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Importance of Earth Day & Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day is a global movement that reminds us of the necessity to save Earth from the repercussions of pollution. The World Earth Day importance spans globally. It is an annual event that occurs on the 22nd April every year. Environmental activists and Earth lovers organize various events intended to create awareness to save Earth.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day came into inception in 1970. Senator Gaylord Nelson was the pioneer of the Earth Day idea. After witnessing the drastic impact of the oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, with Pete McCloskey, another environmental enthusiast, Nelson started teaching on college campuses about the consequences of pollution.

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Facts about Earth Day

We can understand the significance of Earth Day from the though-provoking Earth Day facts as shared below:

  • Food waste is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gases. The less food we waste, the better for the environment.
  • Global warming is real. It is visible from the untimely rains, cyclones, floods, and droughts that never happened before industrialization.
  • But then why is Earth Day celebrated on 22nd April? The pioneers of Earth Day – Nelson and McCloskey chose the date so it does not disturb the academic schedule of college students. The day enabled the participation of a maximum number of students and helped to create awareness about Earth Day.

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Importance of Earth Day

The First Earth Day itself was a huge success. Due to the voices raised by the students and the protests done, the Federal Government recognized the necessity to pass regulations to protect the environment.

The later year, the United States Environmental Protection Agency laws came into existence, including the National Environmental Education Act, The Water Quality Improvement Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, The Endangered Species Act, The Toxic Substances Control Act, The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act, and the Clean Air Act.

Studies indicate that 25% of Americans identified the need for environmental protection after the launch of Earth Day.

Thus, Earth Day was a huge success in creating the necessary legal regulations to prevent people from aggravating the pollution.

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World Earth Day Importance

The significance of Earth Day prevails in pressurizing the governments to focus on issues related to Environmental protection.

Every year, demonstrations occur globally about how governments and citizens can minimize the damage humans are causing to the Earth.

The year 1990 is a milestone in the history of Earth Day. It was in this year that Earth Day went global. More than 75,000 activists across 192 countries participated in Earth Day celebrations to raise their concerns about protecting our planet.

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 Importance of World Earth Day

  • Every year Earth day celebrations occur with a unique theme. It helps to emphasize resolving the related environmental concerns by passing regulations and creating awareness among people.
  • The main organizer of Earth Day is EARTHDAY.ORG. It educates people about the burning issues such as pollution, global warming, etc.
  • The Earth Day 2023 theme is yet to be announced. The Earth Day 2021 theme was Restore our Earth while Earth Day theme 2022 was Invest in our Planet. It focused on innovations that help repair the damage done to biodiversity and the environment with an urgent necessity to restore the ecological balance.

Thanks to the Earth Day celebrations, various governments have noticed the necessity for environmental conservation. Laws and regulations that favor the measures to turn Earth green again took their birth, thanks to the Earth day celebrations.

For instance, the UK adopted a 10-step action plan to achieve its ‘green industrial revolution’ agenda. Some of the measures as a part of this program include going carbon neutral, creating employment in green industries, passing legislations that favor environmental conservation, and implementing solutions that minimize the damage caused to the Earth to date.

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Importance of Earth Day

The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to appreciate Earth Day meaning. This global event provides an opportunity to recognize the dependence of humans on Earth and the ecosystem.

On Earth Day, you can make your contribution to save the Earth by following the practices as given below:

  • Participate in World Earth Day celebrations conducted by EARTHDAY.ORG. Learn how we damage the Earth by voluntary and involuntary actions by attending various insightful sessions.
  • Gain knowledge about how you turn into an Earth savior by learning from workshops and panel discussions.

Furthermore, the significance of World Earth Day lies in utilizing the opportunity it presents to introspect and inspect our daily life habits to make necessary changes in our lifestyle.

Earth day celebration ideas

Here are some ideas to celebrate Earth Day:

  • Shifting to plant-based food is a proven way to reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Take a pledge to limit the waste contributed from your part from day-to-day life.
  • Cultivate the habit of reducing and recycling to eliminate your carbon footprint.
  • Pledge to walk, carpool, and use public transportation to contribute to going green and eco-friendly for future generations.
  • Shift to eco-friendly items in the place of single-use and throw plastic. Promote related awareness and participate in related discussions and volunteering events.
  • Gift plants to your near and dear and ask them to protect and nurture them.
  • Every small act counts when it comes to protecting the Earth. For instance, shifting to cloth bags instead of plastic ones, using glass and or steel bottles in place of plastic bottles is the first step we can take towards protecting the Earth.
  • Staying responsible while spending time with nature, preventing forest fires, and refraining from using plastic while camping and hiking are super easy measures we can implement to save Earth effortlessly.

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Earth Day is more than a global event. It brings countries, governments, and politics on the global dais and pushes towards caring for the Earth. It reminds us that the planet Earth is not dependent on humans, but we are dependent on it. Let us implement these Earth day celebration ideas everyday in our lifestyle too.

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