comes from the Centro brand that is known for attracting users with its cute and catchy footwear ads. These indoor slippers are made with extra soft cushions and are durable. You can vouch on them for long-term wear as the makers claim. They look classy, elegant and are available in a couple of colors including white and grey.

BATA Men’s Camp Flip-Flops

The list of best summer slippers is incomplete without the mention of Bata flip-flops. Know for their durability and comfort, Bata slippers have good ratings from users online. Users say “durable product” and “Good”. An economy option for slippers in summer.