Taramati Baradari

What is Taramati Baradari? History, Ticket, Timings, and Things to Do

The charisma and the magic of history and heritage are unceasing. The fact that we have not witnessed those bygone times adds to the curiosity in exploring such heritage places that stand as living pieces of evidence for the same. Undoubtedly this is why heritage sites across the globe draw immense attention from travelers and research enthusiasts. Taramati Baradari, a symbol of love, situated in the serene outskirts of the Pearl City Hyderabad, is one such timeless monument. 

Through this post, you will know what is Taramati Baradari, its timings, ticket and accommodation details, legends of Taramati and things to do at Taramati.

What is Taramati Baradari?

Taramati Baradari is a music hall and auditorium located in Ibrahimbagh. It is near the majestic Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Locals often call this place Taramati. The name Ibrahimbagh means the garden of King Ibrahim. 

Sprawling over vast lush green and well-maintained lawns, Taramati Baradari is a fascinating monument and an unmissable tourist spot in Hyderabad. 

Taramati Baradari

Who is Taramati?

Most places in Hyderabad do have a history behind their names. The stories are either related to the Nizam era or the British who established their cantonments in the city. 

The fact that the city is called Bhagyanagar, named after Bhagmati, the queen of the founder of the Hyderabad Quli Qutub Shah, is known to all of us.

Taramati is a dancer and singer in the royal court of King Abdullah Qutub Shah, the 7th Sultan of Golconda. According to various sources, she was one of the most beautiful women of her time. Her unparalleled singing and dancing skills, which amplified her timeless beauty, made Abdullah Qutub Shah fall in love with her. Pieces of evidence also prove that the Baadshah gifted many jagirs to Taramati as a symbol of his love. 


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Construction of Taramati Baradari

In Urdu, the words bara and Dari respectively mean twelve and doors.  Thus, Baradari is an  Urdu term that means construction with twelve doors. Additionally, many such Baradaris exist in the places that were ruled by Mughal kings in India and Pakistan. 

Construction of Taramati Baradari

A gift to his favorite courtesan, Taramati Baradari is an auditorium built by the ruler to watch her performances. Historians believe that the King used to enjoy her musical voice and fabulous dance from Golconda while she danced at Baradari. 

A point to note here is the distance between Golconda Fort and Taramati Baradari is less than 3kms. If you are wondering how enjoying dance and singing from this distance might be practical, we should not forget that Baradaris are special constructions known for their acoustic features. Their architecture provides clarity of voice and sight. Besides, during the tropical Indian summers, their design offered the freshest and the coolest possible breeze for the courtesans. 

Also, Golconda Fort, as well as Taramati, are both situated on hilltops providing clearer view to each other.

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Legends of Taramati Baradari

In addition to the legend that Taramati is the most favorite courtesan to the Baadshah, there exists another legend related to this monument. 

According to this, Taramati and Premamati were sisters well versed in singing and dancing. Legends say that they are so experts in dancing that they used to dance on the ropes tied between the pavilion and the balcony of the Abdulla Qutub Shah. They both enjoyed much higher status compared to their counterparts. 

Legends of Taramati Baradari

Some historians even confirm that they are legally married to King Abdulla Qutub Shah. The fact that their tombs are located close to the Emperor’s gives strength to this story. 

History says Premamati even converted to Islam due to her marriage with the King. We can find two mosques on her name, one exactly opposite to Taramati Baradari, and another on the premises of Golconda fort. Historians found an inscription on the stone above the door of Premamati’s tomb that reads, Dove from the Heaven, in Persian. 

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Is Taramati Baradari haunted?

There are many speculations that the monument atop the hill is haunted. After she died in 1672 A.D, Taramati was buried at the Qutub Shahi tombs located very close to Golconda and Baradari. 

Is Taramati Baradari haunted?

It is said that many people reported that they witnessed unexplained shadows and paranormal activities at the Baradari after dusk. However, there is no proven evidence for the same. Some claimed they heard utensils being banged onto the wall while some said they spotted someone dancing. Even some film crews experienced similar experiences, as per reports.

On the other hand, the fact that the place is open for night stays and the staff and workers work there without any such claims do not seem to support such statements. Also, this place is a popular honeymoon spot and a convention hall. 

But who knows? History has always left some unanswered puzzles for modern beings. Maybe the haunted story of Taramati is one such! 

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Features of Taramati Baradari

  • Taramati is an auditorium built on the top of a small hill, on the banks of the famous Musi river in Hyderabad. 
  • Built in Persian style of construction, the monument stands with royal pride as a symbol of love and reflects the architectural style of the Mughal rulers.
  • The Telangana government renovated the monument. Now the building is under the care of Telangana Tourism.
  • The entry into the monument is mostly not allowed except for permitted events and movie makers. 
  • If you are lucky to get the permit, you can climb up the hill to grab a close-up view of the monument. 
  • The spot is a sought after one for moviemakers and pre-wedding shoots. A pre-wedding shoot here costs thousands for a few hours. This explains the charm of this monument and the royal look of the pics that you get in return!

Amenities at Taramati Baradari

Taramati is open to all visitors. The place is often less dense, except during some occasions and events. One can even plan a night stay here. There are many amenities in the premises here:

Haritha Resort

The Telangana tourism’s Haritha Resort is available at Taramati. The resort has a restaurant and bar, as well as well maintained rooms. 

Separate suites are available for tourists for night stays. The restaurant serves vegetarian options for lunch and breakfast while non-veg is available for dinner on order. 

The dining prices here are lesser here compared to those at other famous tourist spots of Hyderabad. 

Pushpanjali Amphi Theatre

As the monument is living proof of the Emperor’s love towards his favorite courtesan, this place is now an auditorium that hosts dance and art shows. Many movie shoots, film and audio releases, weddings, corporate events, and dance performances happen here regularly. 

Features of Taramati Baradari

There are also rooms mentioned for dressing and make up for artists.

The open-air auditorium can host as many as 1600 people while the air-conditioned one can accommodate 500 lot. 


There is also a well-maintained swimming pool on the premises. It is open to its members and draws more crowds during summers.



The beautiful garden on the premises makes it one of the hangout spots for couples and families. This lawn is also one of the popular destinations for an evening walk for people residing nearby. 


Another reason why the place is serene is its closeness to the military area here. The whole road stretching from LangarHouse to a little away from Taramati comes under the military area. It adds to the peace and ambiance of the surroundings and contributes to the lush greenery one can enjoy here.

At night, the Taramati monument radiates in lighting. The colors of lights vary with celebrations. On Indian Independence Day and Republic Day, it dons the tri-colors while during Telangana formation day, Taramati dazzles in pink. At other times, the monument is visible at night even from afar with its captivating electric light arrangement.

How to reach Taramati Baradari?

One can easily reach Taramati from Mehdipatnam, a bustling bus stand in Hyderabad. There are also state-run buses from Secunderabad station. Many sharing autos and private autos are available from Mehdipatnam and Langar House too. 

Entry fee and Timings 

The entry into the premises of Taramati is free. However, the stairs that lead to Baradari up the hill might not be open all the time. Visitors are allowed only during certain times up the hill to the monument. 

Other than that, families and couples can spend their evenings here to relax well. The premises are pleasant and suit well for kids to play or to have a relaxing talk with the beloved. 

Visitors are allowed from 11 AM to 6 PM. 

This place is best visited at any time. During rainy days, one can enjoy the views of the monument and the garden from the shade here which offers the best memorable moments for couples. 

space to sit

Winter and summer make it pleasant for walking and exploring the whole premises. 

Things to do at Taramati Baradari

Trekking: The view from up the hill is enthralling. It is a fabulous spot for climbing the hill and enjoying the views of Hyderabad outskirts.

Dining: The Haritha restaurant here serves fresh food at an affordable price range. The menu is limited, but the place is hygienic and the taste is delicious. Right from the filter coffee to Biryani and Tandoori dishes, you can find everything here, but you have to check before for the availability.

Photography: Taramati is an oft-preferred spot for photography enthusiasts. The Golconda-Taramati-Premamati Masjid trio makes it the best destination for grabbing photographs that you will take pride in. However, DSLRs are not mostly allowed into Taramati; you will have to check with the authorities here first for permission.

Shopping: On the premises of the Taramati, there is a souvenir shop- The Gallery of Pearls. You can purchase artworks, pearls, and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

Long walk: The whole premises of Taramati is vast and offers a pleasant destination to enjoy a long walk. The area is well maintained. You will appreciate the greenery, the paintings, and the rock sculptures that amplify the beauty of this place.


Events: This place is well known for events and film shoots. If you can visit this place in such a season, you might get a chance to meet many celebrities too.

Swimming: The pool here is well maintained and makes a good choice for swimming.

Sight-seeing Places around Taramati Baradari

There are many sight-seeing places around Taramati. You can reach them by a local auto easily.

Ocean Park: This is a well-known amusement and recreation park in Hyderabad. Suits well to enjoy with friends and family, or as couples. There are also many cafes and bars located on the road near Ocean Park. Ocean Park is just 10 minutes away from Taramati.

Gandipet Lake/Osman Sagar: The reservoir that holds immense prominence for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. You can reach this lake in around 20 minutes from Taramati. It is a famous picnic and photography spot in the city. There is also a park on the premises and one can also enjoy bird watching.

Langar House: This is a famous shopping spot and junction in this locality. Right from apparel to handmade items, one can find any shopping needs on the roadsides at comfy prices.

Ramdev Guda Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Ram. It has a huge gosala and the premises are vast and offer immense peace. 

CBIT Engineering College: A premier destination for Engineering education in Telugu states, CBIT is just 15 minutes away from Taramati. The campus is broad; you can visit it after taking permission. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in the state.

Vasavi College of Engineering: Just lying in the road opposite to Taramati’s entrance, this is another premier educational institution in Telugu states. The campus is modern, huge, perfect, and pleasant.

Military Area: Throughout the stretch from LangarHouse to Taramati, you can witness the military campus. The sights of Indian military men jogging and running along the road is a common sight here that fills the passers-by with pride. This whole road is a no photography zone, but it offers fantastic views that you do not find anywhere else.

Army Hanuman Mandir: Just a little away from Taramati is Hanuman Mandir maintained by the Army. You can reach it on foot. 

Bapu Ghat: Lying at a distance of 5 mins, Bapu Ghat is one of the 11 places where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi are kept. This is a popular sight-seeing place in Hyderabad.

Gandi Maisamma Temple: This is another famous temple in Hyderabad that draws thousands of devotees every month. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga in the name of Gandi Maisamma. 

Golconda: The majestic fort that laid the foundation for the prominence of Taramati is just 8 minutes away from the monument. The fort is huge and you should prepare well in advance to cover it fully. 

7 Tombs/Qutub Shahi Tombs: The place where the rulers and the wives including Taramati and Premamati are buried. It is a popular destination for tourists who are keen to know about the history of Hyderabad.

Qutub Shahi Mosque/Premamati Mosque: Replicating the style of Mecca Masjid, this is another mosque in the vicinity of Taramati. The evidence says that this mosque is older than Mecca Masjid. It was built by the fourth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty, Ibrahim Qutub Shah, on whose name the area is called Ibrahim Bagh. This mosque, which is en route to Vasavi College of Engineering, is situated a little away from human habitation and is open only during Jumma prayers. 


Taramati Baradari is a monument that stands as proof of the love saga of the Emperor Abdullah Qutub Shah and the multi-faceted dazzling beauty Taramati. This monument is now a destination for honeymooners, lovers, artists, filmmakers, tourists, and heritage enthusiasts. While it is true that history comes to life in Hyderabad, it sings its melodies at Taramati Baradari!

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