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9 Best Beaches in Goa for Family – Goa Beach Name

Although Goa is known more for its avid nightlife and partying atmosphere, it can be a great place to visit with our kids. Finding a beach in Goa that is also family-friendly, can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Water sports, nearby attractions, and other tourists’ sights make Goa an attractive place to visit with kids.

Travelling can be stressful enough as it is. But traveling with kids can add to this stress. When you are traveling with kids, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. There is much to explore in Goa, or if you want to laze about on a beach, you are welcome to do so as well. But, of course, you need some help figuring out which beach will be the most comfortable to visit with your kids. Well, here is that little bit of help.

1. Ashwem Beach

Sink your toes into the yellow sand of this beach, and enjoy a peaceful picnic next to the calm waters. The Ashwem Beach in North Goa is perfect for those who plan to visit with family. With relatively calm waters, it is safer for the kids. 

Apart from this, there are not too many lodgings or restaurants on this beach, which makes it a relatively quieter spot for families to hang out in. 

However, do not pass up on visiting this beach if you think that you will not be able to find a decent lunch. In between the trees you will find huts where you can be served any cuisine, ranging from the good old home-style Street food to French delicacies as well. 

Ashwem Beach
Ashwem Beach 

Ashwem Beach is considered to be one of the most relaxing, safest as well as cleanest beaches in Goa, which is what makes it one of the best beaches in Goa for you and your family. Keep the Goa Beach Name Ashwem in mind when you want a no-fuss holiday with your young ones.

Here is what else you can explore: 

Visit the Morjai Temple or the Spice Garden of Goa. Both of these places are only a short trip away from this beach.

Where to stay for Ashwem Beach

Yab Yum Resort is the perfect place for those with kids older than three. Stay in your little pod and get food delivered to you or eat at the beach facing restaurants. This resort offers several families such as shaded pods, paddling pools and more to ensure that the family has a fun and stress-free vacation.

Best time to visit at Ashwem Beach

Between November to February is the ideal time to visit this beach.

2. Dona Paula Beach

You’ve probably heard of the Goa beach name Dona Paula when you were searching for kid friendly beaches in Goa. 

Not just for families, Dona Paula is a popular choice among tourists in general. However, if you are visiting with kids, then this is one of the best beaches in Goa, as there are several activities for kids as well as adults. 

Dona Paula Beach
Dona Paula Beach

Located a little further off of the heart of the city, the Dona Paula beach will lend an air of calm and serenity. It is relatively quieter than other beaches, which makes it ideal for kids to run and play about! 

There are several resorts and hotels near Dona Paula as well, making it easy for you to stay close to the beach and not have to travel too far to be able to enjoy the fantastic view. You can take part in water sport activities such as kayaking or parasailing.

Here is what else you can explore 

  • Visit Goa Science Centre, which is Goa’s only science centre and is located practically next door to Dona Paula Beach. 
  • You can also visit Dona Paula Jetty to enjoy a great view with your family. 
  • If your kids are fascinated by the ocean, maybe they would appreciate a visit to the National Institute of Oceanography, where there is a lot to see!

Where to stay for Dona Paula Beach

Prainha Resort will help you catch a glimpse of the practically untouched sands of the Dona Paula Beach. Located closer to the city, yet has a serene atmosphere; making it perfect for families with kids who do not want to spend too much time on the road.

Best time to visit at Dona Paula Beach

You can visit the Dona Paula beach at any time between 6 AM to 10 PM. October to June is the ideal season to visit this beach.

3. Baga Beach

Considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa, you are sure to hear those goa beach name if you are looking for lively beaches in North Goa. For those who have energetic kids, this beach is the ideal place to visit as there are several activities that your kids can take part in. 

Baga Beach
Baga Beach

From parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and more, there are several water sport activities for families to take part in. Shacks are dotted all over the beach, which offers some delicious food for you and your family; head in for a quick recharge in between activities.

Here is what else you can explore 

  • Visit Snow Park, which is an indoor activity centre that will keep your kids occupied for a long time. 
  • You can also take part in dolphin-spotting sea safari that will keep your kids excited. 
  • Explore the Tibetan market to find some incredible handcrafted items such as jewellery, carpets and more.

Where to stay for Baga Beach

  • Baga Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa for families as there are several resorts that one can choose for. Almost all resorts near Baga Beach are family-friendly. 
  • You will find ones that are close to the beach, that you can walk to and from the resort to the beach. Some other resorts offer exclusive facilities for kids such as pools and kid’s play areas.

Best time to visit at Baga Beach

October to March are the ideal months to visit Baga Beach as this is the time when the water temperature is ideal for all of the water sports that you will want to take part in.

4. Calangute Beach

An alternate Goa beach name for this location is the Queen of Beaches. Take part in water sport activities or go for a swim, this is among the best beaches in Goa because of its lively atmosphere and the host of activities that it offers. 

Calangute Beach
Calangute Beach 

From water surfing, water skiing and sailing, there is a lot to explore on this beach. You will also find cafes and restaurants in abundance around this beach. Hence, you will have no trouble trying to grab a bite with your kids when you visit this beach. 

With numerous family-friendly resorts nearby, this beach is the ideal place to visit with family as you will not have to travel far from your hotel.

Here is what else you can explore

  • Visit the Benz Celebrity Wax Museum, where you will also find a 9D Adventure theatre. 
  • You can also take a trip to catch a glimpse of the Church of St. Alex, which is renowned for its beautiful architecture.

Where to stay for Calangute Beach

The Shanti Morada is the ideal place for families with kids to stay when they want to be close to the Calangute beach. This hotel offers a kid’s play area, library and you can even arrange for BBQ. 

The hotel makes travelling convenient, as they can arrange for tours, and you can even opt for currency exchange from the front desk. Hence, parents do not have to worry about running to-and-fro from the hotel, and can enjoy a hassle-free time.

Best time to visit at Calangute Beach

Between November to February is the ideal time to visit this beach. Although you can visit this beach at any time of the year, as its lively atmosphere is enjoyable all year round, the rainy season is best avoided. As one of the best beaches in Goa, Calangute Beach is pleasant all year round.

5. Candolim Beach

Kayaking, scuba diving, banana boat riding, surfing, sailing and more, with a tranquil atmosphere to boot.  Sounds too good to be true! However, Candolim Beach is able to offer it all, making it one of the best beaches in Goa for families to visit. 

Candolim Beach
Candolim Beach

Water sports is exciting and gives the kids something interesting to look forward to. There are several water sport activities that you can explore, such as boating, surfing, snorkelling and kneeboarding. Surrounded by greenery, this beach is ideal for spending a leisurely afternoon with your family.

Here is what else you can explore 

  • Take a trip to Fort Aguada nearby, where you will also find the Aguada church and a lighthouse to explore nearby. 
  • You can take a trip to the stunning Church of Our Lady of Hope.

Where to stay for Candolim Beach

What makes Candolim Beach one of the best beaches in Goa for families is that there are several hotels and resorts nearby which are great for families. With services such as outdoor pools and more, it is easy for families with young kids to vacation and stay comfortably at hotels near this beach.

Best time to visit at Candolim Beach

Between November to April is the ideal time for you to plan your vacation to Goa and visit this beach. From 6 AM to 6 PM is the best time for families to visit this place and let their kids run about the beach and build sandcastles in peace!

6. Palolem Beach

Want to watch the twinkling stars as you hear the waves crash against the shore? This Goa beach name is the one that comes to mind! 

Grab a bite to eat or enjoy refreshing drinks. This is one of the best beaches in Goa if you want a languid afternoon. 

Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach

There is a lot to do at this beach. From enjoying traditional India cuisine to taking part in a Yoga class or even get an Ayurvedic massage. You can also rent bikes to roam around the beach, or visit Monkey Island.

Here is what else you can explore

  • For those who love adventure, and want their kids to experience thrilling sights, visiting Palolem Beach is the best decision. 
  • Not only can you bike around the beach, and even head onto other neighbouring beaches, but you can also visit exciting sites such as the Monkey Island or visit the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. 
  • If you are staying near the Palolem beach and want more adventure in your life, you need to make the day trip to Goa Jungle Adventure.

Where to stay for Palolem Beach

The Art Resort is the ideal place for those families that love an adventure, but also want to be able to relax at the end of the day. With clean huts, and the opportunity to partake in gondola boat rides, who wouldn’t want to stay at this luxurious place? With gondola boat rides, you also have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of sea eagles being fed, or spot some intriguing birds.

Best time to visit at Palolem Beach

Between November and October would be the best time to visit Palolem beach, if you can manage it with your kids, try to visit Palolem at midnight or in the early hours of the morning for a magical boat ride.

7. Agonda Beach

The view that you will see here is perfect for making your Instagram followers jealous. You will feel as though you have stepped right into a Goa Travel Brochure when you see the beautiful water, and the golden sand on this beach.

Agonda Beach
Agonda Beach

But, what makes it one of the best beaches in Goa for visiting with kids? 

Well, not only can you enjoy food right on the beach as the place is filled with eateries, but many of them also have a kid-friendly menu! You won’t need to pour over the menu to find a dish that will suit your kids’ palates as many restaurants are more than eager to cater to the young ones. 

The waves are gentle here, which makes it perfect for kids to enjoy a little splashing about in the water. You can even opt for water sport activities such as waterboarding!

Here is what else you can explore

Enjoy the beauty of the Agonda beach or go to visit the Partagal Matha Temple nearby to catch a glimpse of its stunning architecture. You can also visit the Chapoli Dam, which is located nearby to keep your kids entertained. 

Agonda Beach is not far from Monkey Island and is also located close to Rock Formation sites. There is much to do near Agonda Beach, and if you have kids who love to take part in activities, there is a Yoga Centre nearby as well!

Where to Stay for Agonda Beach

Sea Star Resort is ready to serve you if you want a hotel that is family-friendly and comfortable as well. They are willing to cater to kids and view them as valued guests. It is not just about keeping the parents happy, but the kids as well!

Best time to visit at Agonda Beach

December to February is the peak tourist season for Agonda beach. If you want to catch Agonda beach at its best, and also want to avoid big crowds, then you can visit between November to December or February to March.

8. Benaulim Beach

Located in South Goa, this Goa beach name is often referred to as the point of origin of Goa. This serene beach and its surrounding area are home to some of Goa’s best handicrafts. 

This beach is relatively undiscovered, which makes it one of the best beaches in Goa to visit with your kids as it is relatively free of crowds—tired of exploring water sports. 

Benaulim Beach
Benaulim Beach

You can try to go for crocodile spotting, dolphin sighting or fishing, which are popular activities at this Goa beach name.

Here is what else you can explore

Visit the Margai Market to purchase genuine Goan spices as well as handicrafts. You can also get a change of scenery by visiting one of the Churches nearby such as the Holy Trinity Church, St. Christopher Church or the St. John the Baptist Church.

Where to stay for Benaulim Beach

One reason why this, so one of the best beaches in Goa to visit with family is that that there are several family-friendly resorts and hotels nearby, as this Goa beach name is relatively undiscovered, you can stay at a resort which has a quiet atmosphere and is less crowded.

Best time to visit at Benaulim Beach

October to May are the best months to visit this beach. If you want to catch the beauty of this beach, as well as be able to enjoy the handicrafts of the area, visiting between these months will help you catch it all together.

9. Colva Beach

One of the largest beaches in Goa, this beach located in South Goa has gained popularity because it has several facilities available nearby. 

When you have kids, who are tagging along with you, it is important to be able to have easy access to facilities such as restaurants, cafes and ATMs. 

Colva Beach
Colva Beach

At Colva beach, you get all of that and more; enjoy the beauty of the beach, as well as the convenience of visiting any restaurant according to your kids’ preferences.

Here is what else you can explore

  • Take your kids on a trip to the Goa Chitra Museum, or you can also visit the statue of infant Jesus at the Church of Our Lady of Mercy. 
  • You can also take your kids on a trip to the House of Seven Fables or the Sat Burzam Ghor, which was constructed in 1970 and is a stunning historic mansion.

Where to stay for Colva Beach 

Colva Beach offers several amenities to its guests, and one of them is the option to choose from several family-friendly hotels. These resorts and hotels have several facilities to keep kids entertained, and are located close to the beach, to make it easier to travel with kids.

Best time to visit at Colva Beach 

You can enjoy the beauty of Colva beach between the months of November to February. Keep in mind that the monsoon months can bring about heavy rainfall, and increase activity on the beach. Hence it is best to avoid visiting this beach during those months.


When you are travelling with kids, you may need access to more amenities than usual. It is always better to plan when you are visiting with kids, so that you can ensure that they can enjoy themselves as well! 

The names mentioned above are some of the best beaches in Goa to visit with family and kids as they have several facilities which ensure that kids will be able to enjoy themselves and have a comfortable time. Each Goa beach name offers something unique to keep kids entertained.