Is Hockey the National Game of India: Facts and Myths

Indian national symbols possess a strong relation with Indian heritage and culture. For instance, we all know the reason why Banyan is the national tree and the peacock is the national bird of India. Similarly, the delicious reasons why mango is the national fruit are popular. When it comes to the Indian national game, the most popular answer is: hockey is the national game of India.

So, what made Hockey the national game? Is hockey the national game India? As we move ahead, let us understand the myths and facts around the Indias national sport Hockey!

Indias National Game

When it comes to modern Indian history or post-independence, cricket is the most followed sport in India. However, from 1928 to 1956, it was hockey that ruled the hearts of millions of Indians so much so that we all believe today that hockey is Indias national sport.

The glory hockey owns is due to the reason for their successive successes during this period. The Indian hockey team won six consecutive Olympic gold medals which filled the hearts of millions of Indians with pride. As a result of such great Olympic hockey history, every Indian household believed that hockey is the national game India.

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What is the national game of India?

Till 2012, everyone believed that hockey is the Indian national game though there was no official announcement regarding this. However, when a ten-year girl from Lucknow, Aishrwaya Parashar requested the facts through the Right to Information Act if Hockey is the Indias national sport.

In a stunning revert from the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs, she received a confirmation that Hockey was never declared an Indian national game. This clarified the confusion behind if hockey is the national game of India.

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History of Hockey

In 1925, the Indian hockey federation took birth. This created the emergence of various hockey legends such as Dhyanchand and Dhanraj Pillai.

Between 1928 and 1956, the Indian hockey team won international tournaments and brought six consecutive Olympic Gold Medals, winning 24 consecutive matches and scoring 178 goals while conceding only 7 in their half.

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India Hockey Team

Among the popular players of the Indian hockey team of this golden period were Richard Allen, Dhyan Chand, Michael Gately, William Goodsir- Cullen, Leslie Hammond, Feroze Khan, Santosh Manglani, George Martins, Rex Norris, Broome Pinninger, Michael Rocque, Frederick Seaman, Shaukat Ali, Jaipal Singh, Kher Singh Gill.

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The Indian hockey team once again played at a remarkable level during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1980 Moscow Olympics. However, post-1980, the hockey team could not shine well. In 2002, the Indian women’s hockey team won gold in Commonwealth Games held in Manchester, England.

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indian hockey women

Let’s encourage tomorrow’s hockey players!

It is evident from Olympic hockey history, that India has a great history of winning hockey. People in India still consider Hockey as their national game for their love of the sport. If parents and schools give importance to hockey, it is not a distant dream to create hockey champions of tomorrow.

Enroll your children in hockey as their extracurricular activity and to recreate Olympic hockey history. Dear school principals, encourage children to play hockey during their sports sessions to build their leadership skills and design hockey champions of tomorrow.