Rama Navami

The Celestial & Eternally Blissful Power of Rama Nama

Lord Rama’s name Rama nama is so powerful. It can push death away and get rid of one’s bad karma. Often, the Rama nama is considered greater than Rama himself. Why? Even in Vishnu Sahasranama Lord Shiva said that he likes the name Rama more than anything. Lord Shiva suggests Parvati chant Rama Nama to experience its power. Why is Rama nama so powerful? 

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The name Rama is so beautiful that it brings the unexplainably beautiful personality of the Neela Megha Shyama – Lord Rama. When he was blessed with four sons, King Dasharatha sought the advice of Sage Vasishta to name the babies. Sage Vasishta has been chanting the name Ram even before Rama was born. Having realized and experienced the power of Rama nama, Sage Vasishta gives the elder son of Dasharatha, as Rama. 

What does the sound Rama mean?

Rama is a combination of three syllables: ‘R’, ‘A’, ‘Ma’.

“Ra” implies the fire element- that destroys the sins.

“A” implies the moon – that imparts cooling to oneself.

“Ma” denotes the sun – that dispels ignorance and leads to light.

Thus, chanting Rama Nama drives away the sins imparts cooling and stability to the mind directs one towards light and wisdom.

How is the name Rama formed?

Rama is formed from the two maha moola mantras of Hinduism:

“Ra” comes from “Om Namo Narayana” which represents Lord Vishnu 

“Ma” comes from “Om Namah Shivaya” which represents Lord Shiva.

The Rama naam thus brings along the power of both Gods Vishnu and Shiva in it. “Rama” thus also neither belongs to Vishnu or Shiva alone. It is an indicative name of the Suddha Brahma – the Pure Brahman and Who is Superior to the Best of the Best. 

शुद्धब्रह्मपरात्पर राम्

I seek Refuge in Sri Rama, the embodiment of Pure Brahman and Who is Superior to the Best of the Best.

The Rama nama – a power-packed beejakshara 

Beejaksharas are powerful syllables and words in religious texts that are pronounced without the last syllables. For instance, the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” sounds like “Om Namah Shivay” when reciting as a beejakshar. The last “vaya” sounds like “vay”. 

When it comes to the power of Rama nama as Beejakshara, there lie magical vibrations associated with the name Rama.

The Rama Maha Mantra “Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama” is pronounced as “‘Sri’ ‘Ram’ ‘Jai’ ‘Ram’ ‘Jai’ ‘Jai’ ‘Ram’. In fact, the name Rama in itself is a beejakshara pronounced as Ram! Thus, the Rama Maha Mantra comprises thirteen syllables and seven beejakshars. The power punch that comes when chanting Rama Maha Mantra is thus incomparable.

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The Rama nama– The Taraka Mantra

Only the term Rama is said to be the Taraka Mantra – the one magical recipe that helps anyone cross the ocean of life. Why? What imparts the power to the name of Rama? Why is Rama Nama called Taraka Mantra?

When the vanaras started building the bridge to Lanks to bring back Sita Mata, they started throwing stones into the ocean as per the guidance of Nala and Neel. But, the stone starts to drown for obvious reasons. Observing this, Hanuman starts writing Shri Ram on each stone and then throws them into water. Surprisingly, every stone that has Lord Rama’s name starts staying afloat!

Thus, when the name Rama can make a stone float on the ocean, the chanting of the name Rama will make one navigate life without any troubles beyond any doubt! Thus, the name Rama is called Taraka Mantra!

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Rama - Taraka mantra

The Rama nama is a life savior

The mere chanting or hearing of the name Rama can save lives. The pleasing sound of the incomparably beautiful name Rama can push death away.

Instance 1:

It was when Sita Mata was in Ashokavana, Ravana threatened her that he would wait for two months for her acceptance to marry him. Else he would kill her. Tired of his threats and vexed with the loss of hope, Sita Mata tries to end her life by hanging her saree to the Ashoka tree. 

As the miracles happen, Hanuman has already reached Ashoka Vana and been hiding in the bushes thinking how to introduce himself to Sita Mata. He has been observing Ravana’s acts and the surroundings in which Sita Mata was kept as a prisoner. 

But looking at the desperate act of Sita Mata, he immediately jumps out of the bushes singing the name Rama. Feeling like nectar to her ears, Sita Mata stops immediately puzzling from where the beautiful name of Rama is being sung. Observing the positive effect, Hanuman introduces himself singing the story of Ram till then. Thus, the hearing of the name Rama saves Sita Mata’s life in the Ashoka Vana.

सीताप्राणाधारक राम्

I seek Refuge in Sri Rama, whose name saved the Life of Sita Mata.
Hanuman and Sita Ma

Instance 2:

After Ram had won over Ravana and started to Ayodhya, he was invited by sage Bharadwaja for a feast. But, Lord Ram was worried about his brother Bharatha who said he would end his life if Rama would not return in the mentioned time. Thus, Rama sends Hanuman as his messenger to Bharatha.

By the time Hanuman was entering Ayodhya, Bharatha was about to self-immolate himself due to the disappointment that Rama would not return. Stunned with this sight, Hanuman immediately sings the name of Shri Rama. Listening to it, Bharatha stops ending his life and listens to Hanuman. Thus, the name Rama saves the life of Bharatha too.

भरतप्राणप्रियकर राम्

I seek Refuge in Sri Rama, who added life and happiness to Bharatha.

Is Rama’s name greater than Ram himself?

It so happened that once a king Chandrabhanu was in penance and could not respect Vishwamitra. Then, Vishwamitra himself goes and takes a promise that whoever disrespects him, Rama would kill them. Vishwamitra being the Guru of Rama, Rama immediately accepts and promises him the same. 

Now Narada informs the same to Chandrabhanu. Scared, Chandrabhanu rushes to Hanuman for protection. Hanuman promises in the name of Ram Naam that he would protect him whoever they may be.

Now, to fulfill his promise, Rama sends his army to kill Chandrabhanu. But Hanuman defeats them all. Then Rama himself enters the battlefield. Seeing that it is Rama whom he has to fight, Hanuman falls into a dilemma. Even Rama orders him to hand over Chandrabhanu. But Hanuman mentions that he promised on the Ram Naam that he would protect Chandrabhanu. Thus, the battle between Hanuman and Rama starts. Rama starts shooting arrows at Hanuman, who stands fearlessly chanting Ram Naam!

Surprisingly, all the arrows turn into flower garlands and adorn Hanuman! Perplexed, Rama could not understand why this was happening. Then sage Vashsishtha who knows the secret energy of the name Rama reveals that the name Rama is greater than Ram himself!

“रमैया रमाभद्रराय रमाचंद्रैया वेदसे

रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीतायै पठयै नमः !! ”

“Oh Ram, Rama Chandra and Rama Bhadra – the husband of Sita Mata, Raghunatha, the descendant of Raghu, please bless me!”

Rama naam is equivalent to thousand names of Vishnu

It was when Lord Shiva was explaining the greatness of Vishnu’s thousand names to his wife Parvati, she got a doubt. How about normal men who cannot recite all the thousand names of Vishnu? Is there any savior for them? 

For this Lord Shiva explains: 

राम राम रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे ।

सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने ॥

Oh Parvati, those who cannot chant a thousand names of Vishnu should not miss chanting Rama. Rama is the most powerful name of Vishnu that is potent enough to remove all their sins. Thus, those who cannot chant Vishnu Sahasranama should recite Rama Nama thrice in sequence.

Rama is the 394th name of Vishnu according to Sahasranama.

The Padma Purana also mentions:

विष्णोर एका नामपि, सर्व वेधिकाम् मतम्

तद्रक नमः सहस्रने, रामा नाम समस्मृतम्

“The name Rama is more powerful than the whole Vedas combined. It is also superior to all the thousand names of Lord Vishnu.”

Ganesha attains power owing to Rama Nama

When their parents Lord Shiva and Parvathi announce a competition for Ganesha and Shanmukha that whoever covers the whole universe thrice would be awarded the Pratham Pujya, Shanmukha rushes on his vehicle peacock. Then Ganapati, the elder and the wiser one first chants Rama Nama and then circumambulates his parents thrice. It is because of the power of the name Rama that makes his effort a success and makes him the Pratham Pujya.

ओम क्लीम नमो भगवते रमाचंद्राय सकलजना वशाय ।।

This is a Ram mantra for success and happiness.

How Sweet is Rama Nama?

Nothing is sweeter than Rama nama. 

Tulsidas says Hanuman is greater than Ram because he constantly chants Ram Naam.

Ramadas says, “Sree Rama nee naama mento ruchiraa” – meaning Oh Rama, your naama is very tasty! Another legendary musician

Tyagayya says – “Nidhi chaala Sukhama” Meaning – what happiness does wealth bring compared to your name Rama!!

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Why is Lord Rama great?

Rama, the son of Dasaratha is a personification of Dharma. The Maryada Purushottama as he is called – the one who abides by Dharma even in times of difficulties. There is no one like Ram and no one would ever be. He is a symbol of an ideal son, ideal husband, ideal brother, and an ideal king. 

  • The Rama Rajya is the most ideal rule ever found on Earth. Rama ruled Ayodhya for 11,000 thousand years which is considered the Golden Era on the Earth.
  • Despite being the son of a king, Rama always abided by elders, Gurus, parents, and Dharma. 
  • Rama turned a stone into Ahalya and blessed the old Sabari by accepting her spittle fruits.
  • Gopanna or Sri Ramadasu, an ardent devotee of Rama calls him as Ikshvakukulatilaka. Which means he is the Herald of the Ikshvaku clan. 
  • Ramayanam – the journey of Rama is the first epic of Hindus. The Adi Kavya, the Saga of Sita and Rama has as many as 24,000 verses! 
  • The Gayatri Mantra has 24 letters that are taken from every 1001st verse of Ramayan!
  • Ram is the human incarnation of Vishnu. He faced all the troubles like a normal human abiding by the Dharma of the incarnation. Rama is the oldest worshipped form of Human. Studies say that Treta Yuga, when Rama lived, was 1,296,000 years ago!
  • Ravana was a great scholar. Rama knew that killing a scholar is equal to killing Brahma himself. Thus, after winning over Ravana and killing him, Rama establishes the Shiva Linga at Rameswaram to get rid of his sin.
  • Ramayanam – the journey of Rama is the first epic of Hindus. The Adi Kavya, the Saga of Sita and Rama has as many as 24,000 verses! 

राम् राम् जय राजा राम् ।

राम् राम् जय सीता राम् ।

Rama Rama Jaya Raja Ram |
Rama Rama Jaya Sita Ram |
O Rama, Sri Rama, Victory to You King Rama
O Rama, Sri Rama, Victory to You Sita Rama
Ram Lakshman and Sita

What is Sri Rama Navami?

Sri Rama Navami is the birthday of Lord Rama. According to the Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics research, Lord Ram was born on January 10 at 12.05 hours, 5114 BC. As per the Indian calendar, the time of the birth is in-between 12 noon and 1 pm, Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month.

Sri Rama Navami date 2023 is Thursday, March 30. Check Rama Navami wishes and whatsapp messages.

Why is Lord Rama blue in color?

  • Sadhguru says that the blue color that Rama or Krishna appears is their aura – the energy they radiate. The blue aura reflects the dynamism and that is what is being absorbed by the onlookers, making it an impression that Rama is blue.
  • Religious scholars opine that blue is between black and white. And thus, the neutral color. 
  • Blue is visionary magic. It is the color of the sky and water. Blue has the power to impart peace and calmness.

Miracle Power of Rama Nama

Chanting Ram naam imparts immense calmness to the mind. Rama nama dispels the fear of death. Even the sinner who commits the greatest sins attains salvation by chanting Rama nama with devotion. It is a practice to write Ram naam for 1 crore times amongst many Hindus. Most devotees also write Ram naam on Hanuman Jayanti day to seek the blessings of Hanuman. The miraculous power of Ram naam is believed to drive away from the malefic effects of planets and bring prosperity into one’s lives. 

अपादम आपाहटाराम दाताराम सर्व संपदम्

लोका भयं रामम श्री राम भयो भूयो नमाम्यहम्

Whose name removes all obstacles, whose name gifts all the prosperity, whose name brings in peace and calmness, Oh Rama, I bow my head to you and seek your blessings

Jai Shree Ram!!

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