65+ Happy Holi Wishes, Holi Celebration Quotes, Gift Ideas, Holi WhatsApp Messages

Happy Colors always make us feel special. We relate colors everywhere. We, through our Holi quotes, wish everything to be colorful and beautiful through Holi wishes. 

People usually say I want my life to be colorful. We even say I want to go to a colorful place. The whole point of colors is that it has some magic of bringing happiness into lives. Colors add the essence of glory to anything. In the busiest work-life of the present fast running generation and the technical works where people work hours long to meet up the ends. 

People often try to spend the weekend in peace letting out all the week’s stress by celebrating the little time they get. When it comes to celebrations, Indians celebrate festivals with a much more devotional touch and also enjoy the rituals. 

 What is Holi?

The festival of fun, happiness, and lots and lots of colors are the – HOLI. People’s way of celebrating Holi is varied all over the country. Though it is a very popular ancient festival of Hindu culture, it is diversely celebrated by everyone. 

The festival of colors as it is fondly called is the most loved festival. Holi represents the conquest of good over evil. It is celebrated in honor of the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated widely and with unity. It is fun to spend quality time with family, friends, and neighbors once in a while to let the stress out in any of the forms. 

We bid goodbye to the chilled winter and enter the spring. Moving our hips to the Desi beats with our friends and family, and dashing lots of colors on each other is what we do on Holi. It is the eve of celebration with ease of love with near and dear. 

Our family and friends usually travel far to pursue their careers and for their work life. Though we won’t be able to celebrate Holi with them, we have ways to happy holi wish them and send them our love in the form of messages. 

This festival usually falls in March. Happy holi wishes for our parents, holi quotes for our friends and holi gifts will just make them lively for the festival and they will enjoy it because of these Holi wishes. 

When is Holi 2022 date ?

Holi date in 2021, 2022, and 2023 are as follows:

  • In 2021, Holika Dahan 2021 is on March 28, and Holi 2021 on March 29. 
  • In 2022, Holika Dahan 2022 is on March 17, and Holi 2022 on March 18.
  • In 2023, Holika Dahan 2023 is on March 7, and Holi 2023 on March 8.

How is Holi Celebrated?

Holi is a festival of two days. The festival has a different history in different regions and they have their style of celebrating the occasion. 

Holika Dahan: The night before the actual Holi festival is Holika Dahan. People form a bonfire and burn the effigy of Holika, the evil sister of Hiranyakashyap who tried to kill Bhakt Prahlad. The entire night is spent singing, dancing, and feasting around the bonfire.

Holi festival day: The next day of Holika Dahan is the Holi festival day. On this day:

  • People wear white clothes and step out of their homes to play with colors, including powdered colors and colored water.
  • They apply colors to each other’s faces. They also splash buckets of color water onto each other!
  • The whole playing with colors goes till noon when people take an elongated bath and get ready for the Holi feast.

Mothers start with prayers and making sweets on the festival day. In India, Gujia which is a traditional sweet is made from wheat and is fried. It is a mouth-watering sweet which is also taken as a snack in the evening or with tea. We first put colors on a plate and place them in front of God to bless us and bless our family on this auspicious day.

In most North Indian households malpuye is made on the occasion of Holi. The kids in the house start playing with colors in the early mornings. Eventually, every family member plays Holi with colors and waters. Holi brings joy to everyone. It brings happiness and smiles to everyone’s face. 

Later after puja, people take the blessings of our elders. Though it is celebrated differently in different places, we all end up with the happiness of having fun irrespective of our ages. Big events are organized in some places with music and colors to celebrate together. People dance along with their multicolored faces and outfit. 

All the Bollywood Holi special songs are played by the DJ. People dance their our hearts out and throw colors in the air.” Bura namaano Holi hai” is the popular phrase used to applying colors to friends and also ur loved ones with whom we have small or big tiffs. 

Families and friends gather and have fun while relishing the festive lunch with Holi special sweets and dishes. The evening is the time for spending with friends and family watching Holi movies, dancing to desi beats and Holi songs, and exchanging fun, laughter, and Holi gifts. Holi is an occasion to build and mend knotted relationships into a smooth strand of silk cloth which increases love between us to many more folds. It creates happiness and joy and lets us feel more fulfilled and happier. 

Holi is popular among non-Hindus in ancient times but eventually, the spread of the celebration of this festival has reached all over the world. It is celebrated all over the world as a symbol of happiness, friendship, fun, and love. 

Holi is most loved by kids as they are allowed to play with colors and water. There are many ways to celebrate Holi with kids. They enjoy playing. Many people often celebrate by dancing to traditional songs, playing dandiyas, lath maar Holi in which men are beaten with sticks for fun and enjoyment, etc. 

How NRIs celebrate Holi?

Holi is celebrated together with friends, families, neighbors, and also extended families. Indians who travel overseas for studies and work purposes, also celebrate Holi. There are different kinds of Holi events organized locally. These gatherings make people from different places interact more and bring new friendships into their lives. This festival of love brings in positivity and spreads love among the people.

People exchange Holi gifts as a mark of respect and love. Many people of other countries too get fascinated by witnessing our festivals, their celebration and love. They get inspired to be a part of our family in the foreign land. 

People who love outside India get introduced to different people and also, people from their own country in foreign lands which helps them feel at home and makes their Holi a happy one. Celebrating a festival is important but creating bonds is more important. And Holi gives many chances for mending relations and making new ones.

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Holi wishes to send to your family

Without family, we are just incomplete. We might be busy with our life but just a text of Holi wishes on a festival can make the festival more special for our loved ones. When our friends and family are far away, we usually prefer to send them to warm happy holi wish at festivals. We send Holi quotes, Holi wishes, and Holi gifts convey our love for them. Our phones are flooded with Holi wishes from family, friends, our colleagues, etc. 

We love celebrating Holi with our family. In Hindu culture, we often put a pinch of Holi colors on our parents’ and elders’ feet and touch them to take their blessings. Elders in return do our tilak and put some color on our cheeks lovingly. 

Celebrating Holi with family is so much fun as Holi wishes to keep flooding from our elders with their love and blessings. They are the ones who explain to us the real meaning and significance of the festival and why we celebrate it. 

On this occasion, we exchange Holi gifts and also fill our mouths with mouthwatering sweets. We remain in old clothes because they get dirty and get printed in many colors after celebrating the festival. People who want a nice print on their plainclothes can try wearing it on this day. By evening it will be drenched in all the colors from the rainbow. 

Happy holi wishes to our parents light up their faces too. When they get older they only enjoy this festival by witnessing their children play with colors. But if their fit and lively and are still the little children that reside in their heart then they too get along with the kids. Elders, youngsters, everyone enjoys this occasion equally. 

Here are some of the Holi wishes you can send your family.

  • You filled my life with colors and made it more special. 
  • Sending you lots of love and wishing you a very Happy holi wish Mom and Dad.
  • My childhood was so colorful and every holi was a lot more fun with my family. I wish you a colorful Happy holi wish, my dear family.
  • Wishing you all positive moments. Spend a colorful and happy holi wish, my dear family.
  • Enjoy the colors and taste some sweets and make this colors festival glorious and prosperous. Happy holi wish.
  • With a mix of different colors on your faces, you all look so weird and cute. Happy holi wishes to my parents with lots of love.
  • The festival of colors comes to add a little more beauty to my awesome parents. Happy festival of love.
  • Dear mom and dad, I remember playing with colors along with you on every holi. I miss being mischievous. Happy holi wish to you both.
  • May this eve of colors bring up more glory to your life and give you the comfort you needed. Happy holi wish to mom and dad.
  • Every color represents a different emotion. I wish a very Happy holi wish filled with the emotions of positivity to my family.
  • The most favorite festival which fills joy and brings delight is to be celebrated with a cheer on our faces. Happy holi wishes to my family.
  • I wish you to celebrate Holi with lots of colors and much more happiness. Happy holi wish to my dear family.
  • Colors influence our moods. I Wish you a happy holi wish and celebrate with joy.
  • Holi is a celebration of happiness with colors and also presenting our traditional rituals. Happy holi wish to my family with love and lots of respect.
  • Happy colorful and safe Holi wishes dear mom and dad.
  • Spreading happiness is good for everyone. On this beautiful day, I wish you to celebrate the colors festival with near and dear with more and more happiness. Happy holi wish to my family.
  • The spread of colors is as beautiful as spread of love. I wish you a Happy holi wish. 
  • I wish every day of your life to be as colorful as today. Happy holi wish to my dearest parents.

Happy holi wish from us to our elders especially parents can light up their WhatsApp and their day if they are living far away from us. Generally, parents do not celebrate any festival so lively if their children are far. 

A happy holi wish like the ones are given here can light up their day and encourage them to explore life even without their kids being physically present. They can explore dancing on Holi or know how much they love the festival and how they can celebrate it even if they are not so young anymore. 

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Happy holi wish to send to your siblings and cousins

We played with our siblings and grew up with them. There wouldn’t be any day without annoying or irritating them. We do regularly meet our cousins and some festivals are celebrated together as well. 

Our childhood would be bored with books and television if we didn’t have brothers or sisters to always annoy or fight with. On Holi, buckets of water and colors on each other and bathing for hours to let go of the color before mom starts shouting is so memorable. It was always fun. 

Holi is the occasion when we take revenge on our siblings for irritating us all year long. The best way how we give Holi wishes to our siblings is but making their faces funny with all the permanent colors and drawing their beards and mustache. That permanent color takes hours of bathing, scrubbing, and shampooing to wear off. 

When our siblings wake up we shout our happy holi wish to them and run away as fast as we can before they reach the nearest mirror. These memories are priceless and Holi wishes make them even better. This festival is the best to celebrate with brothers, sisters, and cousins. Teaming up with all our cousins we can form a cricket team and play Holi with each other. The one who is the cleanest wins the game! And ofcourse they get the most of Holi gifts.

So here are some funny Holi wishes to send your siblings and cousins.

  • I wish I could see your weirdest face now with all those colors on your face. Happy holi wishes little kiddo.
  • I saved some color to make you look beautiful without the use of your makeup set. Happy holi wish to my sweet cute sister.
  • We would rather have a WWE match than celebrate a normal holi. Cheers to our childhood and I wish you a happy holi wish my dear brother.
  • Lots of Holi hugs and spreading colors from my face to yours. I wish you a happy holi wish my little cute sister.
  • Even though we fight more, we pretend too good for each other at festivals. Happy holi wishes dear brother.
  • Remembering all the unfortunate mischievous acts we did all our childhood makes me laugh at times. I miss the old us. Happy holi wish to my loving brother.
  • No matter how many times you blamed me for your mistakes, I will always love you. Happy holi wish to my lovely sister.
  • From fighting for toys to helping me sneak out for a party you were always with me helping me make beautiful memories. Happy colorfulholi to you dear.
  • Even when we are out of colors, we still make holi to work with water. Lots of water followed by chills. Happy holi wish my dear.
  • Though I always loved annoying you, I really care for you. I wish you a colorful life and a Happy holi wish.
  • Old times are always good in memory and trying to live with them is the only best we could ever do. Happy holi wish to my dearest cousin.
  • Family gatherings are super fun when you have cousins around you. They are more than friends and so special. Happy holi wish to my dearest cousin who made it possible to have fun always.
  • Cousins don’t need any specific occasion to celebrate. They make your childhood more blissful. Happy holi wish to my loved one.
  • Go get some colors and dash them into anyone you come across. This is the only day you will be excused for this. Happy dashing holi dear brother.
  • Darker the colors, darkest the memories. Don’t let anyone forget this day any soon. Happy holi wish dear brother, have more fun.
  • Play and enjoy the colors. Happy holi wishes to you dear brother.
  • Ask your friends to dash only pink on to your face. I love your pinkish face. Happy holi wishes dear sister.
  • Embrace the happiness of celebrating holi and be happy always. Happy holi wishes dear sister, be blessed with goodwill and positivity. 

This festival also helps build love and care among siblings. Brothers and sisters care for each other and save each other from Holi colors and from anyone troubling them. We always stand with our siblings and cousins and shower them with our happy holi wish. These Holi quotes will be the perfect crisp to add to a sibling, brother-sister, sister-sister, brother-brother relationship.

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Holi Wishes to send to your Friends

The most important people in our life after our family are our friends. We find friends at different stages of our life. Friends help us every time. They feel us. They understand us when no one can. We share everything with our friends are they are the closest to us and are of the same age group. Therefore, we are free in front of them to be our true, authentic selves. Their presence is so important. Wishing them goodness and happiness on special occasions and also being there for each other is very important. 

We give Holi wishes to our friends just like our siblings. We drench them in colors and hide them under colors as much as we can. We love irritating them and hiding them behind colors on Holi. We put so much color that their face is no longer visible. 

All our friends along with us look like multicolor vampires on Holi. We throw our friends in the colorful water and use water guns and water balloons to drench them in permanent colors. These colors are so permanent that even after cleaning the in the shower for one hour they do not come off and our face is still red post-Holi. These are the memories that we cherish in our adult life and are therefore very important to be enjoyed and to make our life more fulfilling and happier. 

Festivals do that magic and create happiness and loads of memories for us to keep forever in our hearts. Holi is the festival to celebrate with friends more than family as it is all about fun, games, and enjoyment. 

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Here are some cool Holi quotes or wishes to send your friends on Holi.

  • I promise that I will always be there for you on holi to fill you with colors. Happy holi wish to my best friend.
  • If we are out of colors, don’t worry I will hug you and more color to you. Happy holi wish.
  • Sending you colors of love to make your life more colorful and interesting. Happy holi wish.
  • Wishing you a happy safe Holi with eco-friendly colors.
  • There were times when you used eggs and tomatoes instead of colors on holi. That was a really bad memory but it brings a smile to my face. Happy holi wish.
  • Walking down the lanes and hiding from friends with the colors was really so scary. I miss those good old days. Happy holi wish dear.
  • Wishing you a stronger and happier life with added colors of happiness. Happy holi wish dear.
  • From coloring in our drawing books to coloring each other’s faces on holi 
  • We all grew up. I wish you a warm and happy holi wish.
  • Fill in colors of love and spread happiness to everyone. Happy holi wish.
  • Let no negativity enter your life. Be Bright and brave. Happy holi wish.
  • Dash away all the bad experiences and add colors to your life and embrace reality. Happy holi wish.
  • In the world of confusion, try to be cool and bring peace to your mind. Wishing you a happy and colorful Holi.
  • Bottle up the toxicity of your life and burn it off. Be Happy and peaceful. Happy holi wish.
  • Out of all the pressure, take time for yourself, and spread the love and happiness of colors. Happy holi wish.
  • Play, sing, and dance. Let the festival of love bring more positivity into your life. Happy holi wish.
  • Celebrate the happiness of togetherness with your loved ones. Happy holi wish.
  • Add colors to your face and some moves to your body and dance. Happy holi wish.

This festival makes a rainbow of our day and like the clouds are happy to post rainfall so are we with our friends, family, and loved ones. One Holi too we are invisible in colors all day and in the evening we put on our nicest clothes. 

Though our face is still red because of those permanent colors, that glow on our faces is out of happiness and a day full of adventure and drama. We are never home on Holi after we get up. We head up straight and makeup strategies to the trouble and put color on our friends and siblings. Our friends too have already planned to flop ours and this planning and plotting make the festival an overall success. In the end, no one is clean, everyone is drenched in colors with a monkey face. 

Holi wishes for special ones

Everyone has special people in their lives. They make us feel so special and they are important to us. We have respect for them in our hearts and we wish for their happiness. We love celebrating festivals, especially Holi with our loved ones and special ones. We apply colors to their face and vice versa. 

The festival becomes more beautiful due to these people and it makes us happier and we enjoy the festival more. People respect each other and some express their affection to them on special occasions be send messages, wishing them good and positives. Here are some holi wishes which can be sent to your special ones at the festival of colors.

  • May your day fill with different colors of love and happiness. Happy holi wish.
  • I wish all the true colors embrace you and give you the comfort of love. Happy holi wish.
  • Let the reality of all your endeavors reach you and make your life colorful and prosperous. Happy holi wish.
  • May the colors on your face enlighten the beauty of your smile. Happy holi wish.
  • To infinity and beyond, I promise to give you the comfort of life and make your life colorful and bright. Happy holi wish.
  • I promise that I will always buy more colors for you to fill into your life and also on your face. Happy holi wish.
  • To the most special person of my life, I promise to protect you every time from the colors you hate. Happy holi wish.
  • Let us walk into the streets together and have more fun. Happy holi wish dear.
  • You walked into my life and added colors to my dark life. Happy holi wish dear.
  • I feel the essence of love in the colors of happiness you spread around. Happy holi wish to you.
  • Wishing you the power to fight against the negativity and let in the positives of life. Happy holi wish.
  • Sending you loads of love on the festival of love. Happy holi wish dear.
  • Embrace the colors of love and cheer up your soul. Happy holi wish.
  • Every day you bring a smile to my lips, And cheer up me when am down, You brought a bunch of love and added color to my life. Happy holi.
  • Hoping this festival of love and togetherness brings us closer. Wishing you tons of happiness and prosperity. Here’s my Happy holi wish.
  • Welcome the colors into your life and accept the new reality. Wishing you a very Happy holi wish.
  • To my dearest one, I wish all the good luck and love to you with added colors into your life. Happy holi wish.
  • Every day is a new day, to begin with. I wish you a happy and colorful life. Happy holi wish.

We love celebrating Holi with our special ones. Even if we are away from them our message can break all barriers of distance and time and reach them in seconds. The development of communication facilities and signals have led us to this. 

In early times people used to send love letters via pigeons. It took two to three days or even more if the distance was more for the pigeon to reach its destinations and reach the writer’s beloved. These developing times have helped meet those millions of kilometers in just a few milliseconds. By sending our message we can be close to our loved ones despite all the distance and time difference. 

We can also send them gifs along with our Happy holi wish or pictures and stickers to make our message look more attractive and colorful. This will help our loved ones in feeling special and loved. It will make their day beautiful just like the colors they will witness in the sky that day till the sun sets among the stars and the moon appears in the night sky. There will be a smile on their face and because of them on our faces too and at the end of the day, that’s what matters to us. 

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Holi is one of the most important, fun and grand festivals in our country. And like all festivals, on this day too we send out happy Holi wishes, Holi gifts, Holi wishes and Holi quotes to our loved ones. These Holi quotes and Holi gifts allow us to connect to our school friends or college friends with whom we have not been in touch for so long. 

These Holi wishes and Holi gifts allow us to rejuvenate, reconnect, and relax during this festive season and no longer have to spend hours figuring out what to send our friends and family. These Holi wishes and Holi gifts come in handy whenever we want to try and catch up with our friends and what is a better occasion than a festival. These Holi quotes and Holi gifts will remind them of the times we spend with them on Holi or other fun activities and enthusiastic memories they have with us. 

This festival of colors will also become the festival of reconnecting and regrowth of old, worn-out relationships. As this is the festival of forgetting old quarrels and tying these relationships, these Holi quotes will help us take the first step in that direction. These Holi gifts will help tie our relationship in a beautiful flower-shaped bow so that the relation blossoms like the flower.