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Inspirational Speech on Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day speech has the power to bring to light the issues faced by women all across the world. It is the day when governments and people recognize the achievements of women. Experts gather and discuss what else can be done for their upliftment. Every nation that has to step ahead should realize the importance of women and their equal participation in all aspects.

Though the celebration of International Women’s Day originated in New York, most countries in the modern world celebrate the day with inspiring women’s day speeches.  That said, the celebrations of International women’s day are to be made with a commitment that is truly oriented towards results. Speech on women’s day should reflect both the achievements of modern women and the privileges that women across the world still need to enjoy.

Women's Day Celebration

How to prepare an inspirational speech on women’s day?

Giving a speech on a special occasion needs research. One should grasp every detail of why, what, how, and when of the occasion and talk accordingly. For a day like Women’s day, the homework has to be deeper. The women’s day speech has to include facts and discuss possible actions that are realizable. 

Here are some ideas on how to present a motivational speech on women’s day that will inspire anyone.

Talk local

International women’s day is a global event. But the celebrations and speech have to be based on the local place where you are delivering the speech on women’s day. 

For instance, if a speech is being given in a college or office or school in India, you should mention the socio-political, economic, and cultural aspects of Indian women. If the speech on women’s day is online, and you are sharing your views with a diverse audience hailing from different nations and backgrounds, you should cover generic and global aspects related to women.

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Include the history

International Women’s day has a cause. You should clearly understand why it originated and what led to its inception. Dig into the history of IWD and understand the socio-cultural aspects that led to its beginning. 

International Women’s day was celebrated first on February 28, 1909, in New York. Later, in 1910, German delegates at the International Socialist Women’s Conference decided that “a special Women’s Day” be organized annually. In 1917, it was in Russia that Women’s Day was declared as a National Holiday. Thus, the practice slowly got adopted and in 1977, the United Nations recognized this day 1977.

“I think we are so deeply entrenched in a patriarchal mindset, that men are as much victims of patriarchy as women are. When we can shake that off, that is what a feminist would be, whether a man or a woman.”

Shabana Azmi

Start with home

Women are the key to every successful man. Be it a Prime Minister or a President, the roots of their success lie in the values mothers taught them. Not to mention, the cooperation and sacrifices their spouses make. So, your speech on women’s day should start by mentioning a token of gratitude for every wonderful woman in your life. 

Mention notable contemporary women

Women today are shattering the glass ceilings and ruling corporate companies and countries. The situation is appreciable in many ways compared to the olden days, where women were barely visible in workplaces. In your women’s day speech, you can mention notable women in your nation or across the world who achieved successes tearing down the age-old notion that women fit only to the homes.

Happy Women Day

Throw light on women’s issues

Women have certainly achieved many victories compared to the past time where they were confined to the kitchens. Yet, there is a lot more that needs to be done for women. Many women across the globe are still in the shackles of restrictions – social, economic, financial, and cultural. 

In your speech on women’s day, throw light on such issues that are rampant and are obstructing women from opening their voices.

For instance, many families prefer educating boys as compared to sending girls to school. Thus, girls from poor families are denied education. Similarly, dowry deaths are one of the shocking social atrocities in countries like India. Many brides who step into in-laws’ house with dreams for a new life are forced to end their own lives unable to bear the torture of in-laws and husband for extra money and dowry.

Similarly, sexual harassment, assaults, and murders of women are prevalent all across the world. No stringent laws are able to stop heinous acts on women. Child marriages and prostitution are rampant in poor families that have no education. Parents themselves force minors and young girls into sacrificing their lives for the sake of money. The wage gap and pink-collarisation of jobs and education are other challenges that women today face. You can talk about such challenges and issues that women are facing even today.

The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued.

Michelle Obama

Show solutions

Now that we mentioned challenges, we also need to explain in our speech on women’s day what should be done to overcome them. In other words, your women’s day speech should give some ideas that work in practice towards their upliftment.

“In the Indian context, safety of women employees needs to be implemented along with giving them a voice to voice their concerns”

Kanika Tekriwal

Inspire children and youth

Speeches bring in results when we can inspire children and youth through them. They are the face of the future. Thus, your speech on women’s day should inspire them. They should find some value and learn lessons on why they should respect women at every step of life. 

Well, the above-mentioned aspects are just for an understanding of how to draft an inspirational speech on women’s day. The ideas are unlimited and are left to your creativity. 

Women's Day

Sample Speech on Women’s Day

Here is a sample motivational speech on women’s day that you can give a speech on women, particularly from India.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration that marks the victories of women in all aspects. It is a day that recognizes the incomparable sacrifices that every woman makes for her family. The day also celebrates the achievements of women who are in high positions breaking the gender disparity.

Women play an irreplaceable role in everyone’s life. Right from birth to death, a woman completes the life of a man. As a mother, sister, friend, lover, wife, and daughter, a woman dons many roles and guides a man in many different stages of life. 

Women in India have always garnered many appreciations for their unique qualities. Sri Vivekananda once said, “The Hindu women are very spiritual and very religious, perhaps more so than any other women in the world. If we can preserve these beautiful characteristics and at the same time develop the intellects of our women, the Hindu woman of the future will be the ideal woman of the world.”

The marriage system in India is being applauded by the rest of the world. The system is still intact, thanks to the patience and understanding of Indian women. We can see in India, that even though many women are educated and self-empowered, they give immense value to the families and marital relations. This is what is keeping alive the culture of this great land and is causing envy to the Western world. Thus, on this women’s day, let us thank every woman of our life first who is responsible for what we are today.

Speech on Women

We see many women across the world today who are ruling the countries, sending satellites into space and handling the challenges of the companies, and many more. 

Powerful women such as Arundhati Bhattacharya – the famous Indian banker, the ‘rocket women’ of India at ISRO, Sudha Murthy – the world-renowned philanthropist and without whom Infosys would not have taken its shape, Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman who served as Finance and Defence Minister, etc., are all exemplary women. They are examples of what a woman can achieve with strong will and family support.

Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.

Mahatma Gandhi

Despite all such positive aspects, women in India still need a huge helping hand in many aspects. Lack of education in the families under the poverty line is a major constraint for related women. 

For women of other economic groups, though education is being present, in not many cases it is happening that they have their voice. Evil practices and superstitions in society around them are killing the wings of women though they are capable of achieving many things.

Female feticide is rampant in many areas of India. It is the women (both uneducated mothers and mothers-in-law) that are cruelly killing the female foetuses through illegal abortions. Dowry, another malpractice of Indian society, is leading to the death of many new brides due to the greed of in-laws and spouses for women-related money.

Sita is typical of India— the idealized India. The question is not whether she ever lived, whether the story is history or not, we know that the ideal is there.

Swami Vivekananda

College girls and working women are facing sexual harassment in many forms. Not many such cases come up to light due to the fear of the society and the long, harassing legal processes that follow in case of complaints. The MeToo movement brought into light how rampant women’s harassment is across many industries. Surprisingly, no justice has been done to any woman who opened up that they too were victims of sexual harassment. This pitiable situation has to change immediately in this male-dominated society of India. Laws and legal authorities should be more supportive of women who open up and claim to be the victims of sexual harassment.

For working women, though there is a freedom to earn, not many families support her in many ways. The burden and stress on a working woman are thrice compared to the one who is not working outside the home. Help from families is less than expected and women suffer a lot to prove themselves at both the working places and at homes.

In their professions too, not everything is green for women. Many politics and ego games come into play and hinder her progress into the further levels of her career. Many times, most women give up the fight for promotions and other perks that they deserve unable to find any support in the office. Stringent and transparent laws need to be framed and executed at all workplaces to prevent such situations.

“You don’t wait for choices to appear, but you move on by making your own way.”

Srimathi Shivashankar, HCL

India is a land where women are said to be worshipped as Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswathi. Pitifully, this is also a country where sex trafficking and a crime against minors girls is rampant. The country ranks 7th worst in the global ranking on crime against women, as per Wikipedia. 

Terrifyingly, the nation is moving towards a stage where heinous crimes against women are rising year after year at an alarming rate. Acid attacks, sexual crimes, marital rapes, and harassment are increasing at a disturbing level despite framing new laws with time. It shows that the judiciary has to be stricter in punishing the criminals to curb such crimes against women.

The solution to empower women lies in educating them. By providing them with mandatory formal education, we can instill immense confidence in every woman. Also, education boards should make vocational training for women mandatory. It can include anything ranging from tailoring to welding and driving or any other trade a woman wills to learn. But, every woman should have expert level knowledge in one trade along with formal education and literacy.

Besides, curricula should incorporate self-defense skills such as Karate and Kung Fu for girl children as mandatory. It will strengthen them both physically and mentally and will help them throughout their life. They can protect themselves from vultures that are ready to attack them everywhere around the corner as and when they step out of the home.

Just like charity begins at home, we have to start making a change from our home and society. We need to work together to make this world a better place for women.

Union Minister Smriti Irani

Laws should be made to empower women in all aspects. The current reservation for women is applaudable. But, in many places like political opportunities, the reservations for women are being misused. The quota for women should be raised. Scholarships and financial aids should be increased to promote girl education and women empowerment.

More and more women should be encouraged to stand on their own feet by starting their enterprises and startups. An empowered woman can empower many women. The chain has to continue while this is only possible when women realize that they are capable of doing much more than they imagine. All that they need to achieve anything is a little confidence and the courage to realize their dreams. Let this women’s day be the start of their successful journey!

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on it and the perseverance to follow it.

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla

Virtual Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Celebrations bring us together. They relieve us from the daily monotony and stress. But when the whole world has gone virtual, why stop celebrations with the reason that we do not meet at the office in person? Here are some virtual women’s day celebration ideas that are easy to implement and are super fun too.

  • Wear a theme color: Discuss and decide on a color for the dress. Share the message to every woman in your team/office to wear her favorite dress in that color. You could also announce a Best Dressed Woman award!
  • Arrange Mentoring Sessions: Work from home increased the stress, unsurprisingly more on women. Arrange a Zoom session with a noted psychologist, career guidance expert where they share tips and tricks for your female team members to beat the stress. Similar virtual meets can be organized with yoga experts who can share their tips on weight management through yoga or breathing exercises to destress.
  • Plan for Virtual Lunch: Arrange virtual lunch meetings. Share some small talk during this lunch meeting where you could discuss the new recipe or a new yoga pose. After all, talking with our friends (thought virtual!) can kick away the feeling that we are working alone from home. You can also surprise them by ordering healthy food to home and have a virtual lunch together!!
  • Surprise with gifts: Your employees might be working from home, but you may send them surprise women’s day gifts to their home address. Consider spa certificates, organic body care kits, dark chocolates, variants of green tea, inspiring desk décor, etc., as virtual women’s day gifts.
  • Run a campaign on social media: Run a campaign for the whole week before Women’s day. Create a hashtag and encourage discussions and sharing of ideas among all the women employees in your organization.
  • Run a virtual talent show: Hold a talent show. Let your team display their talent – singing, dancing, hobbies, arts, and other super talents. Nothing can be more fulfilling than sharing our hobbies with friends who appreciate and encourage us.
  • Initiate a discussion: Invite women of your organization to talk freely about any pressing topic related to the work environment or work-life balance. Ideas shared are ideas gained. Women’s problems can be solved by taking inputs from other women who have gone through such a stage or has another view of such a problem.
  • Let men talk: Women’s day celebrations need not always about women – encourage men in leadership roles to share their thought on women’s day. They could give some career advice to young women who are new to the jobs or announce any benefitting policies that make all women more comfortable being a part of the company.
  • Announce surpriseawards: Surprise your female workforce with surprise awards. Be it Never Late Comer, Least Number of Leave Taker, Best Dress, Best All Rounder, announce surprise awards virtually.
  • Give them motivation: Women are strong. However, a little motivation could take them further. Share books written by Thought Leaders. Give them the support that the company cares for their well-being. Distribute free health check-up certificates. Send them motivational posters and nutrition-related gifts to home.

Best Gifts for Women’s Day

Gifts are a way you express love or respect to someone. By surprising the wonderful women of your life with a meaningful gifts for women’s day, you can fill their hearts with a feeling of bliss.

Make sure to gift something they will cherish. For instance, women sacrifice many interests after marriage and children are born. Your wife may be excellent in painting, but due to family works, she cannot find the time and energy to continue her passion. Similarly, your mother may love to go on a walk or do gardening. Gifting her a pair of good walking shoes or buying her new gardening set will make her face glow.

While women love cosmetics and apparel, today we have a plethora of gift for women’s day in our reach. Choose one that is unique and will really bring cheer to your dear woman. Some women’ day gift ideas are listed here:

  • Fitness related: Yoga mats, walking shoes, dumbells, etc.
  • Gardening and pets related: Pots, seeds, gardening kits.
  • For pet lovers: A cute puppy or grooming set for her pet
  • For book lovers: Choices are endless
  • For music lovers: A pair of handless headset, Bluetooth speakers, or maybe a new mobile phone with state-of-art sound features.
  • For spiritual persons: Puja items, books on religion, idols, and related home décor items
  • For the health-conscious: Organic gifting sets in food, make-up, body care, bath, hair care, and many more
  • For working women and students: Handcrafted desk decor, laptop bags, pepper spray, personal defense items, laptops, mousepads, notebooks, diaries, journals, desk decors, planners, nutrition products, etc.
  • Gift vouchers and certificates: Spa certificates, online gift vouchers, etc.
  • Generic women’s day gifts: Roses, chocolates, teddies, inspirational quotes, kitchen and household items that make life easy, coffee mugs, personalized gift items, wooden gifts, and handmade items, artisan items, indie-gifts – the choices for women’s day gifts are unlimited.

More than all these, remind them to take care of their health and mental well-being. Give them enough freedom to express their opinions. Let them grab some time for them daily to sip a cup of coffee in peace. Love and respect women who make your lives possible, every single day!

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