Travel Essentials While Traveling in India Travel Checklist

Travel Essentials While Traveling in India: Travel Checklist

Traveling in India is a memorable experience. India is a business as well as a tourist destination. The climate, the culture, the transportation, food, and lifestyle are all unique here. Traveling in India can be more comfortable by carrying some travel essentials and accessories essential for traveling. 


Checklist for Travelling in India 

Either you travel to India for pleasure or due to necessity, here is a list of top travel essentials to pack while traveling in India. 

Travel Pillow 

In India, trains are an economical way of travel. Inflatable pillows give the much-needed rest for your neck during traveling. They also act as a savior during long flights. Besides, inflatable travel pillows are luggage friendly and occupy minimum space. 

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Reading is a great way to escape time during long journeys. When traveling on flights, not many of us can interact with fellow passengers for various reasons. Also, if you are a foreigner and traveling in India, you may have less chance to talk to others due to language constraints. Carrying a Kindle helps to beat the boredom you will have to face at waiting times for flights or car journeys amidst traffic in India. 

Water Bottles 

Pure water is not available once you step out for travelling in India. Having a water bottle will let you refill it at trusted sources of drinking water like at your hotel or RO point at the railway stations.               

Staying hydrated is vital while traveling in a tropical country like India. Families should carry two to three water bottles for emergencies. On flights, water bottles have certain restrictions. Therefore, you can carry empty water bottles or with limited water and refill them later. 

Waterproof phone covers

This is a must-keep travel item in your luggage while traveling to India to stay planned for accidents that may damage your phone by accidentally falling into the water.

Power Banks and Adapters

If you are from foreign countries, then the charging plugs may need adapters. If you are an Indian on an India trip, carry an extra pair of chargers all the time. Power banks are saviors while traveling in India. Invest in a quality power bank to enjoy your traveling in India undisturbed. 


India is a land of masses. You cannot skip the noise once you set out on traveling in India. If you prefer solitude and cutting away noise, invest in good headphones and let them do this for you. Besides, you could also enjoy your favorite podcast or listen to an audiobook while on long journeys.


To shun the noise of the Indian streets and to explore the beauty of the land through eyes.

Toilet Paper

Yes, you read it! Indians don’t use toilet paper; instead, they clean with water. If you are not sure how to do it, carry your roll!!

Medicines and First-Aid Kit

Traveling in India is a different experience. Different regions have different climates. Bus journeys in remote villages and on ghat roads can cause motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting. Due to the tropical climate, you may even get body pains and headaches. 

So, carrying a few painkillers, antibiotics, antipyretics, and medicines for safety is essential for traveling. Having a kit with band-aids, cotton, and some dressings would be essential for traveling. They come in handy before reaching the nearest hospital. And let’s not forget medical insurance here. Carry your papers all the time with you.


It needs no much explanation. You cannot avoid getting in contact with common surfaces while traveling in India. A quality sanitizer is your only best way to stay hygienic while traveling in India.  

Mosquito repellants

Don’t forget to add mosquito repellent creams to your travel luggage to enjoy trekking and sightseeing to the fullest.


Heavy suitcases and trolleys might not help you much while traveling in India. The buses and roads are not that designed for dragging trolley suitcases. So, choose a lightweight and sturdy backpack that can accommodate all your travel essentials.

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Spinner suitcase

In case you want to keep it comfortable during your transition from one place to another, or while negating with auto drivers, carry a spinner suitcase of small size. It will fit in easily into autos and buses without much trouble.


For trekking and sightseeing in hilly areas, pack a good pair of shoes that add comfort to your foot. For relaxing on the Indian beaches, buy quirky flip flops that let you walk in the sands. Sandals are a must when you are walking in cities and visiting various tourist places. Carry an extra pair of socks too. Finding good quality socks is not easy in most public places of India.


Pack your favorite brand’s deodorants, hair conditioner, shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrush, soaps, face wash, sunscreen, sanitary pads, etc. Today one can find many international brand toiletries in India. However, if you find that the brand you use is not available in India, carry your toiletries. 

Jackets, Sweaters, and Blankets

North India is cooler than Southern India. If you are planning for a trip to hill stations of North India, make sure to pack your sweaters, jackets, and blankets.

Chain and a lock

To keep your luggage locked and safe when you have to put the luggage on the bus tops or under the rail berths.                   

Indian Attire

Skimpy clothes and revealing dresses are not welcome in many tourist places of India. Carry a pair of the Indian wear that will help you blend with the local people easily. Besides, Indian clothes help you beat the heat and humidity of this land, which will make your traveling in India much better. Get a cotton kurta and salwar or a saree and blouse if you are a woman. Men can wear T-shirts, shirts, and shorts, though kurta pajamas will be comfortable for Indian weather.

Camera and other accessories

Pack in camera accessories like hard disks, batteries, chargers, etc. to store the pictures. They may not be easy to find everywhere except in popular tourist places. 

Water purifying bottles

Tap water is not potable in India. The water in bottles sold at the roadsides has no guarantee in quality. It is good to invest in a water purifier bottle to avoid stomach upsets and water-borne infections while traveling in India.

Documents and Currency

Being careful with currency and documents is very important while traveling in India. There might be chances of misplacing or losing documents like traveling cards, passports, and money. Safeguard all the documents needed to travel to India and back home. 

Also, carry small change and notes to use at tourist places for shopping, commuting, dining, and other purposes.      

Anti-Theft Bags

Invest in anti-theft bags as a safety measure to protect important documents and money. 

Eye Mask

Cut down the ambient light and give your eyes the much-needed relaxation with eye masks. You may not find good quality eye masks while traveling in India. Carry one or two good quality ones with your all the time.

Headlamp or Torch

They help to read a book at night or to find your way in the remote places of India that may or may not have street lights.

Travel Journals

You don’t want to miss the memories and experiences of traveling in India. So add in a quality travel journal to pen down your India travel experiences. 


 Indian summers can be harsh on your eyes. Quality sunglasses are not available in India except in metropolitan cities and airports. So, carry your sunglasses to avoid time in shopping for sunglasses in India.   


Pack a small and sturdy umbrella in your luggage. It comes in handy when exploring the streets of India in the summer and rainy seasons.                              

Travel guides

In India, people speak different languages in different places. To avoid communication hassles, carry travel guides in book form related to the tourist place you are exploring. 

Prescription Medicines

If you are under medication and need a daily dose of medicines, bring along your prescription medicines while traveling in India. 

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Swimsuits are not regular wear in India. So, it is tough to find good quality ones easily. If you are heading to beaches in Goa or planning to relax in a private resort or hotel with a pool, carry your swimsuit for better. 

Pepper Spray

If you are concerned about traveling alone in India as much as you do in other countries, carry pepper spray for self-protection. 

Toilet Seat Sprays

Expecting hygiene in public toilets in India can be a wrong idea. Carry toilet seat sprays for your hygiene. Also, in remote places, you may not find Western toilet seats. To gain some knowledge on how to use Indian toilets. You can also invest in female urination devices if you are not familiar with Indian toilets.

What you don’t need to pack while traveling in India?

Toiletries: You can find all quality brands in every tourist place. Most times, carrying these throughout the trip might be a burden. 

Scarves, hats, shawls: You can find them at the entrance gates of all tourist places of India. 

ORS and Glucose: These much-needed rehydrating drinks are available both as sachets and bottles in India everywhere.

Probiotics: India is a land for buttermilk and lassi. You can consume fresh chilled buttermilk and get your dose of daily probiotics. Need not carry them all the time you travel in India.If you are worried about water based infections, you can choose packed beverages. 

Indian clothes: You can easily purchase Indian clothes on the platforms and in many tourist places. While it is good to carry a pair if possible, there are plenty of affordable choices available everywhere while traveling in India.

Electric kettles: Almost all hotels in India do have this facility. Even on the streets, every tea shop can provide you a cup of hot water or hot tea instantly.

Sunscreens: Indian medical shops and supermarkets have all the highest quality sunscreens available. They are safe at international standards. You also can find herbal sunscreens too.

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FAQs about traveling in India

India is undoubtedly a land of diverse cultures. If you are from foreign countries, you may be overwhelmed with doubts and questions. Here are some answers that may help you to plan your travel to India:

What can I eat in India?

There are various options for both vegetarians, nonvegetarian foods in India. One can easily find international cuisine in most renowned restaurants. If you are particular about your diet menu, make a list of hotels where the food choices are available with ease prior.

How to avoid pollution in India?

Roads in India are dusty. You can wear scarves, masks, caps, goggles, and hats to protect your face and hair from pollution.

How to travel in India to tourist places?

If you are booking a sightseeing service with the local you are checking in, you may not explicitly need anything else for the commute. If you are traveling solo, various cab services are available. You can book autos and cabs through apps for an easy commute. Local buses, metros, and trains are also available in many areas.

What can I take home from the India trip?

In India, there is no dearth of souvenirs. Right from authentic apparel, sandalwood items, ivory items, handicrafts, tribal arts and jewelry, shawls, spices, and masalas, there are endless options for you to take home for your dear ones.

Can I exchange money easily in India?

Exchange services are available at airports and designated travel agencies. If you are planning for a long trip like for a month or two, better to have enough cash in hand.

How do I communicate with people in India?

People in India in cities and tourist places can communicate and understand English and Hindi in most places. You can also rely on language apps and travel guides for ease of travel and communication.

Is India a safe place to travel?

India is one of the safe countries to travel to. Choose a renowned travel agency that has proven experience in offering safe travel services to foreigners. For enhanced safety, avoid traveling alone and late at night. Try to blend in with local people in terms of dressing. Keep self-defense items handy and stay communicated with your friends and family from time to time. 

Will I be scammed in India?

Beggars and drivers are known to create trouble for foreigners. Utilize app-based travel services for commuting. Avoid beggars and individuals who seem to follow with a strict reply – NO.

What dress should I wear in India?

Women: You can wear any dress that covers both top and bottom while traveling in India. Loose shirts, buttoned shirts, Kurtas, and sleeved tops are great choices for top wear. Comfy jeans, leggings, maxi skirts make decent bottom wear while traveling in India. 

If you are interested, you can experiment with salwar pajama and dupatta or a saree with petticoat and blouse too. 

Men can enjoy in their T-shirts and shorts, or shirts and jeans as per their comfort. To get the most of the Indian traveling feel, try wearing a kurta-pajama too.

How to stay safe while traveling in India?

Do not expose pricey jewelry or loads of cash in front of strangers. Prefer places that are crowded with tourists rather than secluded ones. Take the detailed inputs about do’s and don’ts from the hotel staff where you are checking in for full information about local safety measures.

Travel to India COVID Checklist

With the rapid changes in vaccination availability and new variants of viruses, we suggest you stay updated with the Ministry of Tourism Website for updated information.